20 Best Magician Singapore Entertainers You Should Hire

Magician Singapore

Best Magician Singapore

Celebrating a birthday party can be made even more memorable by hiring a magician.

The best magicians in Singapore include Tricky Patrick, Amazing Productions, The Magic of Joe Yu, Hidden-Street-Magic, and Party Heart.

When choosing a magician in Singapore, consider factors such as their level of experience, performance style, target audience, and customer reviews.

Singapore is known for its highly popular and sought-after magicians, who are in high demand for a variety of events such as birthday parties, corporate functions, and public performances.

Read on to discover how a magician can add a touch of magic to your next birthday celebration in Singapore.

Quick Summary

  • Best magicians in Singapore include Tricky Patrick, Amazing Productions, The Magic of Joe Yu, Hidden-Street-Magic, and Party Heart.
  • When selecting a magician in Singapore, take into account factors like their experience, style, the type of audience they cater to, and the reviews they have received.
  • Magicians in Singapore are highly popular and in high demand for a wide range of events, including birthday parties, corporate functions, and public performances.

Key Consideration Factors

Here are some things to consider before choosing a magician in Singapore:

  • Skills: Look for a magician with special skills and techniques that stand out.
  • Personality: Choose someone who can make your guests feel comfortable and entertained.
  • Costs: Get an idea of the rate from each magician to help you decide which one fits within your budget.
  • Service: Make sure the magician you choose is reliable and willing to go above and beyond for your event.

Best Magician Singapore

1) Tricky Patrick

(Credit: Tricky Patrick)
(Credit: Tricky Patrick)
BEST FOR Comedy magic show
ADDRESS 201 Hougang Street 21, #04-11, Singapore 530201
PHONE+65 9846 6609

If you are looking for party entertainment that will leave your kids and their friends spellbound, look no further than Tricky Patrick! With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of shows every year, he has been sought out by celebrities to perform at children’s birthday parties.

He is a renowned Singapore magician who has worked with many highly-regarded events such as MediaCorp, Kids Fiesta and BabyCare Festival – showcasing his incredible skillset and creative genius. Get ready for your little ones to be amazed – book Tricky Patrick today!

2) Amazing Productions

(Credit:  Amazing Productions)
(Credit: Amazing Productions)
BEST FOR Magic performers
ADDRESS26 Sin Ming Ln, #08-119 Midview City, Singapore 573971
PHONE65 9783 7517

Amazing Productions is a collective of Singapore-based magicians, with the mission to spread joy and bring smiles to people’s faces through their captivating performances. Not only do they customize magical experiences for special occasions such as weddings or formal events, but also guarantee that you receive superior service at competitive rates!

Let your imagination take flight by trusting in Amazing Productions’ remarkable talent – be amazed today!

3) The Magic of Joe Yu

(Credit: Joey Yu)
(Credit: Joey Yu)
BEST FOR Muti-award winning magic & illusion shows (Live), virtual (Zoom) for Interactive and stage magic show and magic workshop.

Joe Yu’s Magic offers an internationally renowned performance that has left even royalty and distinguished figures in awe. Get ready to witness a menagerie of trained birds, show-breed rabbits, and many other creatures during their spectacular shows.

Your guests will get the chance to take photographs with the charming animals as well! If you’re looking for a grand, large-scale presentation at your special event – look no further than Joe Yu’s Magic; they are undoubtedly Singapore’s best magicians!

4) Hidden-Street-Magic

(Credit:  Hidden-Street-Magic)
(Credit: Hidden-Street-Magic)
BEST FOR High-quality magic cards
ADDRESS613 Hougang Ave 8, Singapore 530613
PHONE(+65) 93242421
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Saturday: 24 hours

If you’re looking to gain knowledge from the top magicians in Singapore, look no further than Hidden-Street-Magic! Our comprehensive introduction to magic trick training center offers an array of lessons and webinars on street magic.

Avriel, a renowned visual magician and creator of this facility is dedicated to creating a safe space for all levels of skillful master illusionists regardless if they are performing publicly or privately. Here at Hidden Street Magic we guarantee that our courses will help expand your repertoire as you become versed in hidden streetmagic techniques – unveiling mysteries right before your eyes with every practice!

5) Party Heart

(Credit: Party Heart)
(Credit: Party Heart)
KEY SERVICESFamily Magic Show, Balloon Sculpting, Face Painting, all-in-1 Birthday Party Entertainment
ADDRESSBlk 199A Punggol Field, Singapore 821199
PHONE+65 9736 8494

Step right up and be amazed by the one and only Party Hearty, Singapore’s most celebrated magician! With a knack for creating captivating illusions that are full of excitement, energy, music, theatre and even comedy – it’s no wonder why he is such highly sought-after entertainer.

Make your special day an unforgettable one with his puppet shows as well as balloon twisting or face painting services to add extra sparkle to any occasion. Don’t miss out on this unique experience – Party Hearty awaits you!

6) Creative Magic Inc.

(Credit:  Creative Magic Inc.)
(Credit: Creative Magic Inc.)
BEST FORMagic Shows
ADDRESSBlk 173 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh Singapore 310173
PHONE+65 63531615

Creative Magic Inc is the go-to for your events if you’re looking to create an unforgettable experience. With the renowned MagicMan Hongwei, their magic shows are sure to dazzle and keep you captivated from start to finish!

Whether it be a kids party, roadshow or something even bigger; they offer face painting & balloon sculpting services that will take your event up another notch. Book them today and get ready for some magical fun!

