15 Best Home Bakers Singapore

Home Bakers Singapore

With the rise in online bakers, getting a cake that is both gorgeous and tasty has never been easier. You don’t even have to visit physical bakeries or cafés to get your dream cake anymore. Simply open your Instagram app, and you’re loaded with plenty of options! Therefore, we have compiled a list of local Instagram home bakers that will glam up your feed and satisfy your sweet tooth with their bakes!

1. Mad Over Mac

Valerie at Mad Over Mac specialises in macarons, instead of your usual cakes. Her macarons are designed according to the theme you like, with creations including cartoons, Pokémon, and even festival themed macarons! This Christmas, head over to Mad Over Mac to order some cute macarons as a unique gift to your friends! Click here to check out Mad Over Mac’s Instagram page.

2. Susanne.decochiffon

If you’ve never seen Susanne Ng’s cakes, don’t be surprised by the striking resemblance between her cakes and soft toys! Susanne Ng and her bakes went viral after New York-based lifestyle portal Mashable featured her unusual chiffon cakes earlier this year. Her chiffon cakes incorporate designs inspired by cute characters, with the end results resembling soft toys due to the soft and bouncy nature of chiffon cakes! Go over to her Instagram page to squeal over her bakes that are almost too adorable to eat.

3. Zeeandelle

Started by a couple, Zee and Elle like the name suggests, this Instagram bakery specialises in botanical-inspired cakes. Their bakes often incorporate owers, leaves, and natural ingredients such as fruits, but with an elegant touch. If you love owers and nature in general, you should definitely order from them for a special occasion in the future! Check out their visually pleasing Instagram page here.

4. Flour

Flour specialises in styling and desserts for weddings. Run by husband and wife Larry and Jophia, Flour’s bakes are unique in both appearance and avour. Think avours like salted egg chocolate – unheard of, isn’t it? You know who to count on for your big day! Check out their Instagram page here.

5. Honeyydrizzle

Better known as Honeyydrizzle on Instagram, Grace’s bakes range from photogenic cakes and tarts, to cupcakes and macarons, and even ice cream! Although she does not incorporate popular characters in her bakes, Grace’s products are diverse and showcase her talent in baking different kinds of sweet treats! Take a look at her Instagram page for more intriguing creations.

6. The Baking Hermit

Although her Instagram page dedicated to her bakes might give you the impression that she is a professional baker, Siow-Ling Kong behind The Baking Hermit is nothing of the sort. Instead, she is an Industrial Engineering Manager who only bakes as a hobby! She uses innovative recipes to make different products, such as a cheesecake with a surprising dollop of hazelnut praline paste within.

Home Bakers Singapore

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