15 Best Family Board Games Singapore To Try

Family Board Games Singapore

Best Family Board Games Singapore

Discovering the perfect board game can turn a typical family evening into an exceptional journey filled with strategy, skill, and laughter.

The best family board games in Singapore include monopoly, Jenga, scrabble, pandemic, and chess.

When choosing a family board game to play in Singapore, consider factors such as age range, number of players, and level of challenge.

Board games are experiencing a resurgence in Singapore, emerging as a cherished pastime for families and friends seeking interactive enjoyment.

Explore the best family games in Singapore to elevate your game night experience, ideal for locals and visitors seeking to enhance family get-togethers!

Quick Summary

  • Best family board games in Singapore include monopoly, Jenga, scrabble, pandemic, and chess.
  • When selecting a family board game to enjoy in Singapore, take into account aspects like age group, player count, and level of difficulty.
  • Board games are experiencing a revival in Singapore, emerging as a beloved activity for families and friends looking for engaging entertainment.

Our Selection Criteria

We based our selection of the top family board games on the following key criteria:

  • Entertainment Value: Our focus was on games that provide abundant fun and laughter, creating unforgettable moments for every family member.
  • Accessibility: We favored games that are easy to grasp and start playing immediately, acknowledging the preference for straightforward rules.
  • Longevity: Our picks are games that maintain interest and excitement through multiple plays, offering a mix of variety and challenge each time.
  • Player Participation: We sought games that keep all participants actively engaged throughout, reducing idle moments.
  • Suitability Across Ages: Our choices are games that appeal to a wide age range and are enjoyable for both younger and older players, ensuring broad accessibility.

Best Family Board Games Singapore

1. Connect 4

Connect 4
Connect 4

Connect 4 requires a blend of critical thinking skills and quick reflexes.

Players strategically place colored discs in a vertical grid in the game, aiming to be the first to form a sequence of four discs in a row.

Although seemingly simple, every round brings forth distinct challenges, offering a delightful and engaging experience for all participants.

2. Battleship


Battleship is a captivating game focused on strategic gameplay, tailored for two players. The main goal of the game is to skillfully sink the opponent’s fleet of ships.

Prior to the game starting, every player strategically and discreetly positions their ships on their designated grid side, employing both horizontal and vertical placements to confuse their adversary.

During gameplay, players take turns trying to locate the positions of their opponent’s ships. It’s worth mentioning that ships could be moved around in frustration as the game progresses.

3. Risk

(Credit: Toys”R”Us)
(Credit: Toys”R”Us)

Embark on a thrilling adventure as you immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of Risk!

Designed for players aged 10 and above, this game is centered on the quest for global dominance, demanding strategic wit to outplay adversaries – even if they happen to be your own family members.

Embark on conquests and pursue your secret ambitions. Expect intense competition, so prepare to challenge your abilities!

For parents with younger children, exploring the captivating world of Risk Junior is a wonderful introduction that gently immerses players into the main game.

4. KerPlunk

(Credit: Recovery in the Bin)
(Credit: Recovery in the Bin)

KerPlunk, renowned for its iconic plastic design, has maintained its popularity since the 1960s, offering enduring family entertainment up to the present day.

The game consists of a tube, an assortment of plastic sticks, and multiple marbles.

Participants strategically remove sticks one by one to prevent marbles from dropping through the straws into their allocated tray.

The ultimate winner is the player who retains the fewest marbles when the game concludes.

5. Monopoly


The roots of this timeless family board game date back to 1903 when American anti-monopolist Lizzie Magie invented a game to illustrate the single tax theory.

Initially known as The Landlord’s Game, it underwent changes and evolved into the iconic board game we now recognize as Monopoly by 1932.

This game isn’t just about lasting for hours, even stretching into days; it also excels at creating a captivating level of tension throughout gameplay.

Be ready for potential emotional responses, such as tears and frustration, if the game doesn’t go as you expect. This is particularly important for your reactions, not just the children’s.

6. Scrabble


Scrabble, a genuine measure of one’s vocabulary prowess, maintains its esteemed position as a timeless board game beloved by individuals globally.

Geared towards players aged 8 and older, this game offers an engaging challenge that prompts participants to strategically form words on the board.

Each letter’s value is influenced by its rarity and position on unique squares that multiply scores, introducing a strategic dimension to the game.

Strategically using these letters can lead to achieving remarkably high scores, especially for those skilled at capitalizing on the ‘triple word score’ squares.

Apart from its competitive aspect, Scrabble serves as an educational tool, providing an enjoyable and interactive method to enhance vocabulary and spelling skills.

7. Pandemic

(Credit: Amazon)
(Credit: Amazon)

Having conquered recent challenges, it’s time to explore a captivating cooperative board game crafted for six players.

Unite to combat and eradicate four common diseases through joint research and efforts in developing cures.

Although the concept may seem simple initially, it is crucial not to overlook its intricacies.

These illnesses, mirroring real-life situations, pose the threat of sparking extensive outbreaks in urban settings.

Considering the current global situation, this game might not be the best option. Some players have even gone to the extent of including real virus names in the game, which could cause discomfort.

8. Jenga


The classic game of Jenga offers endless entertainment and a flicker of suspense, even in the expected tumble, making it a delight for children of every age.

The goal involves removing bricks from the tower, stacking them on top, and predicting when your opponents will accidentally make the tower fall by taking away one brick too many.

9. Guess Who?

(Credit: Dicebreaker)
(Credit: Dicebreaker)

A game that began over 40 years ago as a basic two-player challenge has received a modern makeover, now featuring character illustrations tailored for the 21st century.

The first release featured only five female characters out of the 24 available, all sharing a lack of diversity.

