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15 Best Corporate Events In Singapore [2023]

Crafting a corporate event in Singapore might be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s your first time. Thankfully, with the right tips and techniques, you can ensure that your gathering will succeed!

Corporate events are designed to engage stakeholders, build or strengthen brand recognition and accomplish certain objectives—but they come in many forms such as conferences, workshops, product launches. They are also great for team building in Singapore!

Without further ado, here’s our list of the best Corporate Events in Singapore!

What are Corporate Events in Singapore?

Singapore has become a focal point in Southeast Asia for corporate events, with countless multinationals and SMEs gathering to create unforgettable experiences. Whether it be internal or external – whether employees, clients, partners or potential customers are invited – these events serve an important purpose while nourishing business relationships in the area. Startups too have blossomed here due to its vibrant atmosphere of success and achievement! Therefore, corporate events are a vital part of the business environment in Singapore and offer various avenues for firms to display their offerings, create new relationships and upgrade their name.

Tips on Organising Corporate Events in Singapore

Whether you are looking to host a petite seminar or an expansive conference, the following tips will ensure that your corporate event in Singapore is successful:

  1. Take note of your objectives: Before you plan a corporate event, it’s essential to identify your objectives. Are you introducing a new product? Is the event focused on strengthening relationships with existing clients or partners? By determining these goals upfront, you can ensure that your event achieves its intended outcomes and delivers maximum impact!
  2. Choose your location wisely: When it comes to corporate events, picking the right venue is key. Make sure that your guests can find it easily and that there’s enough space for everyone – plus any audio-visual equipment you may need! By selecting a suitable location, you’ll guarantee an event that everyone will remember fondly.
  3. Proper Budgetting : To ensure that corporate events run smoothly and remain within budget, it is essential to allocate funds for the rental venue, catering services, marketing materials, as well as any other unforeseen costs.
  4. Do not plan last minute: Time is of the utmost importance when hosting a corporate event, so plan early! This allows you to get your venue booked in advance, secure catering services, send out invitations and promotional materials. Planning ahead will ensure that all details are managed with time for review and refinement.
  5. Technological Software : Technology can make organising a corporate event simple and efficient. Event management software is an ideal tool to facilitate registration, communication, and attendee tracking. Additionally, you should leverage social media outlets to spark enthusiasm among attendees while promoting your event.

Best Corporate Events Singapore

1. Laser Tag

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Laser tag is an interactive, high-tech game that combines laser technology and physical combat. Players are equipped with a laser gun and their objective is to eliminate the opposing team by shooting them with the laser beam. Laser tag is a great way for colleagues to bond, build trust and work together as they strive to complete their mission. It is also a lot of fun and can be enjoyed by all ages!

2. Canvas Art Jamming

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Canvas art jamming is an interactive and creative activity where participants get to paint their own canvas in a group setting. During the session, participants are given all the tools needed to create their masterpiece – such as paints, brushes, canvases, and other materials. Canvas art jamming encourages team building in Singapore as everyone works together to complete the final piece. It’s a great way for teams to have fun, express themselves creatively, and build better relationships with one another while destressing at the same time!

3. Escape Room

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Escape rooms are a great way for corporate teams to practice problem-solving, communication, and creative thinking. By solving puzzles, riddles, and clues as a team, participants can learn to think strategically and collaboratively to reach their goal. With escape rooms, corporate teams can also develop their leadership skills as well as their ability to brainstorm quickly and effectively. They also get to practice decision-making in a fun yet challenging environment, which helps them become better at handling issues that arise in the workplace or day-to-day life.

4. Clay Making Workshop

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Clay-making workshops are a great way for corporate teams to practice creative problem-solving, teamwork and communication. By working together to create something unique with clay, participants learn how to express themselves creatively while staying focused and organized. Through this hands-on activity, team members can develop their own skills as well as gain insight into the talents of others in order to come up with solutions more efficiently. Clay-making workshops also help corporate teams develop better relationships between colleagues. Working together on the same project helps foster collaboration, cooperation and communication among members of the team. After participating in a clay-making workshop, team members have deeper connections and have a better understanding of one another’s strengths and weaknesses.

