8 Best VR Arcades In Singapore

VR Arcade Singapore

Best VR Arcade Singapore
Best VR Arcade Singapore

Are you looking for a unique and exciting way to spend your time in Singapore? Look no further than the VR arcade Singapore that have been popping up around the city. Not only do these arcades provide an immersive experience, they also offer something different from what’s available at more traditional gaming centers. From horror-themed games to zombie shootouts, there’s something here for everyone! Here are 8 of the best VR Arcade Singapore. So grab your friends and get ready to explore another world!

But before that, here are some consideration factors to keep in mind when choosing VR Arcade Singapore!

Consideration Factors When Choosing A VR Arcade Singapore

  • Location: The location of the VR Arcade Singapore should be convenient and easily accessible. It’s important to check if the arcade is located at a place that you are comfortable travelling to.
  • Games: Not all VR arcades offer the same type of games, so it’s important to know what games they have and whether or not they will suit your taste.
  • Price: VR arcades can be quite expensive, so it’s important to check out the pricing structure and see if you can get a good deal when booking multiple tickets.
  • Equipment: It is essential to make sure that the equipment used in the arcade is high-quality, as this will affect your experience when playing the game.

1) Fun Empire

Fun Empire - VR Arcade Singapore
Fun Empire – VR Arcade Singapore (Credit: Fun Empire)
Key ServiceAffordable virtual reality arcade Singapore
Address5B Guillemard Road, Level 3 Wing Fong Building, Singapore 399685
Phone+65 6016 7147
Operating HoursDaily 9AM–10PM

Virtual Reality (VR) is no longer merely a concept: it’s become a reality. And FUNEmpire brings this modern and cutting-edge innovation to you! Delight in the latest technology, as well as hours of thrilling games that will take your breath away. Discover an entire world within our virtual one—all at the click of a button!

Key Differentiators:

  • Hassle-free
  • One-stop experience
  • Offers variety of virtual packages for a group

Customer’s Review:

Celebrated my son’s birthday there and he had a blast with his friends! Place was small but big enough for running around and it was great that there was aircon. Reanne and Cindy were good at handling 10 very noisy and excited kids!

Michelle Liang

2) HeadRock VR 

HeadRock VR - VR Arcade Singapore
HeadRock VR â€“ VR Arcade Singapore (Credit: HeadRock VR)
Key ServiceExciting VR arcade
Address8A Sago St, Singapore 059012
Operating HoursDaily 11AM–11PM

Embark on an unforgettable indoor escapade at Sentosa’s groundbreaking virtual reality theme park! HeadRock VR boasts the most advanced technology, allowing visitors to raft across turbulent waters, battle malevolent robots and brave a blizzard. Your experience won’t be limited to visuals and movements; get ready for water splashes as well as icy wind gusts that will heighten your adventure! Create your ideal journey by choosing among three colour zones: Big 3 (3 rides), Big 5 (5 rides) or Big 7 (7 rides). Prices start from $35 onwards – so come grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity today!

Key Differentiators:

  • Unparalleled immersive experience
  • 11 exhilarating rides
  • Competitive prices

Customer’s Review:

We had fun! Finally, I could hold onsite physical team bonding for my team and no regrets booking VR World – Laser Tag! I emailed in to book and got discounts for large groups, staff were really accommodating and easy to talk to. The entire experience was fuss-free.

Jolean Lauw

3) Sandbox

Sandbox - VR Arcade Singapore
Sandbox – VR Arcade Singapore (Credit: Sandbox)
Key ServiceUltra-modern VR arcade
Address181 Orchard Road, #05-31 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Phone+65 9832 5988
Operating HoursDaily 10AM–9:45PM

Don’t just immerse in the experience, but be the experience – with the help of Sandbox, of course. The international VR arcade offers an unparalleled experience à la the Holodeck from Star Trek. Using cutting-edge technology, it cleverly blends movie-quality, real-time motion capture rigs, seamless actions and captivating storylines, making you feel like you’re in a sci-fi film. With its full-body motion capture technology, you’re free to run, jump and high-five your teammates while journeying to space or surviving a zombie ambush. Prices start from $32 for one game.

Key Differentiators:

  • Realistic and captivating storylines
  • Highly immersive gaming experience
  • Competitive prices

Customer’s Review:

I went to Sandbox with my team for a fun outing. It was great that they had multiplayer games as it made the experience more exciting. The entire setup was impressive and the staff were friendly and helpful. We had a great time and would definitely go back again!

Joe Ang

4) Virtual Room

Virtual Room - VR Arcade Singapore
Virtual Room – VR Arcade Singapore (Credit: Virtual Room)
Key ServiceUnique VR escape room experience
Address211 New Bridge Rd, Level B3 Lucky Chinatown, Singapore 059432
Phone(+65) 8202 6405
Operating HoursDaily 10AM–10PM

Exploring Virtual Room, the premier virtual reality escape room, will take you and your friends on a journey through 3D immersive cinematic worlds. Select from two options – Time Travel Chapter I or II – each with missions that bring to life historical periods such as ancient Egypt and medieval ages while saving the world! Outfitted with state-of-the art VR gear, each player can move around freely in their own space hunting for items and playing interactive games. Prices start at only $44 per person – don’t miss this thrilling experience!

