22 Best Traditional Dessert Singapore Places

Traditional Dessert Singapore

Traditional dessert or modern dessert? It’d be a tough pick between the two especially when you’re a foodie. Some days you’d prefer having bingsu while other days you’d pick putu piring. Either way, both has its own speciality that draws us back to have more of it. But you must admit that nothing feels quite like home with traditional desserts. So here are some of the best traditional dessert shops in Singapore!

1. Rochor Beancurd House

The most classic stall that Singaporeans are familiar with is the Rochor Beancurd House. They have been around for a long time now – even before Mr Bean and Lao Ban came into the picture. The Rochor Beancurd House serves up Soya Beancurd with fried pastries such as You Tiao, Buttery, and Egg Tarts. You can choose to have your beancurd hot or cold at only $1.60 per bowl. If you’re looking for supper places, opt for Rochor Beancurd House as they’re open until late at night.

Address: 232 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574363 Opening hours: 1pm – 12am daily

2. Xing Xing Tapioca Kueh

If you’re in Maxwell Food Centre, don’t forget to grab some kueh from Xing Xing stall. They’re famed for selling the best Tapioca Cake and Ondeh Ondeh. The tapioca cakes are rst steamed then served with grated coconut. It has a perfect texture that isn’t too sticky and tastes delightful too. Alternatively, you could also grab some of their ondeh ondeh. They’re glutinous rice balls stuffed with gula melaka and coated in grated coconut. Get a bite into the ondeh ondeh and you’re going to get addicted! Here’s a tip: arrive when the shop opens so you can get your hands on these delectable kueh before they run out for the day.

Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street, #01-10/11, Maxwell Food Center, Singapore 069184

Opening hours: 7am till sold out

3. Cendol Geylang Serai

Whether it’s the hot or rainy season, a bowl of cendol can never go wrong. Cendol Geylang Serai has been operating since 1952 and it prides on selling authentic chendol. And if you don’t already know, chendol refers to the green jelly ‘worms’. The stall uses homemade chendol and shaved ice paired with sweet-salty coconut milk and gula melaka.

Address: Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre, #02-107, Singapore 402001

Opening hours: 8:30am – 6pm daily

4. Haig Road Putu Piring

Putu piring or tu tu kueh is not something that you see in hawker centres everyday. But the ones at Haig Road Putu Piring is the bomb.com. Their putu piring is made of molten gula melaka wrapped in ground rice our and topped with grated coconut. It looks so good that you might just dive right into the putu piring while it’s still piping hot. Totally worth the burnt tongue!

Address: 14 Haig Road, Singapore 430014 Opening hours: 11am – 10pm

5. No Name Cheng Tng

Nothing beats a cold bowl of Cheng Tng on a really hot day. Trust me, this thing can quench your thirst. Literally named No Name Cheng Tng, this stall serves up one of the best cold desserts. The cheng tng comes with a strong longan avour and lots of ingredients – sweet potatoes, sago balls, white fungus, barley beans, candied winter melon, dried persimmon, and gingko nuts. For only $1.50, this is worth it!

Address: 69 Bedok South Avenue 3, Singapore 460069
Opening hours: 4pm – 8:15pm (Mon), 12:30pm – 8:15pm (Tue – Sun)

6. 75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup

Tang Yuan lovers cannot miss out on this comforting bowl of peanut soup served with ah balling. At 75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup, you don’t need to worry about freshness as the ah ballings are made daily. There are 3 avoured llings such as peanut, black sesame, and red bean. They’re really chewy and the type to melt in your mouth. Did we also mention you can have your ah ballings with peanut or ginger soup?

Address: 505 Beach Road, Singapore 199583

Opening hours: 11am – 8:30pm (Mon – Fri), 10am – 8pm (Sat & Sun)

7. Tiong Bahru Tau Suan

If you’re an early riser, grab your tau suan at Tiong Bahru Tau Suan for the perfect breakfast dessert. They’re made with split mung beans and has a perfect consistency. The texture isn’t mushy and every bean can be tasted separately. To top it all off, they added slices of you tiao to go together with the heavenly tau suan. Plus, this dessert isn’t too sweet so you wouldn’t feel the need to chug down a bottle of plain water to neutralise the taste.

Address: 30 Seng Poh Road, Singapore 168898
Opening hours: 7:30am – 3pm (Tue – Sun), closed on Mondays

Traditional Dessert Singapore

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