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7 Best Team Building Games In Singapore [2023]

Team Building Games Singapore

Best Team Building Games Singapore
Best Team Building Games Singapore

According to an article by Forbes, more and more companies are turning to team building with the aim of fostering a healthier working environment. In fact, we have recently written a Beginner’s Guide to Creative Workshops for Corporate Team Building to demonstrate the importance of good team bonding among colleagues. As we see the likes of Google and DBS Bank, it seems that corporates in Singapore are gradually heeding the advice!

However, that’s not to say that team building is catered solely for business-related reasons. We have seen schools summoning their students to engage in team building activities as to instill life skills in them, and groups of friends signing up to simply deepen their bond. As team-building gains popularity and have reached a wider audience, there are companies in Singapore that specifically provide such events to those looking in partaking a learning experience, or even to have fun during the weekends. So no one should say that ‘Singapore is boring’ because well, it’s not!

In order to make your life easier, we have taken the liberty of researching the various team building companies in Singapore, and have compiled charts ( one for each activity ) to review our findings. This is what we consider in each factor;

  • Price: Quotation per person. It is vital to take note that the prices listed are based on 25 per pax, and thus subjective and varies depending on context.
  • Additional Services: Food and Drinks, Transport etc.
  • User-friendly website: Provides sufficient information ( quotation, number of participants, locations offered and additional details ) about the activities on their website, and is easy to navigate around.
  • Ordering Ease: Responsive to inquiries and emails. We will state a ‘No’ if it takes more than 24 hours for the company to respond. 

1. Art Jamming

Art Jamming - Team Building Games Singapore
Art Jamming – Team Building Games Singapore

Art Jamming takes place in a tranquil environment where you won’t be judged and discriminated on your creative capabilities. As a matter of fact, the entire objective of this workshop is to have a jolly good time, and not to show off your aesthetic sensibilities! Due to the carefree nature of Art workshops, this is one activity we highly suggest to anyone who is burned out from either work or school. 

We have taken a look at 3 vendors, all of which are prominent team-building workshops in Singapore. 

After consulting with each vendor, we would unquestionably recommend going with either The Fun Empire or Sing Experience if you are looking to book an Art Jamming session quick and easy. Not only did Jambar took almost a day to reply to a simple inquiry from us, but their website also did not provide adequate information about the activity, and we found ourselves having to search around the web.

2. Terrarium

Terrarium Workshop - Team Building Games Singapore.webp
Terrarium Workshop – Team Building Games Singapore.webp

Terrarium is noted for their health benefits, such as reducing stress and uplifting moods. As Terrariums are filled with natural plants and soil, it also purifies and humidifies the air. Contemplating the humid weather in Singapore, it would be nice to place it around your office or home to not only bring peace, but also a joy of nature into your life.

Due to its advantageous factors, there is a growing amount of people getting their hands on Terrarium. Usually costing more than a hundred dollars in stores, it would be a wiser choice to participate in Terrarium workshops where you have the creative freedom to design and decorate your glass bowls at a fraction of the cost! Not to forget that craft and DIY workshops are also on the rise. 

For these reasons, we definitely approve of Terrarium workshops! 

The Fun Empire and Jambar are the two major providers of this particular activity in Singapore. 

Similar to our Art Jamming experience, we had a difficult time trying to reach out to Jambar, and personally found The Fun Empire to not only be responsive to our emails, but they also took the time and effort to elucidate each activity requested by us. 

3. Drama/Improvisation

Drama/Improvisation - Team Building Games Singapore
Drama/Improvisation – Team Building Games Singapore

Before you start to hyperventilate at the thought of acting in front of a large crowd, hear me out! In Improvisation classes, you will only perform in the presence of your colleagues and friends, so that’s good news for those who are especially shy. Besides, Improvisation provides a collaborative environment for everyone to loosen up and act silly. As such, attempts at professional acting should be thrown out of the window! We are meant to laugh together and at each other!

Considering that Improvisation is also a great way to mingle with people and to form friendships, and is a great icebreaker game, this is an activity that we would encourage many people to participate in. 

Even though Drama/Improvisation classes are considered rather a one-of-a-kind activity in Singapore, Village Singapura and Sing Experience offer this for anyone and everyone. 