Key Differentiators:

  • Two thrilling Time Travel missions
  • Realistic 3D cinematic experience
  • High-tech VR equipment

Customer’s Review:

My friends and I had a blast at Virtual Room! The team members were helpful in setting up the headsets and all of us had a great time playing the game. It was definitely worth it and the staff were really friendly. Would recommend to anyone looking for a fun time!

Katie Tan

5) VR World

VR World - VR Arcade Singapore
VR World – VR Arcade Singapore (Credit: VR World)
Key ServiceVR arcade inspired by Ubisoft video games
AddressVR WORLD SG, 8A Sago Street, Singapore 059012
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday
11am- 11pm

Let your controller take a break, and join the worlds of Prince of Persia or Assassin’s Creed at VR World! Plus, you can bring all your friends along too so that you may experience these historical fiction worlds in person. Located in Chinatown, this entertainment room offers Ubisoft VR programmes inspired by highly acclaimed video games. Families will love the numerous possibilities; kids as young as seven are able to battle zombies while being a pirate for the day with plenty of arcade games available. If that isn’t enough excitement already, why not try out their laser tag game? With so much on offer here at VR World no one should have any trouble engaging in an adventure!

Key Differentiators:

  • Vast range of activities suitable for all ages
  • Exciting laser tag games
  • Competitive prices

Customer’s Review:

My friends and I had a great time at VR World. They have lots of different activities to choose from so it was really easy to find something that we would enjoy. The staff was also friendly and helpful. Highly recommend if you’re looking for something fun!

Max Lim

6) Zero Latency

Zero Latency - VR Arcade Singapore
Zero Latency – VR Arcade Singapore (Credit: Zero Latency)
Key ServiceHigh-end VR gaming
Address3 Temasek Boulevard #03-346/347 Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983
Phone6931 0331
Operating HoursMonday 12–9PM
Tuesday 12–9PM
Wednesday 12–9PM
Thursday 12–9PM
Friday 12–10PM
Saturday 11AM–10PM
Sunday 11AM–9PM

Leave behind the classic arcade experience – Zero Latency in Melbourne introduces a whole new level of immersive fun. Step into an alternate reality and battle against zombie baddies, evil robots, and solve puzzles in worlds fraught with peril! With only a controller and headset boasting stunning 2K resolution detail, prepare to be thrilled like never before. Prices range from $48 to $70 per person for this one-of-a-kind escapade – don’t miss out on the opportunity of an unforgettable adventure today!

Key Differentiators:

  • Dynamic storylines and scenarios
  • 2K resolution for the ultimate experience
  • Competitive prices

Customer’s Review:

Great place for games and also conducting team building exercises. The game was really fun and the whole setup felt really realistic.

Mark Leo

7) Hologate Singapore

Hologate Singapore - VR Arcade Singapore
Hologate Singapore – VR Arcade Singapore (Credit: Hologate Singapore)
Key ServiceAward-winning virtual reality technology
Address04-K01 Funan, 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105
Phone+65 9872 9782
Operating HoursMonday- Sunday: 10:00 – 22:00

Step into an entirely new world of wonder with Hologate’s award-winning virtual reality technology! Transcend beyond your wildest dreams and sci-fi movies to discover a plethora of games like Birds 2, Cold Clash, Groove Guardians, and more. Even little ones as young as six years old can join in on the fun – so bring your family along for this amazing journey!

Key Differentiators:

  • Plenty of kid-friendly games
  • Realistic 3D environments
  • Competitive prices

Customer’s Review:

My children did 30mins x 2 each and had so much fun. The lady in the VR room was very helpful and friendly. She made an effort to explain to me my wrong booking and helped me to make an extra purchase online so my children can enjoy the games. She also ensured that she called me when they were done so I can pick them up. Will be back again.


8) V-Room

V-Room - VR Arcade Singapor
V-Room – VR Arcade Singapore (Credit: V-Room)
Key ServiceWide variety of VR games
Address277 Orchard Rd, #02-02, Singapore 238858
Phone+65 6677 8478
Operating HoursDaily 1:30–10PM

Become the hero you were born to be at V-Room! This virtual reality arcade in Singapore brings cutting edge VR games and technology for a memorable experience with your friends or even team building trips with colleagues. Enjoy thrilling horror VR games against aliens, as well as feel-good puzzles that test both your knowledge and teamwork skills. Now is the time to show who wears the cape around here!

Key Differentiators:

  • Team building activities
  • Realistic 3D environments
  • Competitive prices

Customer’s Review:

Very good customer service! Games were fun and really VR- interactive. Highly recommend. Two thumbs up.

Cheryl Lim

VR Arcade Singapore

It’s clear that Singapore is home to some of the best VR arcades in the world. Whether you want an immersive horror experience, a family-friendly adventure, or just something fun and exciting for yourself or your team, there are plenty of options available. Each VR arcade Singapore offers its own unique blend of games and activities with competitive prices so be sure to check out what each one has to offer before deciding which one suits your needs best! With all these amazing choices at our fingertips, we can look forward to many more exhilarating VR arcade Singapore experiences ahead.

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