7) Experience Magic

(Credit:  Experience Magic)
(Credit: Experience Magic)
BEST FOR Close-up magician performances
PHONE+65 98469815
10:00am -6:00pm

Impress your guests with Roving Magic from Experience Magic and Jasper Lee! Master the art of close-up magic with this performance that allows for more contact with the audience. Stroll around your celebration, break the ice, and capture everyone’s attention. See all the accolades come pouring in when you experience a world full of wonder!

8) Magic Atom

(Credit:  Magic Atom)
(Credit: Magic Atom)
BEST FOR Psychological Magic
ADDRESS 201 Hougang Street 21, #04-11, Singapore 530201
PHONE(+65) 6681 6664 | 

The Magic Atom is composed of astoundingly talented magicians whose acts incorporate the power of psychology. Our team specializes in mentalism, providing first-class contemporary magic to a variety of clients including high profile personalities such as politicians and celebrities, along with company events and other prestigious organizations.

9) Magic Essential

(Credit: Magic Essential)
(Credit: Magic Essential)
BEST FOR Magic Show for Special Occasions

Make your special event even more magical with Magic Essential! Find the perfect party topper for any occasion. Get mesmerized and have fun with a professional magician who’ll keep your guests entertained throughout the night. With Magic Essential, you can count on them for the perfect pair of party entertainers that will make your event absolutely unforgettable!

10) Party Empire

(Credit: Party Empire)
(Credit: Party Empire)
BEST FOR Comedy magic show
ADDRESS300 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 168731
PHONE+65 9846 9815
OPERATING HOURSWeekdays: 10am–6pm

Throw the most memorable birthday party with Party Empire! Hire award-winning Singapore magicians that will entertain the kids with breath-taking magic tricks and puppet shows. Enjoy a complete birthday package that offers interactive action games, a cake cutting ritual, and balloon sculpting! Party Empire guarantees a spectacular birthday experience for your little ones!

11) Derek Magic

(Credit: Derek Magic)
(Credit: Derek Magic)
BEST FOR Magician for a kids birthday party
PHONE+65 90610766
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Sunday –9am-9pm

Hire Derek Magic for your next event and get ready to be amazed! With over ten years of experience, Derek is a professional party host who specializes in entertaining children with his award-winning magic shows. He’s also a committee member in the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 and an honorary secretary of the Singapore Association of Magicians.

12) Jellybean Party

(Credit: Jellybean Party)
(Credit: Jellybean Party)
BEST FOR Magic shows and Interactive game hosting
ADDRESS300 Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore 168731
PHONE+65 9230 5911
OPERATING HOURSMon – Fri 10:00am – 6:00pm

Get ready for a dazzling performance with Jellybean Party! Make your next kid’s event a fun and memorable one with their interactive, custom-made magic shows that are sure to keep your little ones engaged and astonished.

13) The Magic of Markson

(Credit: The Magic of Markson)
(Credit: The Magic of Markson)
BEST FOR Party events and services, Special magic show packages, Carnival equipment rental and food stalls.
ADDRESS520 Miltonia Close, Singapore 768122
PHONE+65 9369 4164

Get ready to be amazed with The Magic of Markson! This award-winning Singaporean magic team has performed for thousands of children all over the world, and their comedy magic show is the perfect way to make your child’s birthday party one to remember.

14) Mystical Dimension

(Credit: Mystical Dimension)
(Credit: Mystical Dimension)
BEST FORInteractive Magic Show
PHONE(+65) 9753 9192
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Sunday 9 AM–11 PM

Mystical Dimension is a one-stop magic and party rental store located in Singapore. The team offers outstanding interactive magic shows with performances catered to any event type, from kids’ birthday parties to corporate events.

15) Mr Egg Magic

(Credit: Mr Egg Magic)
(Credit: Mr Egg Magic)
BEST FORTable Magic Show
ADDRESS1 Sunview Rd, #08-07 Eco tech, Singapore 627615
PHONE+65 9795 5766

With over a decade of experience in the field, Mr Egg Magic is one of Singapore’s most sought-after magicians. His exceptional combination of tricks and humor will leave your audience astonished! From card magic to mind reading – Mr Egg Magic’s astounding performance brings something special to any event you might have planned.

Magician Singapore

The magicians in Singapore are some of the best magicians around. If you have a tight budget and want an experience that will be one of your child’s most memorable moments, hire any of these magicians for their birthday party. They specialize in different kinds of magic tricks to entertain kids and adults alike with laughter and joy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about magicians in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best magicians in Singapore below:

Who are the best magicians in Singapore?

The best magicians in Singapore include Tricky Patrick, Amazing Productions, The Magic of Joe Yu, Hidden-Street-Magic, and Party Heart.

What magic services are recommended for a birthday child in Singapore?

For a birthday child, many top magicians in Singapore offer specialized party packages that include a mix of kids magic and interactive performances. These packages often feature a birthday magic show tailored to entertain children and create moments that captivate the birthday boy or girl. The magicians can also conduct a magical cake cutting ceremony, adding a touch of enchantment to this traditional moment.

Can magicians in Singapore provide entertainment for different age groups?

Absolutely! Children’s magician in Singapore are skilled at adapting their acts to suit various age groups, ensuring that both younger kids and older attendees are thoroughly entertained. From roving magician who mingles with guests performing close-up magic to stage shows designed to mesmerize an entire audience, these entertainers can tailor their acts to create a magical moment for every age.

How do magicians enhance the atmosphere at kids’ birthday parties?

Magicians are experts at creating an engaging and fun atmosphere at kids’ birthday parties. They use a combination of humor, storytelling, and interactive magic tricks to entertain children and keep them engaged throughout the event. Many magicians also offer additional activities such as balloon sculpting or face painting as part of their party packages, ensuring that every birthday kid experiences unforgettable entertainment.

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