9 Super Rich Kids Of Singapore Leading A Balling Lifestyle

Rich Kids Of Singapore

Branded goods. Luxurious cars. Exotic vacations. These 3 things pretty much sum up the life of the rich kids of Singapore. These rich kids are already leading a balling lifestyle at such a young age which none of us could probably have gone through. It’s no surprise that these kids come from wealthy families and bathe in moolahs all day. If you’re curious to know who these kids are, here are 9 of our local’s richest:

1. Kim Lim

Image credits to Kim Lim.

Kim Lim’s life is all about rubbing shoulders with international celebrities like David Beckham and BigBang’s Seungri, just to name a few. This only happens when you have a billionaire dad like Peter Lim who owns Valencia Football Club and Mint Media. Besides being the daughter of Singaporean tycoon, Kim is also a prominent public figure with over 197K followers on Instagram. She’s a huge collector of classic Chanel bags and also owns more than 200 pairs of shoes. While she lives the rich life, she’s also given back to the community by participating in charity work. Pssst! In case you missed it, Kim has been the talk of the town after giving birth to her baby boy last month.

Instagram: @kimlimhl

2. Audrey Tay

Image credits to HerWorldPlus.

We’ve all dreamt of being gifted luxurious sports cars and branded handbags for our birthdays. It never really became a reality unless you live the life of Audrey Tay. She’s received 2 swanky cars from her dad as her 18th and 20th birthday gifts – the customised pink Bentley Continental GT and Porsche 911 Turbo. Besides cars, she’s also showered with other lavish gifts such as luxury watches and handbags. Audrey also owns a handful of the highly coveted Hermes handbags that’s probably enough to fill her Queen-sized bed. If her dad isn’t around to get her the things she wants, she would turn to her mum instead. Now, how we wish we can get what we want in just a snap of a finger!

Instagram: @audreytayy

3. Kane Lim

Image credits to Kane Lim.

Oh, Kane! It must have felt great to have earned your first million dollars at just the age of 20. At 27, this fashion graduate has his own line of fashion apparels – handbags and jackets. His designs are so bomb that even singer Rihanna follows him on Instagram! And just like us normal folks, Kane has an obsession for shoes. What sets us apart is Kane is in love with designer footwear and has collected over 200 pairs of them – with some costing over $8000. On top of that, he, too, is a huge collector of luxury bags! Kane’s impeccable style is probably better than the wannabe hypebeasts out there.

Instagram: @kanelk_k

4. Calista Cuaca

Image credits to Calista Cuaca.

If you think that Jamie Chua is gorgeous, wait till you see her daughter Calista Cuaca. This teenager is following the footsteps of her mum and is a regular at media events. Perhaps its thanks to her mum that she has a following of 124K on Instagram. Meanwhile, Jamie has a whopping 508K following her on Instagram. We never know what’s in store for Calista in the future but watch out world, the next big thing is coming through!

Instagram: @xcalikins

5. Willabelle Ong

Image credits to Willabelle Ong.

Unlike us, Willabelle has the means of travelling the world almost every other week. She’s travelled to the most exotic places such as the mountain areas of New Zealand, Dubai desert, Venice, and the list could go on. Every moment captured during her trip boasts a breathtaking view that most of us would yearn to go for the next vacay. Take a peep on her Instagram feed and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Tell me you aren’t jealous of the rich life she’s living?! Anyone of us could take for a switch of life just for that short getaway.

Instagram: @willamazing

6. Dhillon Lee

Image credits to Dhillon Lee.

Dhillon may be the son of a Singaporean multi-millionaire but that doesn’t stop him from leading a normal lifestyle. Unlike the rest of the rich, he enjoys doing water sports and being in the clear blue ocean. From jet skiing to scuba diving or travelling the world, guys are often envious of the rich life he lives. At 20 years old, he’s already driving a boat and has access to top cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Dhillon is totally ballin’!

Instagram: @dhillonxlee

7. Mae Tan

Image credits to Mae Tan.

Mae Tan is the daughter of a wealthy Singaporean businessman and a housewife mum. She’s famed for posting stunning pictures of her everyday outfits ranging from Zara, along with luxury brands like Hermes and Chanel. Mae is also a fashion scion of multi-brand boutique Surrender and a huge collector of jackets. She definitely has an eye for fashion and the cool girl vibes that every girl wants to have. In case you need inspiration for your day-to-day outfits, checkout her Instagram feed! Did we also mention that she’s the goddaughter to the legendary Jackie Chan?

Instagram: @marxmae

8. Meng Jun Kuok

Image credits to Meng Jun Kuok.

Also known to many as MJ Kuok, he is the grandson of Malaysia’s richest man Robert Kuok who has amassed over $16.8 billion. Some of you would’ve remembered him as the participant from the third season of Singapore Idol in 2009 too. Meng Jun’s passion for music has brought him far with composing EDM music and has released his first album called Into The Wild. Apart from creating music, he also spins the deck at events quite often.

Instagram: @mmxjofficial

9. Elroy Cheo

Image credits to Elroy Cheo.

Just like everyone else on this list of rich kids, Elroy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Not only that, he’s also quite a prince charming that leaves many girls swooning over him. Boyfriends, please beware! And you would’ve also guessed that famous socialite Arissa Cheo is his sister.

Instagram: @elroxcheo

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