25 Best Kids Activities in Singapore

Best Kids Activities Singapore

Kids Activities Singapore

Singapore, often known as a playground for children, offers an abundant variety of activities designed to entertain, educate, and inspire kids of all ages.

The best Kids Activities in Singapore include Bubble Bump, Poolball, Neon Laser Tag, Giant Whack A Mole, Tote Bag Art Jamming, Escape Room, and Terrarium Workshop.

When selecting activities for kids in Singapore, take into account factors such as the child’s interests, age suitability, safety, educational value, and convenience.

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You can refer to this list of best Kids Activities in Singapore for every parent to plan your next family day out!

Quick Summary

  • Best Kids Activities in Singapore include Bubble Bump, Poolball, Neon Laser Tag, Giant Whack A Mole, Tote Bag Art Jamming, Escape Room, and Terrarium Workshop.
  • When choosing kids activities in Singapore, consider factors such as Child’s Interests, Age Appropriateness, Safety, Educational Value, and Convenience.
  • FunEmpire is a leading event company in Singapore, boasting an impressive track record of over 50,000 successful events and 8,000 client reviews with a 5-star rating.

Benefits of Kids Activities Singapore

Visiting different kids activities in Singapore can benefit your children in a variety of ways, offering them the opportunity to learn and develop skills. Here are some of the advantages that come with exploring these diverse offerings:

  1. Development of Social Skills: Kids activities, particularly those involving group play or teamwork, encourage children to interact with others, helping them to develop important social skills like cooperation and communication.
  2. Physical Fitness: Many activities involve physical movement, which aids in maintaining a healthy weight, improving cardiovascular health, and enhancing overall fitness.
  3. Cognitive Development: Activities such as puzzles, interactive exhibits, and educational games can stimulate a child’s brain, enhancing cognitive development and problem-solving skills.
  4. Cultural Awareness: Singapore’s diverse range of activities exposes children to various cultures and traditions, fostering respect and understanding of different cultural perspectives.
  5. Enhances Creativity: Art and craft workshops, drama classes, and music lessons can spark a child’s creativity and stimulate artistic expression.
  6. Improves Hand-Eye Coordination: Activities that require precise movements, such as painting or playing certain sports, can improve a child’s hand-eye coordination.
  7. Boosts Confidence: By participating in various activities and overcoming challenges, children can gain self-confidence and a sense of achievement.
  8. Emotional Well-being: Engaging in fun activities can help children reduce stress, improve mood, and promote emotional well-being.
  9. Broadens Horizons: By exploring different activities, children can discover new interests and hobbies, broadening their perspectives and experiences.
  10. Environmental Awareness: Activities such as nature walks or visits to botanical gardens can increase a child’s awareness of the environment and instill a sense of responsibility towards its conservation.

Consideration Factors When Choosing Kids Activities in Singapore

Before choosing a particular kids activity in Singapore, it’s important to consider a few factors to ensure that your child will get the most out of the experience. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Child’s Interests: Always consider your child’s interests and preferences when selecting an activity. Whether they are into arts, sports, nature, or science, choosing activities that align with their interests will ensure they are engaged and excited.
  • Age Appropriateness: Not all activities are suitable for all age groups. Ensure the activity is age-appropriate, offering the right level of challenge and complexity to keep your child interested without overwhelming them.
  • Safety: Safety should be a top priority. Ensure the venue adheres to safety standards and that the activity is safe for your child’s age and abilities.
  • Educational Value: Look for activities that offer both fun and learning. Activities that can stimulate your child’s mind, enhance their skills, or teach them something new can be particularly beneficial.
  • Convenience: Consider factors like the location of the activity, its duration, and schedule. Activities that are conveniently located and fit well within your family’s schedule will make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

Best Kids Activities Singapore

1. Bubble Bump

Bubble - Kids Activities Singapore
Bubble – Kids Activities Singapore

Bubble Bump offers a unique and exciting twist on the traditional game of soccer. Kids get to wear inflatable bubbles that allow them to bump into each other while trying to score goals. It’s a hilarious and active way for children to enjoy friendly competition and physical play.

2. Poolball

Poolball - Kids Activities Singapore
Poolball – Kids Activities Singapore

Poolball combines the fun of billiards with the athleticism of soccer. Kids can play a giant version of pool, kicking soccer balls into the pockets on a large pool table. It’s an entertaining and active game that encourages teamwork, strategy, and precision.

3. Neon Laser Tag

Laser Tag - Kids Activities Singapore
Laser Tag – Kids Activities Singapore

Neon Laser Tag takes the classic game of laser tag to the next level with a futuristic neon-themed setting. Kids can engage in thrilling laser battles in a darkened arena, making it an exhilarating and immersive experience that challenges their agility and strategic thinking.

