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15 Best Art Jamming Singapore Studios [2023]

Art Jamming Singapore

Best Art Jamming Singapore
Best Art Jamming Singapore

As Pablo Picasso once said: “Everything you can imagine is real”.

Art allows us to bring our imagination to life and has been known to induce positive feelings and aid with stress relief. It provides a platform for us to express our creativity and can be used as an alternative form of communication.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that there is a rise in popularity for Art Jamming. Team building, bachelorette parties, or a relaxing individual session, there is always an occasion for Art Jamming. If you are looking to host a birthday party, here’s also a list of Top 15 Birthday Party Venues in Singapore for you to consider.

It is a common misconception that Art Jamming is a high-cost activity, however, it is actually more affordable than one may think. If budget is an issue, fret not, as we have consolidated a list of 15 art jamming studios with prices starting from only $19/pax!

1. FunEmpire

FunEmpire - Art Jamming Singapore
FunEmpire – Art Jamming Singapore
AddressThe Fun Empire HQ, 5B Guillemard Road, Wing Fong Building Level 3, Singapore 399685
Hyperspace@Lavender, 91A Lavender Street Singapore 338719
Phone+65 6016 7147

The Fun Empire offers Art Jamming workshops tailored for any occasion. With affordable prices starting from only $19/pax, you can enjoy art jamming without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket. Apart from canvas painting, The Fun Empire offers tote bag art jamming as well, a functional and fashionable alternative!

Looking for something more unique? The Fun Empire is the only provider in Singapore that provides Neon Art Jamming! Set in a room with customised lighting, watch your art piece illuminate and come to life! Fun Fact: wear white or neon coloured clothing for an Insta-worthy photo opportunity. This comes to show that the benefits of Art Jamming are not only derived from the end product, but also from the overall experience of the session. There’s a reason why it’s called “Art Therapy”.

For more information on the workshop and pricing:

2. Artsy Bugsy

Artsy Bugsy - Art Jamming Singapore
Artsy Bugsy – Art Jamming Singapore
Address47 Jalan Pemimpin, #02-08 Halcyon 2, Singapore 577200
Phone+65 90107663

Apart from boosting a child’s creativity, did you know that art has also been known to aid in a child’s social and emotional development, and motor skills?

Artsy Bugsy provides art classes for kids between ages 3-12 years old. Their classes are split into 4 different age groups to ensure that the learning materials are catered appropriately. They are currently offering trial classes at an affordable price of $55 for 2 sessions. Artsy Bugsy also offers parent & child craft workshops, for a fun family bonding experience through the love of art!

3. The Drawing Mint

The Drawing Mint - Art Jamming Singapore
The Drawing Mint – Art Jamming Singapore
Address6 Mohamed Sultan Road #02-01, Singapore 238956
Phone+65 6235 3268
9745 1575
8127 3317

The Drawing Mint is another art studio in Singapore. Although they offer art classes for adults, the prime focus of The Drawing Mint lies in drawing and painting workshops for Children aged 4 years and above. Their one-on-one classes allow personalised guidance for each child, to nurture their individual potential and hone their distinctive creativity! The Drawing Mint is offering a 90min trial session for kids aged 4-8 years old at only $30.

4. Silk Studios

Silk Studios - Art Jamming Singapore
Silk Studios – Art Jamming Singapore
AddressGoodman Arts Centre
Phone+65 96748644

The Paper Marbling technique “Ebru”, also known as “Cloud Art” was originated in Turkey; it makes use of a stick to mix water and pigment to create designs on papers and fabrics. Learn and experience more about this ancient art form in Silk Studios’ Paper Marbling workshops!

5. Splat Paint House

Splat Paint House - Art Jamming Singapore
Splat Paint House – Art Jamming Singapore
Address207A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574346
Phone+65 8930 0947

Ditch the paintbrushes, why not pick up a water gun instead? Splat Paint House provides an alternative way to paint your canvas with prices starting from $34/pax.

The canvases are hung up on the studio walls. Syringes, squirt bottles, and water guns are then used to splatter and splash the paint to create your art piece. A new way to de-stress while you splatter all your worries away! No worries about staining your clothes as coveralls are provided.

6. Visual Arts Centre

Visual Arts Centre - Art Jamming Singapore
Visual Arts Centre – Art Jamming Singapore
Address10 Penang Road, #01-02 Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 238469
Phone+65 6255 0711
6733 2155

Visual Arts Centre conducts Chinese ink painting classes for kids between 6 to 11 years old, priced at $480 for 12 sessions. Ink, water, and a brush are the 3 primary materials required to create a Chinese ink painting. Through this workshop, the children will learn brush stroke techniques for calligraphy and ink painting. More importantly, this class aims to inspire the younger generation in understanding and appreciating this traditional Chinese art form with a rich history of over 2000 years, preserving the culture for future generations to come!

7. The Rain in Spain Singapore

The Rain in Spain Singapore - Art Jamming Singapore
The Rain in Spain Singapore – Art Jamming Singapore
Phone+65 9622 9931

Here’s a great gift idea for plant lovers: a personally painted plant pot! The Rain in Spain conducts succulent pot painting workshops. Not to worry if you have no prior experience, as the workshop starts with demonstration of pot painting techniques. Thereafter, participants get to unleash their individual creativity for the rest of the session.

