10 Best Fabric Sofas in Singapore

Fabric Sofa Singapore

Best Fabric Sofa Singapore
Best Fabric Sofa Singapore

There are a number of fabric sofas on the market. Which is best for your home, and how do you decide? In this article, we’ll list the best fabric sofas available in Singapore. These sofas are built with high-quality materials and feature a durable design, so they will last for many years.

But before that, here are some consideration factors that you should keep in mind in choosing Fabric Sofas in Singapore.

Consideration factors when choosing Fabric Sofa Singapore

  • Comfort: Choosing a fabric sofa that is both comfortable and supportive is crucial. This can be done by spending money on a high-quality item made of premium materials, including memory foam or other soft materials.
  • Size: Too huge sofas are frequently chosen by homeowners, which can make them appear out of place in the living room or another area. However, smaller proportions might also make it challenging to accommodate more than one person on the sofa without feeling cramped. As a result, it’s crucial to take measurements of the available area in advance and purchase a sofa that comfortably fits within those limits.
  • Sofa fabric: Different textiles offer varying degrees of comfort and toughness, and each one needs special cleaning procedures to be maintained. For instance, velvet is regarded as a beautiful material but can be challenging to retain its original appearance and keep clean. Microfiber sofas, on the other hand, are a fantastic choice for individuals seeking greater longevity and ease of upkeep.
  • Price: It’s crucial to think about how much a fabric sofa costs in Singapore. Choose a high-quality item that is reasonably priced and provides comfort and durability.

With these considerations in mind, you are sure to find the perfect fabric sofa for your home. Here are the Best Fabric Sofas in Singapore!

1. Alicia L-Shaped Sofa

Alicia L-Shaped Sofa - Fabric Sofa Singapore
Alicia L-Shaped Sofa – Fabric Sofa Singapore (Credit: Hipvan)
Key FeaturesL-Shaped Sofa
Where to BuyClick Here

This sofa won’t cause you any trouble if you’re confused of how to organize the furnishings in your living room. Either the left or the right can be configured depending on how it is set up. Just swivel the ottoman to the desired position, then switch out the seat cushions as needed. In addition, this L-shaped sofa is simply convertible into a 3-seater! You may use the ottoman as a footrest while watching TV by simply removing it. or as an additional seat for a visitor!

Key Differentiators:

  • Available in 4 colors – Slate, Charcoal, Ivory and Blue
  • Includes 2 lumbar side cushions as shown
  • Free fabric swatch

Customer Testimonial:

“Fits into my living room perfectly and love the design.”


2. Attic Living Lisbon Modular Sofa

Attic Living Lisbon Modular Sofa - Fabric Sofa Singapore
Attic Living Lisbon Modular Sofa – Fabric Sofa Singapore (credit: Attic Living Lisbon Modular Sofa)
Key FeaturesUpholstered with a lightly woven textured fabric
Where to BuyClick here

This gorgeous Attic Living Lisbon Modular Sofa is a must-have for any contemporary house. It will provide beauty and comfort to your apartment or living space. This modular couch has a contemporary, mid-century design, and its softly woven, textured fabric is durable and simple to maintain. Because it is composed of a number of connectable components, it can also be simply organized to fit in a range of space sizes.

Key Differentiators:

  • Shows up beautifully time and time again
  • Class and comfort
  • Add that zing to your home

Customer Testimonial:

“After a long wait, my sofa finally arrived! Despite the unforeseen delay but we were given a sofa on loan. Managed to have it on time before NYE. Loving the whole vibes in my living room now Thank you to Lynn, Rajiu and Jahidul for the arrangements.”

Kris Low

3. Ross L-Shape Fabric Sofa

Ross L-Shape Fabric Sofa - Fabric Sofa Singapore
Ross L-Shape Fabric Sofa – Fabric Sofa Singapore (Credit: Cellini)
Key FeaturesL-Shape Fabric Sofa With Removable Covers
Where to BuyClick here

When talking about the best fabric sofas in Singapore, the Ross sofa from Cellini almost instantly comes to mind. The sleek appearance of this versatile piece complements any decor style. Like the last sofa, this one is also modular and L-shaped, enabling you to easily arrange it to complement the layout of your area. With this Ross sofa, there is deep, spacious seating that has been carefully designed for optimal comfort. We’re confident that this is the location you’d want to be after a busy day outside. For easy maintenance and cleaning, the seat and backrest cushion covers may be taken off. Furthermore, you can choose between 1-, 2-, or 3-seater layouts.

Key Differentiators:

  • Versatile piece
  • Removable seat and backrest cushion covers
  • Complements any style

Customer Testimonial:

Good service, friendly staffs and good quality product

Rashidah Roslan

4. Apollo L-Shape Fabric Sofa

Apollo L-Shape Fabric Sofa - Fabric Sofa Singapore
Apollo L-Shape Fabric Sofa – Fabric Sofa Singapore (Credit: Cellini)
Key FeaturesFabric Sofa With Seat Cushions And Adjustable Headrest
Where to BuyClick here

Nothing less than the best should be expected from Apollo, one of Cellini’s signature pieces and a household name in the high-end furniture industry. This L-shaped fabric sofa’s elegant low backrest and sleek, modern design are its main selling points. But its lovely curves are what really catch the eye! Additionally, you may completely change the style and usefulness because to the modular setups and adjustable headrests. For those who like a large seating area, there is even a 4-seater variant available.