4. Giant Whack A Mole

Giant Whack-A-Mole - Kids Activities Singapore
Giant Whack-A-Mole – Kids Activities Singapore

Giant Whack A Mole brings the carnival favorite to life with oversized mallets and playful competition. Kids can take turns trying to “whack” the mole characters that pop up, testing their reflexes and hand-eye coordination in a fun and entertaining way.

5. Tote Bag Art Jamming

Tote Bag Art Jamming - Kids Activities Singapore
Tote Bag Art Jamming – Kids Activities Singapore

Tote Bag Art Jamming allows children to unleash their creativity by designing their own tote bags. They can paint, draw, or decorate the bags with various art supplies, making it a hands-on activity that encourages self-expression and artistic exploration.

6. Escape Room

Escape Room - Kids Activities Singapore
Escape Room – Kids Activities Singapore

Escape Rooms offer thrilling adventures where kids work together to solve puzzles and riddles to “escape” from themed rooms within a set time limit. It promotes critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills while providing an immersive and suspenseful experience.

7. Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium Workshop - Kids Activities Singapore
Terrarium Workshop – Kids Activities Singapore

Terrarium Workshops teach kids about the natural world as they create miniature ecosystems in glass containers. Children can choose plants, arrange them, and learn about plant care. It’s an educational and hands-on activity that fosters an appreciation for nature.

8. Neon Bowling

Neon Bowling - Kids Activities Singapore
Neon Bowling – Kids Activities Singapore

Neon Bowling adds a neon glow to the traditional game of bowling, creating a visually stimulating and exciting experience for kids. With neon lights and glowing pins, it’s a fun way to introduce children to bowling while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

9. Cooking Class

Cooking Class - Kids Activities Singapore
Cooking Class – Kids Activities Singapore

Cooking Classes for kids provide an opportunity to learn culinary skills and experiment with new recipes. Kids can get hands-on experience in the kitchen, boosting their confidence and encouraging healthy eating habits as they prepare delicious meals and snacks.

10. Combat Archery Tag

Combat Archery Tag - Kids Activities Singapore
Combat Archery Tag – Kids Activities Singapore

Combat Archery Tag combines archery and dodgeball, allowing kids to use foam-tipped arrows to “tag” their opponents. It’s an action-packed and safe game that promotes physical activity, accuracy, and teamwork.

11. Ninja Tag

Ninja Tag - Kids Activities Singapore
Ninja Tag – Kids Activities Singapore

Ninja Tag is an exhilarating obstacle course where kids can test their agility and strength. They can climb, jump, and navigate various challenges, resembling a real ninja adventure that encourages physical fitness and problem-solving.

12. Giant Board Games

Giant Board Games - Kids Activities Singapore
Giant Board Games – Kids Activities Singapore

Giant Board Games take classic board games like chess, checkers, and Jenga to a larger-than-life scale. Kids can enjoy these oversized versions, promoting strategic thinking, social interaction, and lots of fun.

13. SEA Aquarium

The SEA Aquarium is a breathtaking underwater world where kids can explore a diverse range of marine life. It’s an educational and awe-inspiring experience that teaches them about the oceans and the importance of marine conservation.

14. Sand Art and Window Decal

Sand Art and Window Decal activities allow kids to get creative with colorful sand or window decals. They can craft beautiful designs, fostering fine motor skills and artistic expression.

15. Pororo Park Singapore

Pororo Park is an indoor playground based on the popular children’s character Pororo. Kids can enjoy various play areas, rides, and interactive exhibits, making it a delightful and entertaining destination for young children.

16. The Cat Café

The Cat Café provides a unique opportunity for kids to interact with friendly feline companions. It’s a calming and enjoyable experience that promotes empathy and relaxation.

17. Trick Eye Museum

The Trick Eye Museum offers optical illusions and 3D artwork that allows kids to immerse themselves in creative and mind-bending scenes. It’s a visual adventure that encourages imagination and artistic appreciation.

18. Musicals

Musicals are live performances that captivate children with captivating stories, music, and choreography. They introduce kids to the world of theater and can inspire an interest in the performing arts.

19. Handicrafts at home

Handicrafts at home enable kids to create a wide range of crafts from the comfort of their home. It’s a convenient and creative way to keep them engaged in DIY projects that enhance fine motor skills and creativity.

20. TimeZone

TimeZone is an arcade filled with a variety of games and activities. Kids can enjoy video games, redemption games, and more, providing hours of entertainment and fun.

