19 Best Water Playground Singapore Spots

Water Playground Singapore

Most kids love to play in water. However, water parks are not the cheapest! Even if you can afford to spend lavishly, you probably wouldn’t want to bring your little ones to Adventure Cove every weekend. Therefore, here are 5 free water playgrounds to bring your kids in Singapore!

1. Kallang Wave Mall

The Sports Hub “Splash-N-Surf” is located at level 3 of Kallang Wave Mall. Kids of all age groups can have fun at this water park! There are 4 different level slides to suit all from toddlers to older kids, and even bucket seats for small toddlers! If you do not feel like running around to look after your kids, you have the option of enjoying a leisurely oat with your kids in the Lazy River for a small fee of $2 per day. There is also a lifeguard supervising the water play area, thus you do not have to worry about safety issues.

2. Marina Barrage Water Playground

This water play area is perfect for the tiny ones! The water pool at Marina Barrage Water Playground is very shallow, thus you don’t have to be afraid of unwanted accidents. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s no fun! The play park has tons of water jets that kids can run through and enjoy getting themselves soaked! Arrange a picnic after the water session where the kids can dry themselves under the sun while having a snack!

3. Vivocity Skypark

The Skypark is a go-to place whenever you are at Vivocity for some retail therapy. This area consists of a huge space lled with shallow waters, making it suitable for young kids. There’s even water boats available for rent for little kids to paddle in! Small boats are available at an affordable price of $8 and $10 for 10 and 15 minute rides respectively (only for children 3 – 12 years, below 45kg and under 1.4m). If your kid is small, you have the option of riding with them on big boats at a price of $12 and $16 for 10 and 15 minute rides respectively (for 1 adult & 1 child (<4 years), with total weight below 100kg only).

4. Punggol Waterway Point Playground

The Punggol Waterway Point Playground consists of an outdoor play zone that includes rope-climbing, slides and trampolines, and a water play area. As the water area is small and cosy, it is easier for parents to look out for their kids!

5. Tampines One

The water playground at Tampines One offers different water play sections and is great for little ones to splash around! It is animal themed and decorated with polar bear slides and water gushing out of hippos! This water playground is the perfect place to bring your kids if you’re worried about the sun, as there are shaded play areas as well! Do come early if you’re planning a trip down as it can get quite crowded.

Water Playground Singapore

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