Key Differentiators:

  • Sectional sofa
  • Sleek and contemporary low-back seating sofa
  • Adjustable headrests 

Customer Testimonial:

Yes good quality nice design


5.  Rever de Rever Curved Sofa 

Rever de Rever Curved Sofa  - Fabric Sofa Singapore
Rever de Rever Curved Sofa  – Fabric Sofa Singapore (Credit: Finnavenue)
Key FeaturesBeautifully curving, symmetrical silhouette
Where to BuyClick here
Price$2,090.00 SGD

You’ll admire Finn Avenue’s assortment of couches if you enjoy high-end furniture and are looking for a sofa in Singapore at a fair price. Think rich velvet and gold accents because these sofas are made to have a big effect. Finn Avenue also carries a selection of sophisticated marble coffee tables to match the opulent design of your sofa. The Rever de Rever Curved Sofa has a smooth cream velvet covering and a stainless steel base that has been brushed in gold if you’re seeking for something contemporary but stunning.

Key Differentiators:

  • Slightly pitched back
  • Understated clean line
  • Crafted with a kiln-dried hardwood frame

6. Daybeds Sofa

Daybeds Sofa - Fabric Sofa Singapore
Daybeds Sofa – Fabric Sofa Singapore (Credit: Scanteak)
Key FeaturesAs big as a super-single mattress
Where to BuyClick here

Inspired by Scandinavian home design’s cozy minimalism? The Scanteak teak wood furniture is worth a look. These items will fit in with a modern minimalist, mid-century, or bohemian-style house. The majority of the couches at Scanteak are made from real teak wood, which is supplied from sustainably managed plantations in Java, Indonesia. Skanteak works with farms and production sites that have earned SVLK and Rainforest Alliance certifications.

Key Differentiators:

  • Create beautifully designed and lasting furniture
  • Simplicity and functionality
  • Inspired by Scandinavian ideology

7. Flaneur Sofa

Flaneur Sofa - Fabric Sofa Singapore
Flaneur Sofa – Fabric Sofa Singapore (Credit: Danish Designs Co)
Key FeaturesDanish approach to Design, Italian approach to Comfort
Where to BuyClick here
PriceFrom $7,466

Danish Design Co., another retailer of Scandinavian furniture, was established by a Scandinavian couple who resided in Singapore. The Flaneur Sofa is a great option if your living space is vast. They carry well-known Scandinavian furniture and sofa brands, and the Danish-made furniture is exceptionally well-made. These luxurious sofas are stylish, contemporary, and exquisite.

Key Differentiators:

  • Maintaining the precise silhouettes of a Scandinavian design
  • Modern expression from its archetypical inspiration of the traditional ‘roll arm’ chair
  • Minimal yet holistic look

Customer Testimonial:

“Great selection of authentic designer furniture. Had a seamless shopping experience, delivery was prompt and the team was professional. The playground sofa and side tables which i purchased were all really exceptional. Highly recommended!”

Kelven Lee

8. MALMO Scandinavian Fabric Sofa

MALMO Scandinavian Fabric Sofa - Fabric Sofa Singapore
MALMO Scandinavian Fabric Sofa – Fabric Sofa Singapore (Credit: myseat)
Key FeaturesScandinavian Sofa
Where to BuyClick here
Price$729.00 – $949.00

The conventional and timeless design of the MALMO fabric couch complements a variety of household designs. Its luxurious fabric upholstery is available in a variety of colors. The right silhouette is created by the thin wood legs visually balancing the velvety and puffy cushion of the sofa. Additionally, you can select a 1, 2, or 3-seater variant based on how well it would fit in your living space.

Key Differentiators:

  • Genuine Leather
  • Fabric
  • PU

9.  Bowy Sofa

Bowy Sofa - Fabric Sofa Singapore
Bowy Sofa – Fabric Sofa Singapore (Credit: Cassina)
Key FeaturesSectional floor sofa
Where to Buy Click here

Check out the striking Bowy Sofa, a sectional sofa with multiple configuration options. Another is the Floe Insel Sofa’s asymmetrical design, which is unquestionably unusual and fashionable even though it may not be to everyone’s taste. Try Cassina if you prefer chic, contemporary Italian design. This business focuses on stylish, contemporary apparel.

Key Differentiators:

  • Artisan skills
  • CFC-free polyurethane foam.
  • Removable leather or fabric

10.  Jasper II Modular Sofa

Jasper II Modular Sofa - Fabric Sofa Singapore
Jasper II Modular Sofa – Fabric Sofa Singapore (Credit: King Living)
Key FeaturesDesigned for flexible living
Where to BuyClick here
PriceFrom $4,390

Galvanized steel frames are the specialty of King Living, a well-known Australian company founded in 1977 that makes extremely durable and comfy sofas. Additionally, it incorporates a Postureflex Seating Mechanism, a body support system that is also featured in luxury automobiles. Avoid hunched-over posture going forward. In Singapore, these sofas come equipped with features like built-in charging ports and concealed storage, in addition to being incredibly practical. For instance, the multi-award-winning Jasper II modular sofa, which also includes a media center, may be arranged in infinite different ways. It has storage behind the seat and is readily convertible into a nice guest bed.

Key Differentiators:

  • Unrivaled comfort
  • Customized Accessories
  • Hidden storage

Fabric Sofa Singapore

If you’re looking for a welcoming and cozy place to unwind and read a book or watch your favorite TV show, a fabric sofa is the best choice for you. Fabric couches are available in a wide range of colors and styles, making it simple to find one that matches the decor of your house. The best feature is how comfortable they are to sit on! Here is our pick of the top fabric sofas in Singapore. With their modern layout and inviting seating, they’re likely to become your new favorite location in the house.

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