Compared to other creative workshops, Improvisation may seem rather costly so we tried to search for the company offering the most worthwhile experience. After enquiring into each vendor, we personally would recommend Village Singapura as the price listed on their website are inclusive of the venue rental, set up, air-conditioning support and catering. 

While researching, we have found 2 local companies that have incorporated both charity work and team building into their activities. Do note that we won’t be stating down the prices.

Through Big Heroes, you are able to aid 4 main groups of people in local society; Children and Youth, the Pioneer Generation, People with disabilities and from the Marginalized group. However, if you want to play your part in foreign aid, Catalyst may be the option for you. You have either the choice to support a cause that is personal to you and your teammates, or to advocate for the charitable causes offered; mainly Children and Youth, the Elderly, Food Wastage, Environmental Awareness, Pets and Disaster Relief. Whichever your choice of activity, your team would no doubt feel a sense of pride at the end of the day.

4. Laser Tag

Laser Tag - Team Building Games Singapore
Laser Tag – Team Building Games Singapore

Not keen on just sitting around and would prefer to run and build up a sweat? Then there’s the option of Laser Tag for you. What’s great about this activity is that it could take place in both indoors and outdoors. Thus, there’s no worry about rain or shine! It is not only family-friendly, but also a relatively more affordable option when compared to creative workshops as it costs less than $20 per person. As such, it’s no wonder that this activity is highly popular among those who are seeking a little thrill in their lives, and why we decided to place it in this guide. 

While there are many companies in Singapore offering Laser Tag, we have ultimately gone with The Fun Empire and PulseActiv, based on their experience in the field. 

Starting from $15, The Fun Empire ensures that you’re getting more bang for your buck. Their Laser Tag is easily customizable to your preference, and they also provide many locations around Singapore. As such, your team will be able to rejoice rounds of archery without worrying about the accessibility.

5. Combat Archery

Combat archery - Team Building Games Singapore
Combat archery – Team Building Games Singapore

For this activity, we turn to The Fun Empire and the Ministry of Sports. Both companies are well-known for their outdoor events. 

Even though both companies were responsive and approachable, we have to give it to The Fun Empire for the win. Not only is their activity much more affordably priced at $12-$15 per person, but they also provide a plethora of exciting games that would no doubt grab your attention!

6. Bubble Bump/Bubble Soccer

Bubble Bump/Bubble Soccer - Team Building Games Singapore
Bubble Bump/Bubble Soccer – Team Building Games Singapore

The Fun Empire and Adventour are one of the biggest providers in Singapore for Bubble Bump or Bubble Soccer activity. 

The Fun Empire has a hundred bubble bumps available, so no matter the number of participants, everyone could have a turn in engaging in this enjoyable and fun-filled activity. Like their Combat Archery, they provide a selection of games that will make you spoilt for choice, and you’re also allowed to customize your team building package- from your preferred location to the size of your event. 

7. Amazing Race

Amazing Race - Team Building Games Singapore
Amazing Race – Team Building Games Singapore

What’s astounding about Amazing Races is that it could cater to an incredibly large crowd. Yes, we’re talking about over hundreds of participants! In fact, PulseActiv allows up to 400 members in a team, making this activity a suitable choice for big corporates. Furthermore, they offer more than 30 exhilarating games to ensure that you and your team are able to get the most out of your team-building day out.

If you’re in a dilemma and are searching for things to do in Singapore this weekend, look no further! All these activities are not only productive and worthwhile, but they’re also incredibly engaging that ensures you’re up on your feet at all times! After reviewing the various activities and the companies that offer them, we absolutely recommend going with The Fun Empire, especially if you’re wanting a quick and stress-free registration process, and being allowed to customize your packages to your specific preference. Though they are one of the few vendors that offer many unique activities and workshops in Singapore, their rates are highly-affordable compared to the others.

As such, The Fun Empire would be our go-to option for team-building providers! 

These are the vendors mentioned in this post;

  • The Fun Empire
  • Sing Experience
  • Jambar
  • Village Singapura
  • Big Heroes
  • Catalyst
  • PulseActiv
  • Ministry of Sports
  • Adventour

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