17 Best Local Food Phuket Spots

Local Food Phuket

When it comes to travelling, the one thing that we look forward to is indulging in good local food. If you’re going to Phuket this holidays, you’re on the right page. We’ll be recommending you some of the best places to dine at. So here are the local restaurants you need to try in Phuket before leaving this beautiful island!

1. Bangmud Seafood Restaurant

The Bangmud Seafood Restaurant takes a similar concept to Malaysia’s kelong where you’ll be dining above water. This oating restaurant requires you to ferry over but don’t fret, it’s pretty easy to get here. You can even observe the staff members catching live seafood which will eventually end up on your plate. The seafood here is as fresh as it can get and perhaps better than the ones from local supermarkets! Don’t miss out on trying their classic Tom Yum dish, fried soft shell crab, prawns, and squid. In addition to its fast service, the Bangmud Seafood Restaurant is Halal too!

2. Nam Yoi

Not too far from Phuket Old Town, Nam Yoi is a restaurant that specialises in whipping up Southern cuisine. This place is popular among the locals and underrated for the kind of delicious food they serve. Not sure what to order? Dive right into their signature dishes such as mushroom spicy rice cake, spicy sour seabass soup, and crab curry with rice noodles. The local avours here would denitely not disappoint and it’s perfect for those who love spice.

3. Mee Ton Poe

If you haven’t already known, Mee Ton Poe serves the best stir-fried Hokkien noodles ever since 1946. The restaurant has been run by the same Phuket family for many generations that you can ensure the authenticity of this recipe. The dish is made up of thick yellow noodles stir-fried with seafood, pork, and vegetables in soya sauce. The

ultimate combination of all time is pairing this dish with a half cooked egg and a glass of iced tea or sweet coconut drink!

4. Lock Tien Food Court

Mention Lock Tien Food Court to the residents of Phuket Town and they’ll be able to direct you here in a ash. Having been around for 50 years, this food court offers an array of local food and some of which are Phuket’s specialities. It had just undergone a renovation and not even was there a change in the food taste. Some of the must-try dishes include fried noodles with pork bone soup, satay, and fresh spring rolls. Feeling a little warm on a hot day? Get their famous Oh Aew dessert. They’re shaved ice topped with red sweet syrup, red beans, and seeds jelly. It may seem like a weird combo but this dessert does its job at cooling you down in the summer heat.

5. The Pad Thai Shop

Swing by The Pad Thai Shop if you’re nearby Karon Beach. This small restaurant would’ve been easy to miss so keep a lookout for a bright yellow signboard that reads its name. You’ll be dining the old school style with bricks and woods all around. The menu comes along with pictures and there are English versions of it so you can order with ease. While at a Pad Thai Shop, of course, Pad Thai is a must order. If you’re not really a Pad Thai person, they make tasty beef noodle soup too. The price of food here is relatively cheap so don’t hesitate to order more!

Local Food Phuket

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