5. Tote Bag Art Jamming

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Team building activities in Singapore such as tote bag art jamming allow corporate teams the opportunity to develop creative problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills. With fabric paint in hand, participants can express their creativity while staying organized and goal-oriented. Through this hands-on activity, team members can hone their personal abilities as well as gain insight into the talents of others so they can work together more productively towards a unified solution. By collaborating on a tote bag art jamming project, corporate teams are able to nurture their relationships with each other. Working side-by-side promotes cooperation, conversation and collaboration that can lead to a closer bond between team members. After the session has ended, participants will have built connections beyond what was there before — they’ll be more acclimated with one another’s strengths and weaknesses too!

6. Poolball

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Poolball is a popular game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s played with sixteen pool balls and a single cue ball on a table with six pockets. The main objective of the game is to use the cue ball to shoot other balls into the pockets. Playing poolball can help teams in a corporate setting to foster better relationships and collaboration between colleagues. Through this interactive game, team members gain a greater understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses which allows them to work together more efficiently towards common goals. After playing poolball, the bond among teammates becomes stronger as they learn how to trust one another while working on projects – ultimately leading not only to improved performance but also an increase in overall efficiency within their organization!

7. Ninja Tag

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Ninja Tag is an incredibly thrilling, state-of-the art team building game that can be played both outdoors and indoors. The activity incorporates physical agility, cunning strategy, problem solving skills and teamwork to encourage collaboration amongst players. As part of the experience participants must navigate their way through a variety of obstacles while attempting to “tag” another player. It’s all about reaching each target before being caught by your opponents! Ninja tag is an exceptional team building game as it requires cooperation and precise communication between players. To outsmart opponents or complete tasks quickly, every member must work together in harmony to develop strategy and achieve success as a unit. By playing this game, teams can form deeper bonds while learning how to handle challenging situations with effective problem-solving skills!

8. Saber Fit

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Saber Fit is a popular exercise program that combines martial arts and fitness. It focuses on developing strength, endurance and balance while also teaching participants how to move with intention and control. The program is made up of three components: sword practice, physical fitness and meditation. Each component has its own specific set of movements designed to challenge the body and mind in new ways. Saber Fit is an ideal activity for corporate teams as it encourages working together to achieve a common goal. The program’s physical and mental components help foster collaboration between employees, as participants must communicate effectively and coordinate their strategies in order to reach the targets. Additionally, Saber Fit helps develop team spirit and trust among team members, as they support each other in order to complete tasks quickly or outsmart their opponents. The program also develops foundational skills such as strength and endurance, which can be beneficial in the workplace. As Savage Fit focuses on technique, precision and reaction time, it can help employees improve their performance in activities related to their job duties, making them more efficient in their work. Finally, these exercises cultivate mindfulness and self-discipline which can greatly benefit professionals both inside and outside of the office.

9. Non-Stitched Leather Workshop

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Non-stitched leather workshops are an excellent way for DIY and hobbyists to learn more about the craft of leatherworking. In these workshops, participants learn how to use various tools and materials to make beautiful items like totes, wallets, and handbags without using any stitches or adhesives. Not only do participants gain knowledge on how to construct non-stitched items but they also develop their skills in design and assembly. Non-stitched leather workshops are an ideal activity for corporate events as they offer a unique and creative opportunity to engage in team building activities. By working together on a common project, participants will be able to build their communication skills through problem solving and collaboration. The workshop also encourages everyone to express their ideas and opinions, which can increase creativity in the workplace. This type of activity is sure to create lasting memories that link the members of the team long after the workshop has ended.

10. Saber Tag

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Sabertag is a team-based activity that combines elements of laser tag and martial arts, making it an ideal choice for corporate events. It allows teams to practice problem solving, communication, and strategic thinking while they compete against each other on the sabertag playing field. Sabertag encourages physical fitness in a controlled environment, with the chance to de-stress by engaging in an exciting game instead of being stuck inside an office or conference room. It is also a great way to build camaraderie among team members as they cooperate and strategize to outwit their opponents. Furthermore, Sabertag provides participants with an unforgettable experience that will leave them with fond memories long after the event has ended.

