5 Best Broadband Packages in Singapore

Broadband Singapore

Best Broadband Singapore

In today’s digital age, having a reliable and fast internet connection is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

The best broadbands in Singapore include MyRepublic, StarHub, M1, Singtel, and ViewQwest.

When selecting a broadband package in Singapore, take into account aspects like customer service, pricing, dependability, and speed.

There is a wide range of broadband packages available in Singapore, catering to different needs. From high-speed fiber broadband for heavy users to more affordable packages for those with lighter internet usage.

This guide aims to highlight the best broadband packages in Singapore, assisting you in selecting the one that best suits your personal or commercial requirements.

Quick Summary

  • Best broadbands in Singapore include MyRepublic, StarHub, M1, Singtel, and ViewQwest.
  • When choosing a broadband package in Singapore, consider factors such as customer service, cost, reliability, and speed.
  • Broadband packages in Singapore vary widely, catering to different needs with options ranging from high-speed fiber broadband for heavy users to more affordable packages for lighter internet usage.

Key Consideration Factors

When choosing a broadband package Singapore, make sure to not forget about these important factors.

  • Customer service: In case of any issues or concerns, it is important to have a reliable and efficient customer service team that can assist you. Look for providers with 24/7 availability and multiple channels of communication such as phone, email, and live chat.
  • Cost: With the increasing competition in the broadband market, prices have become more affordable. However, make sure to compare different packages and rates to find the best value for your money.
  • Reliability: A stable connection is crucial, especially for businesses or heavy internet users. Look for providers that have a good track record of consistent service with minimal downtime.
  • Speed: Broadband speeds can vary greatly depending on your location and provider. Consider your usage needs and select a package that offers adequate internet speed for your online activities.

Best Broadband Singapore

1) M1

M1 - Best Broadband Singapore
(Credit: M1)
SpeedCost per month (24 months contract)Cost per month (12 months contract)
1Gbps (Gamer)S$52–

When virtual operators first emerged, M1 was considered the underdog among the major three telcos. However, in today’s increasingly competitive market, M1 has stepped up its game and now offers an array of exciting freebies to customers who sign up for their 1Gbps fibre broadband plan. Not only will you enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds, but you’ll also receive a complimentary 4G mobile broadband service for a duration of 24 months.

And that’s not all! M1 goes the extra mile by providing free next-day broadband installation, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for their valued customers. With M1, you’ll not only get top-notch connectivity but also a host of enticing perks that enhance your overall digital lifestyle.

2) Singtel

Singtel - Best Broadband Singapore
(Credit: Singtel)
SpeedCost per month (24 months contract)Cost per month (12 months contract)
1GbpsS$44.90 (usual price S$49.90)–
1Gbps with WiFi MeshS$49.90 (usual price S$54.90)–
2Gbps fibre with Mesh ExtenderS$64.90 (usual price: S$69.90)–
1+1Gbps Gamer BundleS$64.90 (usual price: S$69.90)–
10Gbps with Mesh ExtenderS$169 (usual price: SS$189)–

Singtel offers a wide range of options to cater to your needs, ensuring that you have the utmost flexibility and convenience when it comes to your monthly subscriptions. With blazing speeds of up to 10Gbps, Singtel leads the way in providing unparalleled connectivity for all your browsing, streaming, and gaming needs.

While Singtel’s plans require a 24-month contract, it guarantees a consistent and reliable service throughout this period. Although you may be unable to switch providers during this time, rest assured that Singtel’s exceptional network performance and top-notch customer support will meet and exceed your expectations.

In addition to the exceptional broadband services, Singtel also offers a comprehensive selection of education plans specially designed for students. Whether you’re a student in Singapore or a parent seeking reliable internet connectivity for educational purposes, Singtel has got you covered.

Not only do Singtel plans come with a home line, but they also provide free router installation to ensure a seamless setup experience. Even if you opt for the broadband-only option, Singtel goes the extra mile to ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free and efficient internet connection.

Choose Singtel as your broadband provider in Singapore and experience the perfect blend of performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Empower your digital lifestyle with Singtel, the provider that truly understands your needs.

3) StarHub

StarHub - Best Broadband Singapore
(Credit: StarHub)
SpeedCost per month (24 months contract)Cost per month (12 months contract)
2GbpsS$54.90 (usual price: S$62.90)–

StarHub provides a wide range of offerings, including an extensive selection of smartphones, plans, and exclusive deals, just like SingTel and M1. Take, for instance, the remarkable Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, available on their lightning-fast 1Gbps broadband service for an unbeatable price of S$399 per month (plus applicable taxes). And that’s not all! StarHub goes the extra mile by offering a promotion that includes free account registration, hassle-free installation, and swift delivery right to your doorstep.

But wait, there’s more! StarHub doesn’t stop at just broadband services. They also offer the option to bundle your broadband plan with an exciting TV subscription, featuring popular streaming platform Disney+. Imagine the convenience of streaming your favorite movies and shows on a robust broadband connection!

That’s not the end of it. StarHub sweetens the deal with special offers, including the chance to get your hands on the Limited Edition Galaxy S series smartphones at affordable rates when bundled together with their exceptional broadband services.

With StarHub, you get the best of both worlds – cutting-edge smartphones, comprehensive plans, and exclusive deals, all backed by a reliable broadband connection. Discover the possibilities and elevate your digital experience with StarHub today!

