12 Best Gazebos in Singapore

Gazebo Singapore

Best Gazebo Singapore
Best Gazebo Singapore

In Singapore, are you looking for the ideal gazebo to host your event? Any occasion, including weddings, birthday parties, and business gatherings, can benefit from having the right gazebo. We will be looking at the Best Gazebos in Singapore to help you select the ideal place for your event.

Before that, though, here are some things to think about when selecting gazebos in Singapore.

Consideration factors when choosing Gazebo Singapore

  • Size: There is a vast range of size options for gazebos. Based on the number of people you expect, you should select a gazebo that can accommodate your needs.
  • Location: What location do you want for your gazebo? You could decide on an outside gazebo that’s situated in a garden or close to a beach.
  • Purpose: Only a few examples of the purposes for gazebos include wedding ceremonies and corporate gatherings. The mood you want to create should guide your choice of gazebo.
  • Price: Prices for gazebos range widely, from budget-friendly to luxurious. After considering your budget, pick a gazebo that best fits your financial position.

Knowing what to look for now, here are the Best Gazebos in Singapore!

1. Decorial

Decorial - Gazebo Singapore
Decorial â€“ Gazebo Singapore (Credit: Decorial)
Key ServicesSupply & Installation for Motorised Retractable Awnings, Tension Veranda/Pergola, Outdoor Sunscreen, Zip Screen/Blinds, Modular Gazebos, Operable Louvres, Fixed Canopies, Waterproof Flame-resistant Fabric, Tensile Membrane Structures Linkway Shelter, Polycarbonate Roofing & more
AddressBlk 1077 Eunos Avenue 6, #01-150, Singapore 409633
Phone+65 6742 4221
Operating Hours9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday

Decorial imports European shade techniques to expand the amount of outdoor living space that may be utilised while still providing protection from rain, sunlight, and heat. Decorial features an internal QP filing service and official approval, making it a reliable company you can rely on. Additionally, their assortment of modular gazebos is made of durable galvanized steel frameworks with built-in gutters to prevent rainwater from damaging the gazebo itself.

Key Differentiators:

  • Compliance with technical specifications and global standards
  • Their company can produce custom modules that precisely fit a customer’s needs in addition to producing standard modular sizes.
  • The company does technological research to provide goods at affordable prices that are of great quality.

Client Testimonial

“Friendly and helpful sales team. Really good service during our first business encounter with them.”

Yew Hin Chan

2. Nex Global Enterprises

Nex Global Enterprises - Gazebo Singapore
Nex Global Enterprises â€“ Gazebo Singapore (Credit: Nex Global Enterprises)
Key ServicesGazebo/tentage
Address24 Pioneer Crescent, West Park BizCentral #02-09, Singapore 628557
Phone+(65) 6254 4709
Operating Hours9am-5:30pm Monday to Saturday

Nex Global Enterprises is a well-known supplier of gazebo tents in Singapore and has a plethora of experience in the industry. They offer durable, high-quality products at fair pricing. They have constructed their folding tentages to be weather resistant without compromising flexibility or strength. You can use their tentages for every occasion because they come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of every industry.

Key Differentiators:

  • Their gazebo tents are incredibly durable and resistant to the elements.
  • The best option for even small private events
  • Built to be highly portable and convenient

3. Tentage Rental Singapore

Tentage Rental Singapore - Gazebo Singapore
Tentage Rental Singapore â€“ Gazebo Singapore (Credit: Tentage Rental Singapore)
Key ServicesGazebo/tentage
Address54 Maude Road Townshend Building #02-04, Singapore 208346
Operating Hours9:30am-5:30pm Monday to Saturday, 9am-5pm Sunday

Tentage Rental Singapore has more than 10 years of experience and has enjoyed working with both big and small businesses as well as the government sectors. Not to mention, they use construction techniques that follow BCA (Building and Construction Authority) procedure. Therefore, there is no need to explore any farther if you’re looking for a tent rental company that will ensure the success of your event!

Key Differentiators:

  • Quick quotations
  • Years of experience
  • Suitable for small, medium, or large events

Client Testimonial:

“Excellent service from tentage rental, the air coolers were in good condition as stated, really appreciate your prompt service as I know it’s quite an urgent request from my side.”

