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Ultimate Date Ideas Singapore Guide [2023]

Date Ideas Singapore

If there’s one thing we could always give our partners, it would be the best of everything. But giving the best doesn’t mean always burning a hole in your pocket for dates. You know they always say that the best things in life come free – and sometimes with a little price tag. So here are 10 romantic date ideas that are extremely wallet-friendly:

1. A play date at the largest arcade in Singapore

TimeZone was the OG of all arcades and we could all recall the fond childhood memories of playing them. So why not relive it again? But at the largest and newest arcade in town – Cow Play Cow Moo! They’re keeping it old school with the way you purchase your items. Case in point? Tokens. Simply put it in the amount you would like in exchange of the tokens to play the arcade games. The tokens are also incredibly cheap with each costing only 16 cents. There’s a minimum spending of $20 though – but not to worry as we’ve met our budget! Expect a range of UFO catcher games and classic arcade games that’s enough to fill your night. Try your luck at hitting the jackpot and collecting many tickets for the redemption of prizes.

Address: Suntec City, 8 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038988

Opening hours: 11am – 1am daily

2. Picnic in the park

Dining at a quaint cafe can be pricey on top of their palm-sized servings that won’t fill your bellies. Is it really worth it? Probably once in awhile when you’ve got that extra money to spare. Otherwise, a picnic in Singapore’s famous Botanic Gardens would do good. Here’s your chance at showing your partner you’re an amazing cook by whipping up their favourite dish(es). More dishes, the better. Then you’re on your way to winning their hearts again. Top it all off with gorgeous decorations and blast your own jam.

Address: 1 Cluny Road, Singapore 259569

Opening hours: 5am – 12am daily

3. Tee off with your partner

Golfing is definitely an uncommon date activity as many thought that it’s only for the rich. Champions Golf will prove you wrong with what they have to offer. Their outdoor mini golf course only costs $15 per person! Besides having access all day, they also have plenty of challenging layouts and obstacles that anyone would love. Sounds like a great plan? It’s time for you to swing into each other’s hearts and enjoy a friendly competition.

Address: 60 Fairways Drive, Singapore 286966

Opening hours: 7am – 11pm daily

4. Be a model for the day

Most of you would’ve seen posts after posts of quality pictures on Instagram. They’re Instagram worthy and for sure to get you to hit the like button. If you’d like something similar, be a model for your date for a day (or more like forever). With phone camera qualities being on point, you never really have to invest in a bulky DSLR. This also means that you’re able to roam around freely without having to complain about the weight (of a DSLR) on your shoulders. Take a day to explore the beautiful streets of Singapore – some back alleys or hidden areas – and take a few good shots for the ‘gram.

5. A lit night of cosmic bowling

You’ve already got a great company off the list. What you’re missing is a night of cosmic bowling at Orchid Bowl. Yes, bowling dates can get mundane after awhile. Kick it up a notch by bowling in a glow-in-the-dark setting coupled with party music. It might have exceeded our $20 budget by a bit. But hey, anything for more fun and memories to keep forever!

Address: Safra Yishun, #02-V2, Singapore 769027

Opening hours: 10am – 1am (Mon – Thurs & Sun), 10am – 3am (Fri & Sat)

6. LOL with your significant other

It’s a plus if your significant other can pull on good jokes and make you laugh till the end of time. Alternatively, you both can head over to The Comedy Club for a good laugh. They hold regular series of shows at Blu Jaz Cafe on Wednesdays and Thursdays featuring homegrown and International comedians. At times, they would have Talk Cock Comedy open-mic sessions where budding comedians can put their jokes to test. Simply make your bookings here. Standard tickets start from $10 per person.

Address: 11 Bali Lane, Historic Kampong Glam, Singapore 189848

Opening hours: 9am – 1am (Mon – Thurs), 9am – 2am (Fri & Sat), closed on Sundays

7. Go on a hike at the Henderson Waves

Bring your sweetheart along for a hiking date at the Henderson Waves if you’re ever feeling adventurous. Yes, adventurous. It’s going to involve a lot of sweat, walking, and thighs burning. But that’s not going to matter when you’re surrounded by breathtaking panoramas during the day and catching the sunset in the evening. Be sure to reach the peak of Mount Faber and you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view of Singapore’s coast. The best part? You won’t need to fork out a single cent.

Address: Henderson Road, Singapore 159557

8. Book a boat to St John’s Island

This little red dot is home to more than just the Sentosa island that we frequent for the clean beaches. Ditch Sentosa and book a boat from Marina South Pier to St John’s Island where more privacy and tranquillity awaits. You could join a guided nature walk, feed plenty of stray cats around the island, or even book a holiday bungalow to stay overnight. Not forgetting the Lazarus Island which is home to clear blue waters and lagoons. All you have to do is walk over a little paved bridge from St John’s Island. This is quite a great escape plan with your boo for only $18!

9. Make your own pizza

Pizza is life. Pizza is also love (but bae still comes first). Mess aside, we all love cooking up something especially if it’s with the one we love. So why not make your own pizza? Pop by the nearest grocery store and limit each other to only spending $10 on the pizza ingredients. Make your way back home and get started on making the pizza! Whether you’re an amateur or pro in the kitchen, the pizza is bound to taste delicious because it’s made with so much love.

10. Netflix and chill

When you’re too lazy to head out, nothing can go wrong with a stay-at-home-date. Snuggle up under the covers and watch your favourite shows from Netflix. Don’t forget to bring to your bed – a bag of chips, a bowl of popcorn, and 2 sodas. BAM! Have a splendid time!

Date Ideas Singapore