4) ViewQwest

ViewQwest - Best Broadband Singapore
(Credit: ViewQwest)
SpeedCost per month (24 months contract)Cost per month (12 months contract)
1GbpsS$36.90 (usual price S$38.90)–
2GbpsS$48.90 (usual price S$50.90)–

The cost of a router is not included in the most popular 1Gbps broadband plans. Therefore, in addition to considering the price of a router, it is important to account for additional expenses that may arise when purchasing from ViewQwest or other online stores that potentially offer lower prices.

ViewQwest is renowned for providing an array of advanced capabilities, and among them is the remarkable Freedom DNS feature. This innovative capability enables users to legally access streaming content that may be restricted in Singapore due to geographical limitations. With ViewQwest, you can enjoy a seamless streaming experience and gain access to a wide range of captivating content that was previously inaccessible.

Investing in a router and harnessing the power of ViewQwest’s cutting-edge capabilities will undoubtedly enhance your internet experience and open up a world of possibilities. So, whether you’re a passionate streamer or a tech enthusiast, ViewQwest is here to elevate your online journey to new heights.

5) MyRepublic

MyRepublic - Best Broadband Singapore
(Credit: MyRepublic)
SpeedCost per month (24 months contract)Cost per month (12 months contract)
1Gbps with Asus RT-AX3000 routerS$47.99 (usual price: S$49.99)–
1Gbps with Google Nest S$53.99 (usual price S$56.90)–
1Gbps with TP-Link Deco X60 WiFi MeshS$59.99–

When it comes to enhancing your wireless connection at home, you have the flexibility to choose between a router and a WiFi mesh system. Opting for the latter can provide even stronger coverage throughout your space.

Additionally, you have the freedom to decide whether to commit to a contract or not, with options ranging from a 24-month or 12-month lock-in period, or even no lock-in period at all.

While a 24-month contract may offer cost savings, it’s important to consider that it may come with more expensive broadband plans. Take your time to explore and select the best option that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Broadband Singapore

In conclusion, the decision to choose a broadband provider in Singapore depends entirely on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize high-speed connections, extensive coverage, exceptional customer service, or additional perks, there’s a provider that’s perfect for you.

From M1’s enticing perks, Singtel’s robust network performance, StarHub’s bundled deals, ViewQwest’s geographical reach, to MyRepublic’s flexible contracts, the options are diverse and plentiful. Take the time to explore these offerings and make an informed decision to enhance your digital lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about broadbands in Arab Street Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Broadband Packages in Singapore below:

What is the best broadband in Singapore?

The best broadbands in Singapore include MyRepublic, StarHub, M1, Singtel, and ViewQwest.

What is the cheapest broadband plan in Singapore?

The cheapest broadband plan in Singapore varies depending on your specific needs and preferences. Generally, providers like M1 and MyRepublic offer affordable options for basic internet usage.

Which WiFi is best in Singapore?

Similar to broadband plans, the best WiFi in Singapore depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, providers like StarHub and Singtel are known for their reliable and strong WiFi connections.

What is mobile broadband Singapore?

Mobile broadband in Singapore refers to the use of wireless internet connections through mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. These connections are provided by telecommunication companies and allow users to access the internet on-the-go without being tied down to a physical location or WiFi network. Mobile broadband plans often come with data usage limits and can be accessed through SIM cards or portable WiFi routers. Depending on your usage needs, you may opt for a mobile broadband plan as an alternative to traditional fixed-line broadband plans. It’s important to note that mobile broadband speeds and coverage may vary depending on your location and the provider’s network strength.

Who provides broadband access in Singapore?

Broadband access in Singapore is provided by several major telecommunication companies including M1, Singtel, StarHub, MyRepublic, and ViewQwest. These providers offer various plans and packages to cater to different needs and preferences of consumers in Singapore. Overall, the competition between these providers has led to a wide range of options for consumers seeking broadband services in Singapore.

What are the best fibre broadband plans in Singapore for multiple devices?

When it comes to plans in Singapore, several providers offer options suitable for multiple devices. These plans provide fast internet speeds, ensuring smooth connectivity for all your devices.

How can I choose the best fibre broadband plan from an internet service provider?

To choose the best fibre broadband plan, consider factors such as upload and download speeds, coverage, and additional features like home fixed voice service or video streaming options. Compare different providers to find the plan that suits your needs.

Are there any special offers for new sign-ups of fibre broadband plans in Singapore?

Yes, many broadband internet service providers in Singapore offer attractive deals and promotions for new sign ups mobile broadband plans. Keep an eye out for exclusive offers such as discounted activation fee or freebies like a WiFi router.

What is the importance of upload speed in a home fibre broadband plan?

Upload speed is crucial, especially if you frequently upload large files, participate in video conferences, or engage in online gaming. A higher speed ensures a smoother and more seamless experience for these activities.

Which home fibre broadband plan in Singapore offers the best WiFi coverage and connection stability?

Several home fibre broadband plans in Singapore provide excellent WiFi coverage with stable connections for your lifestyle gadgets. Look for plans that offer features like a GPON optical network router or advanced WiFi routers to enhance your WiFi experience.

Are there any fibre broadband plans in Singapore that offer high-speed internet for streaming videos, including live Premier League games?

Yes, some fibre broadband plans in Singapore cater specifically to video streaming enthusiasts. These plans offer fast download speeds, ensuring smooth streaming experiences for games and other video content.

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