Yao Da Koh

4. New Excellence Canvas

New Excellence Canvas - Gazebo Singapore
New Excellence Canvas â€“ Gazebo Singapore (Credit: New Excellence Canvas)
Key ServicesGazebo/tentage rental, beach umbrella, canvas, cold room curtain, protection products, etc
Address33 Defu Lane 9, Singapore
Phone+(65) 6254 4709
Operating Hours9am-5:30pm Monday to Saturday

A seasoned and dependable supplier, New Excellence Canvas offers items made of canvas that are of the highest caliber. Their line of products includes cotton, polyester, vinylon, PVC nylon, Sunbrellas, and PE in addition to fire-resistant tarpaulins. They additionally sell plastic tubing, beach umbrellas, foldable tents, and basic goods in addition to these items.

Key Differentiators:

  • Also provides customised designed products
  • Over 26 years of experience

5. Dekko Tentage

Dekko Tentage - Gazebo Singapore
Dekko Tentage – Gazebo Singapore (Credit: Dekko Tentage)
Key ServicesGazebo/tentage rental
Address56 Woodlands Industrial Pk E7, Singapore 757827
Phone(65) 6280 4590
(65) 9380 0568
Operating Hours8:30am-5:30pm Monday to Saturday

Dekko Tentage, a Singapore-based company, specializing in renting out air-conditioned stages and tents. They can meet all of your event’s needs because they also hire out chairs and tables. Dekko Tentage provides top-notch products and services.

Key Differentiators:

  • There are numerous kinds of tents and equipment available.
  • Experience in the tent industry for more than 15 years
  • Price and Quality Are Guaranteed

6. CN Canvas & Hardware

CN Canvas & Hardware - Gazebo Singapore
CN Canvas & Hardware – Gazebo Singapore (Credit: CN Canvas & Hardware)
Key ServicesGazebo/tentage rental, custome canvas covers
Address2 Defu Lane 4, #01-01, Singapore 539407
Phone+65 6294 2775
Operating Hours8:30am-6pm Monday to Saturday

Singapore’s canvas sector has been led by CN Canvas & Hardware, formerly Chinam & Company, since 1969. They provide customization services to satisfy the unique needs of different clientele, including corporations and homeowners. They produce heavy strength canvas covers for equipment, vehicles, and watercraft to extend their longevity.

Key Differentiators:

  • customization services available
  • Excellent service
  • Great deals

Client Testimonial:

“I would to thank Wilson for his prompt respond and efficiency in their production . Despite of our small scale Wilson still attend to us . I would give 5 stars to Wilson for his responsiveness.”


7. Seng Heng Tentage Rentals

Seng Heng Tentage Rentals - Gazebo Singapore
Seng Heng Tentage Rentals â€“ Gazebo Singapore (Credit: Seng Heng Tentage Rentals)
Key ServicesGazebo/tentage rental
Address15 Senoko S Rd, Singapore 758076
Phone+65 6758 9119
Operating Hours9:30am-6pm Monday to Friday, 9:30am-12pm Saturday and Sunday

Seng Heng is dedicated to making sure that your event is speedy and hassle-free for you. They handle everything, ensuring a smooth process and enjoyable results each and every time, from pre-event setup and planning to post-event teardown. With their wide variety, you can find everything you need for your logistical needs in one place, including tents, seating gallery items, staging platforms, tables and chairs, power generators, crowd control tools, and much more!

Key Differentiators:

  • Comprehensive quality control
  • Reliability and promptness
  • Team with experience

Client Testimonial:

“Kudos to the set up team who marvellously transformed the hall within the event’s tight schedule. Great working with the project manager. He is professional and understanding. Highly recommended!”

Lim Jun Xiang

8. Boulevard Outdoor Inspirations

Boulevard Outdoor Inspirations - Gazebo Singapore
Boulevard Outdoor Inspirations â€“ Gazebo Singapore (Credit: Boulevard Outdoor Inspirations)
Key ServicesGazebo/tentage, outdoor furniture
Address43 Keppel Road #W1-01, Singapore 099418
Phone+65 6781 3211
Operating Hours10am-8pm daily

Boulevard is dedicated to giving you the best outdoor furniture. Their furniture has a strong focus on comfort and quality, making it perfect for any setting. They sell a wide range of products, such as vibrant parasols, gazebos, and cabanas! Stop letting the sun get you down because Boulevard has you covered!

Key Differentiators:

  • Excellent handcrafted outdoor furniture
  • Cost that is reasonable
  • Singapore’s biggest chain of concept stores for outdoor furnishings

Client Testimonial:

“It’s very spacious so there’s a wide selection of different types and styles of outdoor furniture for a broad range of uses and functions. Really good quality and value as well. The fabric material for their outdoor furniture is weather and rain resistant so it’s well suited for Singapore weather. And the styles of their pieces are very refined, sleek, and timeless.”

