5 Celebrities And Influencers In Singapore Who Did Plastic Surgery

Celebrities Influencers Plastic Surgery Singapore

It’s not everyday you hear a Singaporean who did plastic surgery. What may be common in Hollywood is not so much of a norm here. But that doesn’t mean that no one has never gone under the knife to reconstruct a part of their face. It could be the slightest tweak like adding a nose bridge or getting breast augmentation. And of course, plastic surgery comes with a hefty price tag on top of the risks that it may impose. So here are 5 Singapore celebrities and bloggers who have had a major transformation with plastic surgery:

1. Bong QiuQiu

Image credits to Bong QiuQiu.

Singaporean blogger Ang Chiew Ting, or more popularly known as Bong QiuQiu, has undergone quite a transformation with plastic surgery. She has had undergone 10 cosmetic surgery procedures over the last few years. In 2011, she did breast fillers as she was insecure about her small breasts. Followed by 2 nose jobs to make it narrow with a higher nose bridge and a more defined nose tip. The fat-grafting procedure she underwent later consists of injecting her fats into parts of her face to make her appear plump and younger. Here’s a fact: QiuQiu couldn’t even recognise herself in old pictures. But that doesn’t matter as she’s very much contented with the way she looks now.

2. Xiaxue

Image credits to EliteCelebsMAG.

Also famous in the Singapore blogosphere is Wendy Cheng, who’s known to many as Xiaxue. Her name’s not at all unfamiliar in the plastic surgery scene considering the huge transformation she had. Just like many other Asians, Xiaxue wasn’t born with a perfect nose. The nose job did her good as now she has a very thin nose with a high bridge that doesn’t look overdid. Xiaxue also reshaped her eyes to make it seem bigger and had her lip filled to make it look plump. To complete the perfect look, she did Invisalign which was the fastest way to get her teeth straightened than using metal braces. Xiaxue believes that if one can look better (with plastic surgery), why wouldn’t they want to?

3. Rosalyn Lee

Image credits to Youth.sg and @heyrozz 

Local radio DJ Rosalyn Lee (or Rozz) has had her fair share of plastic surgery too – though it isn’t as extensive. The Rozz you see on social media today isn’t the Rozz who was new to the industry then. She did a botox jab in her jaw muscles which makes her face a whole lot slimmer while still retaining its shape. This comes in handy especially when you want to get good angles on camera. Plus, her luscious lips are the effect of lip fillers. Most of you wouldn’t have known that Rozz actually has 2 moles – one near her eye and the other near her chin – which she removed completely.

4. Dawn Yang

Image credits to Plasty Talk.

With looks like that, it’s no wonder that Dawn Yang was crowned Singapore’s hottest bloggers. Since then, she has gained the attention of many online and has made an appearance at significant media events. Yes, she looks pretty with this new look. Pretty unnatural – as most netizens would say. Followers were making wild guesses and grew suspicious if she had actually undergone any plastic surgery procedure. Dawn obviously did considering how disparate she looked before and after despite not fully admitting to the procedures. Here’s her list of plastic surgery procedure: eye surgery, nose job, jaw surgery, boob job and skin bleaching.

5. Rachel Wong

Image credits to @rchlwngx.

Part-time blogger Rachel Wong is the youngest on the list but she has done some restructuring on her face. Her transformation is rather subtle and it just enhances her entire look. Rachel underwent a chin filler procedure that gave her a long and protruding chin which is what she exactly wanted. She also did botox where both sides of her jaws are injected so that she can achieve that smaller jaw look. As with most Asians, they can never leave out on the nose. Rachel also injected fillers into her nose giving a longer nose tip and high bridge.

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