11. Stitched Leather Workshop

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A stitched leather workshop is a great activity for corporate events as it offers an opportunity to create unique items while team building. During the workshop, participants can collaborate on designing and crafting handmade items like wallets, purses or totes. This type of activity encourages communication, problem solving and creative expression among team members. With their own handmade products as souvenirs, participants will be reminded of their team’s collective effort long after the workshop has ended. Stitched leather workshops are not just fun — they are a valuable way to strengthen bonds between colleagues and promote a healthy work environment.

12. Bubble Soccer

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Bubble soccer is an incredibly fun and exciting activity that can be a great addition to any corporate event. It combines the traditional game of soccer with an inflatable, bubble-like body suit which forces players to bump and barge their opponents while they try to score a goal. This form of competition allows teams to get creative in how they tackle their opponents, while also promoting team spirit and camaraderie. Bubble soccer incorporates physical exercise into the work environment, as well as providing a much needed breath of fresh air from the usual conference room routine. Therefore it serves both as an effective form of team building and morale boosting activity that will leave participants with unforgettable memories.

13. Combat Archery Tag

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Combat archery tag is a great activity for corporate events as it offers an exciting and entertaining way to promote teamwork and foster inter-team collaboration. Participants are split into teams and armed with bows and foam-tipped arrows. Players must then work together to outmaneuver the opposing team in order to score the most points in a given time limit. Combat archery tag combines elements of physical competition, strategy, problem solving, and communication. It encourages players to keep their wits about them as they battle against their opponents while also promoting camaraderie amongst team members.

14. Amazing Race

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Amazing races are a great activity for corporate events as they challenge participants to use creativity and teamwork in order to complete various tasks. Teams must work together in order to complete the race within a certain time limit, while also coming up with strategies to outsmart the other teams. An amazing race is perfect for promoting team spirit and camaraderie amongst colleagues. It encourages players to push themselves out of their comfort zone and think outside the box in order to complete the tasks assigned. Activities such as these provide an excellent opportunity for employees or teams to unwind after a long day of work, while also giving them an opportunity to discover new things about each other and have a bit of fun!

15. Terrarium Workshop

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Terrarium workshops are a great activity for corporate events as they offer participants a unique and relaxing way to connect with their colleagues. The process of creating terrariums is both relaxing and therapeutic, allowing people to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the modern workplace.

Not only does it provide an opportunity for team bonding, but it also offers an educational experience in which participants can learn about plants and invite some green into their workplace! Terrarium workshops promote creativity and allow participants to express themselves in a creative way.

Best Corporate Events in Singapore

In conclusion, there are many great activities available for corporate events in Singapore that can help promote team bonding and collaboration among colleagues. From bubble soccer to terrarium workshops, these activities offer a unique way to relax and have fun outside of the typical office setting. Not only do these activities provide an opportunity for team members to build relationships with each other, but they also challenge participants to use creativity and problem solving skills in order to succeed. With so many exciting activities at their disposal, companies in Singapore can certainly find something that is suitable for their corporate event!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about corporate events in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Corporate Events in Singapore below:

What type of corporate events are available in Singapore?

Singapore offers an array of creative corporate events, from pottery crafting to non-sewn leather designing and terrarium making. For a more artistic experience, why not try canvas art jamming?

Who can attend corporate events in Singapore?

Corporate events and activities are perfect for people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. You don’t need any special knowledge or skills to enjoy the workshops or activities included – just come along ready to have fun!

How much do corporate events cost?

When organizing an event, its costs can depend on the size of your group and nature of the chosen activity. Typically, you’ll pay SGD$50 per person for a 2-3 hour experience – however this may vary depending on what’s included.

What are the benefits of attending corporate events in Singapore?

Corporate events are both educational and incredibly therapeutic – they provide participants with the opportunity to acquire knowledge, develop new skills and create lasting memories while connecting with their peers. Not only that, everyone can take a break from their daily routines in order to reconnect with nature or craft exquisite items together.

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