The Rain in Spain also provides a finishing touch at the end of the workshop: a real succulent for every participant to fill in his or her pot! This completes the perfect décor for any home or office.

8. Kamal Arts Ltd

Kamal Arts Ltd - Art Jamming Singapore
Kamal Arts Ltd – Art Jamming Singapore
Address1 Engku Aman, Geylang Serai, #04-05/06 Turn, Wisma, 408528
Phone+65 6344 3369

Batik Painting, also known as “wax written” is a wax-resist dyeing technique to create a design on cloth. It is known to be a widely practiced art form in Java, Indonesia.

Kamal Arts Ltd conducts batik painting classes for adults, and has pre-school excursions for kids as well. Immerse yourself in the traditional culture of batik painting and get creative during the hands-on experience!

9. Room to Imagine

Room to Imagine - Art Jamming Singapore
Room to Imagine – Art Jamming Singapore
Address395 Jalan Besar, #04-01, Singapore 209006

Pour Painting has only recently gained widespread popularity, however, this art form was accidentally discovered by David Alfaro Siqueiros since the 1930’s. Acrylic paint is mixed with resin (a pouring medium), which provides a gloss-like finish. The resin also enhances the paint, resulting in more vivid colours.

Room to Imagine conducts Resin Art Platter Workshops at $80/pax. Several pour painting techniques will be taught during the workshop, participants will then get to create their own pour painting on the given platter. The resulting product is a unique and beautiful piece of décor. You can also choose to use the platter for a more practical reason, such as for dessert plating.

Room to Imagine utilises non-toxic materials and conducts their workshops in a partially open-space area to ensure the safety of all participants.

10. Fantasium Group

Fantasium Group - Art Jamming Singapore
Fantasium Group – Art Jamming Singapore
Address308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park Level 2, Singapore 247974
Phone+65 9485 9098

In a world that is becoming more digitalised, Fantasium Group is keeping up with the rising trend! Virtual Reality (VR) Art is something that cannot be found just anywhere. Priced at $98 per workshop, you get to wear VR goggles that will transport you into the virtual world; the space surrounding you will be your canvas! Specialised VR equipment is then used as alternative brushes to create a virtual painting. This workshop will surely leave you astonished!

11. Soul Deelight Design Studio

Soul Deelight Design Studio - Art Jamming Singapore
Soul Deelight Design Studio – Art Jamming Singapore
Address19B Hillview Avenue #05-04, Singapore 669555
Phone+65 9102 5012

Everyone appreciates handmade gifts; it is something that money cannot buy. What better way to express your sincerity than a customised card for your intended recipient? Soul Deelight Design Studio provides modern and brush calligraphy workshops starting from $130 per pax. Invest in a useful skill that you can use in the future, your loved ones will definitely be moved by your sweet gesture!

12. Big Blue Trunk

Big Blue Trunk - Art Jamming Singapore
Big Blue Trunk – Art Jamming Singapore
AddressBig Blue Trunk, 02 – 27 Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259760
Phone+65 92477107

Add a fun and unique touch to your child’s playroom with the Paint a Children’s Stool workshop at Big Blue Trunk. From this workshop, you will get to revamp a plain stool with vibrant colours using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and Wax. This workshop is also child-friendly, so you can have a fun bonding time with your little one. The Paint a Children’s Stool workshop costs $150, inclusive of light refreshments and snacks.

13. My Art Space

My Art Space - Art Jamming Singapore
My Art Space – Art Jamming Singapore
AddressIstana Park, 31 Orchard Road, Singapore 238888
Phone+65 9012 9717

There are no restrictions to where art can be created! Make the great outdoors your art studio and get inspired by nature and heritage with the Outdoor Art Adventure from My Art Space; local and overseas packages are available. They have held this workshop in Italy and Taiwan, and currently have open sign-ups for East Bali and Johor. If you love both art and travelling, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

14. The Arts Market

The Arts Market - Art Jamming Singapore
The Arts Market – Art Jamming Singapore
AddressFamily Central @ Tampines, The Arts Market, Blk 316 Tampines Street 33 #01-186, Singapore 520316
Phone+65 6588 7838
6588 7837

There goes a saying “Age is just a number”. Nobody is ever too old for art and creativity! The Arts Market is an initiative launched by Family Central, which aims to enhance senior citizen’s lives. They provide art-related courses such as charcoal drawing, acrylic painting, Chinese ink painting, modern calligraphy, and many more for seniors 50 years old and above. Through these workshops, seniors can continue to learn new skills and keep their mind active.

15. Boulevart

Boulevart - Art Jamming Singapore
Boulevart – Art Jamming Singapore
AddressPunggol: 02-12, Oasis Terraces, Singapore 820681
Bugis: 02-227, 269 Queen Street Singapore 180269
Phone+65 8779 6362 (WhatsApp)

Boulevart adds a modern twist to watercolour painting, which have been originated since the Stone Ages. This art studio provides watercolour painting workshops based on specific themes such as pets, succulents, florals, and food. Watercolour paintings usually leave a soft, translucent-looking finish, as the paint tends to dry paler than the original colour. If you are looking towards creating a more dainty work of art, the watercolour painting art jamming workshop would be ideal for you!

Art Jamming Singapore

We hope this article has provided you with more insight on the different unique art jamming workshops available in Singapore! Looking to host a creative workshop for team building in particular? Here is the Complete Guide To Creative Workshops For Corporate Team Building In Singapore!

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