21. Chinatown Heritage Centre

The Chinatown Heritage Centre offers a glimpse into Singapore’s rich history and cultural heritage. Kids can explore exhibits and artifacts, learning about the traditions and customs of the local Chinese community.

22. Indoor Roller Skating Rink

Indoor Roller Skating Rinks provide a safe and fun environment for kids to learn and enjoy roller skating. It’s a great way to promote physical fitness and coordination.

23. Star Gazing

Star Gazing experiences allow kids to marvel at the night sky and learn about constellations and celestial objects. It’s a magical and educational activity that sparks curiosity about the universe.

24. Scrap Booking

Scrap Booking encourages kids to preserve memories by creating personalized scrapbooks. It’s a creative and sentimental activity that allows them to relive special moments through art.

25. Diggersite

Diggersite offers a unique construction-themed adventure where kids can operate miniature construction equipment. It’s an exciting and educational experience that introduces them to the world of construction and engineering.

Tips for Parents

Here are some valuable tips for parents when considering these activities for their children:

  1. Always research the activity in advance: not all activities will be suitable for all age groups. Make sure the chosen activity aligns with your child’s interests and age.
  2. Safety first: For physical activities, ensure safety measures are in place. Encourage children to follow the rules and instructions provided.
  3. Encourage creativity and learning: Opt for activities that promote creativity and learning. This could be something artistic, such as art workshops, or something educational like the SEA Aquarium.
  4. Balance indoor and outdoor activities: While indoor activities are convenient, outdoor activities provide children with a chance to connect with nature and get some fresh air.
  5. Engage in the activities together: Spending quality time with your children not only strengthens your bond but also allows you to monitor their progress.
  6. Promote social interactions: Choose activities that allow your child to interact with other children. This promotes social development and teamwork.
  7. Pack essentials: Always carry a bag with essentials like water, snacks, sunscreen, and a first-aid kit whenever necessary.

Remember, the goal is to ensure that your child has a fun and enriching experience.

Kids Activities Singapore

Exploring the myriad of kids’ activities in Singapore can be an adventure in itself, opening up avenues for learning, creativity, and fun.

Whether it’s the high-energy thrill of Ninja Tag, the awe-inspiring experience of the SEA Aquarium, or the artistic exploration through Sand Art and Scrap Booking, there’s something to captivate every child’s interest.

These activities not only facilitate cognitive and physical development, but they also foster social skills, offering a well-rounded and enriching experience. So venture out, create memories, and savor the joy of discovery with your children in the vibrant city of Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about kids activities in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Kids Activities in Singapore below:

What are the best kids activities in Singapore?

The best Kids Activities in Singapore are Bubble Bump, Poolball, Neon Laser Tag, Giant Whack A Mole, Tote Bag Art Jamming, Escape Room, and Terrarium Workshop.

What is the best time to visit Singapore for kid-friendly activities?

The best time to visit Singapore for kid-friendly activities is during the months of December to June when the weather is relatively dry. However, many indoor activities can be enjoyed year-round, irrespective of the weather.

Are these kids’ activities suitable for all age groups?

Most of the activities listed have options suitable for a range of ages, but it’s always a good idea to check age restrictions and recommendations before choosing an activity.

Is Singapore safe for children’s activities?

Yes, Singapore is known for its high safety standards, including for children’s activities. However, parents should always supervise their children, especially during physical activities.

Are there any free children’s activities in Singapore?

Yes, there are numerous free activities for kids in Singapore, such as visiting the Botanic Gardens, exploring the Marina Barrage, or enjoying the water play area at Gardens by the Bay.

Are advanced bookings necessary for these kids’ activities in Singapore?

While some activities like visit to museums or zoos do not require advanced booking, others like workshops or special exhibits may require reservations. It’s always best to check the booking requirements in advance.

How can I find more information on kids’ activities in Singapore?

You can find more information online on official websites, travel blogs, and tourism sites. You can also check out local newspapers and magazines for current events and activities.

Are there discounts available for children’s activities in Singapore?

Many establishments offer special discounts for children or family packages. It’s worth checking the official websites or contacting the venues directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

What precautions should I take due to COVID-19 while engaging in these activities?

Follow the current local guidelines for masks, social distancing and sanitization. Check the venue’s COVID-19 policies and procedures, and consider less crowded times for visits.

Are there any indoor activities for children in Singapore during the rainy season?

There are plenty of indoor activities for children in Singapore, such as visiting the Science Centre, exploring the various interactive exhibits at the National Gallery, or having fun in indoor play areas like Pororo Park.

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