Jian C

9. Absolut Outdoors

Absolut Outdoors - Gazebo Singapore
Absolut Outdoors â€“ Gazebo Singapore (Credit: Absolut Outdoors)
Key ServicesGazebo/tentage, outdoor renovation
Address81 Ubi Ave 4, #05-19 UB.One, Singapore 408830
Phone+65 67498087
Operating Hours11am-6pm Monday to Friday, 11am-3pm Saturday

Absolut Outdoors is cognizant of how difficult it may be to keep up with your outdoor spaces when you live in Singapore’s hot and muggy climate. They are here to assist you with making your driveway, garden, balcony, roof terrace, and any other outdoor space that is exposed to the sun or the rain lovely and pleasant.

Key Differentiators:

  • Individualized client-specific solutions
  • Offers premium materials that can withstand the UV deterioration caused by Singapore’s hot and humid weather.
  • A range of services are offered for redesigning outdoor services.

Client Testimonial:

“I have engaged Absolut Outdoors to design a wall display and green turf for my balcony, and met up with Wu Hiong to explore the different options. Wu Hiong was professional, patient and attentive, taking time to walk me through the various options for turf and wall display and carefully explain how each option affects the look and feel. The final wall display came with the right amount of color, variety and texture and met my expectations perfectly. I was around for the installation and it was really a lot of work that they put in to make things perfect. Together with the turf, both installations have transformed my balcony from a dusty exterior space to be a clean, soothing and usable extension of my living space. My balcony is now one of my favorite spots in home for work, meals or just to chill out. Great work!”

Gerald Yong

10. MyCanvas Connection

MyCanvas Connection - Gazebo Singapore
MyCanvas Connection â€“ Gazebo Singapore (Credit: MyCanvas Connection)
Key ServicesGazebo/tentage, canvas, awning, etc
Address22, #06-76 Sin Ming Ln, Midview City, Singapore 573969
Phone+65 9773 3121
Operating Hours9am-5:30pm Monday to Saturday

MyCanvas Singapore is proud to be acknowledged as one of the best suppliers of canvas, tentage, and several other protective items. MyCanvas offers services and solutions that may be customized to match your needs, whether they are for various events or sectors with different time constraints.

Key Differentiators:

  • Affordable prices for high-quality goods
  • A variety of product options to satisfy different consumer needs
  • Experience in years

11. Ker Seng Heng

Ker Seng Heng - Gazebo Singapore
Ker Seng Heng â€“ Gazebo Singapore (Credit: Ker Seng Heng)
Key ServicesGazebo/tentage, canvas
Address23 Kaki Bukit Rd 4, #01-10 Synergy @ KB, Singapore 417801
Phone+65 62988007
+65 88750787 (WhatsApp)
Operating Hours9am-5pm Monday to Friday, 9am-2pm Saturday

A gazebo made of premium materials is offered by Ker Seng Heng. The selection of materials ensures the end-users’ safety during installation. Convenience is raised to a whole new level because the tents are easy to set up and use whenever they are needed.

Key Differentiators:

  • Different materials are easily accessible.
  • Produces a range of canvas goods, such as canvas tents, gazebos, motorized retractable awnings, and umbrellas.
  • Modern expertise and technology

Client Testimonial:

“They have providing us the best quality gazebo and other custom canvas for us. Always responded to our needs immediately. Thank you.”

izat rohaizat

12. EvoSportz

EvoSportz - Gazebo Singapore
EvoSportz â€“ Gazebo Singapore (Credit: EvoSportz)
Key ServicesGazebo/tentage, fitness, outdoor and other sports equipment, bicycle accessories
Address1014 Geylang East Ave 3, #01-180, Singapore 389729
Phone+65 6612 5219
+65 8600 9101 (WhatsApp)
Operating Hours12pm-5pm Monday to Saturday, Closed every Wednesday and Sunday

In 2016, EvoSportz started selling bicycle equipment online. They expanded their assortment as they got bigger, including outdoor and other recreational goods. Due to their rapid expansion, they are continually bringing in new brands and products each month. You may be certain to find what you need there since they have more than a hundred items in store.

Key Differentiators:

  • Perfect for your upcoming BBQ or picnic is a foldable gazebo tent.
  • A variety of products
  • Very affordable gazebo tents

Client Testimonial:

“Great customer service and honest people here. They carry good products at reasonable price. Will be back again.”


Gazebo Singapore

Companies that make gazebos provide a range of products for events and gatherings held outside. The businesses on the list are all well-known in their industry, offer quick quotations, and offer reliable services. If you’re looking for a Gazebo Singapore for your future event, any one of these service providers would be a fantastic choice.

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