In contrast, the latest version now showcases a diverse cast of 11 female characters and 14 characters from various ethnic backgrounds.

Children delight in flipping through the character cards, engaging in imaginative exchanges as they try to guess each other’s mystery character.

10. Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders
Snakes and Ladders

This classic game is adored by all!

Having origins traced back to ancient India, this activity provides entertainment for a group consisting of two or more players.

Rolling the dice determines the number of steps to move forward.

Climbing ladders and dodging snakes bring thrill – strive for the top to win! Age is just a number in this timeless board game classic.

11. Settlers of Catan

(Credit: Ars Technica)
(Credit: Ars Technica)

A tabletop game renowned for challenging friendships and shaking up relationships, yet it never fails to enchant us over and over!

While it may seem centered on resources, the game of Catan is anything but friendly.

Securing triumph in this game requires more than mere luck and strategy; it calls for outstanding negotiation skills, rigorous practice, and for some, an unyielding resolve.

12. Pictionary

(Credit: Board Game Halv)
(Credit: Board Game Halv)

Pictionary is a cherished game that brings joy to everyone, making it a perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy – yes, even the grandparents can get in on the fun!

Each player has one minute to display their artistic prowess, channeling their inner Picasso to depict the card for their team to guess.

Enhancing the thrill are the imaginative and frequently entertaining guesses shared during the game!

13. Chess


Widely lauded as the epitome of strategic gameplay, chess boasts a rich history that spans across the ages.

Engaging in this timeless pursuit entails two players placed on opposing sides of a checkered board, each commanding sixteen pieces distinguished by their distinct shapes and movement abilities.

The main goal is to seize the opponent’s king while safeguarding one’s own monarch.

This intellectual endeavor demands steadfast focus, strategic acumen, and a deep comprehension of the myriad moves and repercussions associated with each piece.

Although chess may seem complex at first, it presents a gratifying challenge that is suitable for individuals of all ages.

14. Blokus

(Credit: Toys”R”Us)
(Credit: Toys”R”Us)

Blokus is a beloved choice for families, providing an interactive and captivating gaming experience.

This strategic board game, designed for two to four players, has earned prestigious awards like the Mensa Select Award and the 2004 Teacher’s Choice Award.

Despite initial assumptions, Blokus is far from dull. It immerses players in a strategic battle where they cleverly position their pieces on the board, navigating obstacles and spatial constraints with skill.

It offers an engaging and demanding task that effectively boosts cognitive functions.

15. Chinese checkers

Chinese checkers
Chinese checkers

Players select a color in Chinese checkers, aiming to skillfully move all their pieces to the opposite side of the board.

At each turn, you can choose to move one step or perform a leap over another game piece.

Although the game is centered on strategic thinking, utilizing sheer force can occasionally prove to be a successful tactic.

Ensuring fair play is essential to deter cheating during the game.

Family Board Games Singapore

Delving into the realm of board games unveils a wealth of experiences that entertain and foster connections among individuals, transcending age and interests.

Whether you’re rediscovering these timeless classics or experiencing them anew, the happiness and camaraderie they bring ensure that every game night is truly unforgettable.

Board games, with their fascinating histories and inclusive designs, have an enduring appeal that captivates and entertains, establishing themselves as a beloved pastime enjoyed by many worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about family board games in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Family Board Games in Singapore below:

What are the best family board games in Singapore?

The best family board games in Singapore include monopoly, Jenga, scrabble, pandemic, Monopoly Deal Card Game, The Singaporean Dream, and chess.

What are some favorite board games for family game night in Singapore?

Favorites include classic games like Monopoly Singapore Edition and modern board games such as Codenames and Avalon. These offer a mix of strategy and fun suitable for family gatherings.

Can traditional board games still compete with video game for younger kids’ attention?

Absolutely! Traditional board games like Connect 4 and Scrabble have evolved with engaging editions that capture the fun and imagination of young kids, making them big fans.

Are there cooperative game suitable for family game night?

Yes, cooperative games like Pandemic allow family members to work together towards a common goal, making for an exciting and unified game night experience for up to four players.

What’s a fun game for families with children of different ages?

Sushi Go! offers fast paced fun that’s easy to understand for younger kids but still engaging for older children and adults, making it perfect for families looking for a super fun card game that everyone can enjoy.

How can I incorporate strategy games into family game night?

Games like Catan 5th Edition or Qwirkle involve strategic planning and can be enjoyed by up to four players, offering a challenging yet fun way to engage the whole family.

Are there any board games inspired by Harry Potter for fans?

Fans of Harry Potter will find several rounds of magical fun with themed board games that transport players into the wizarding world, allowing them to compete as their favorite characters or work together against other players.

What’s a good classic game that’s been updated for modern play?

Classic games like Monopoly have seen numerous updates, including the Singapore Edition, which adds a local twist to the beloved game, making it a hit for both traditionalists and those looking for something new.

Can you recommend a fun game for up to eight players?

For larger families or gatherings, games like Avalon support up to eight players and provide a mix of deception and strategy, ensuring everyone gets to participate and have a great time.

What sounds easy but offers a challenge in family board games?

Games like 6 Nimmt! may sound easy at first glance, but they require tactical thinking to win as many points as possible, offering several rounds of engaging gameplay for the whole family.

Who typically goes as the first player in a game board setting?

In many family board games, the rules to decide the first player vary from game to game. Some games suggest that the youngest player goes first to give them a slight advantage or to level the playing field, while others may have a unique method related to the theme of the game, such as the last person who visited Singapore or the person who most recently cooked a meal. It’s always a good idea to check the rulebook of your chosen game for specific instructions on how to determine the first player, ensuring a fair start for everyone involved.

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