Ultimate Guide To Things To Do In Bangkok

Things To Do In Bangkok

All girls know that Bangkok is a shopping heaven. You can even find the exact same piece that Singapore online retailers sell for $30 to $40, at less than half its price in the land of smiles! In fact, I know of friends who make a trip to Bangkok at least once a year just to shop! However, is Bangkok just for shopping? Here are hidden gems in Bangkok that you should make time for, other than your shopping adventures!

1. True Love @ Neverland

With the popularity of animal cafés, different versions of animal cafés such as dog cafés, cat cafés, sheep cafés, and even racoon cafés have become abundant all over the world. However, nothing beats True Love @ Neverland, as their café is lled with HUSKIES. Yes, you heard that right! Their huskies are kept in a spacious enclosure so they have ample space to run around. Your entrance fee of 350 Baht ($13.45) entitles you to a drink and a cake of your choice, as well as an hour of playtime with the dogs! These cute fur kids will make your trip down to the café in the heat so worth it!

2. On The River Café

What other café lets you sit on a netted platform and hang over the ledge above the river? At On The River Café, you can choose to sip on your drinks while sitting on their hammock-like nets and enjoy the breeze and view! Try their drinks such as the lotus-infused On The River iced tea, as well as desserts such as the Honey Toast to satisfy your sweet tooth!

3. Airplane Graveyard

Have you ever wondered what happens to airplanes after they crash? You can now nd your answers in Bangkok! The airplane graveyard that is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city is scattered with a few planes that have been stripped apart. The planes are even home to three Thai families! The families charge a small fee for

visitors to enter and take a look inside the crashed airplanes, which are lled with broken plane parts and debris and serve as a roof over their head. The next time you’re in Bangkok and have no idea what to do, visit this forgotten place for a unique and eye-opening experience!

4. Chao Phraya River and Canals

If you want to live like the locals do, you have to explore the boat trips in Thailand! In the past, locals travelled by boats along the river that connected to a series of canals (khlongs) that run through the city. Some still do even today! It is denitely a different experience from the advanced and ecient public transport in our country. Also, you gotta look out for the traditional houses built on stilts to nd out how the locals truly live like!

5. Dine In The Dark

Designed to raise awareness and funds for the visually-impaired, Dine in the Dark is pretty self-explanatory. You step into the restaurant that is pitch black, leaving your mobile phones and watches outside. Being in total darkness will definitely heighten your other senses and provide you with a unique experience!

6. Flower Market

This wholesale ower market, Pak Khlong, is the biggest wholesale ower market in Bangkok! The market has all kinds of owers, including roses, forget me nots, orchids, lilies and more. You can expect amazingly cheap prices, unlike the owers sold in Singapore that are mostly overpriced. Furthermore, the market is open 24/7 so you don’t have to wake up at dawn just to visit!

Things To Do In Bangkok

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