Board Games Singapore: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Board Games Singapore

Best Board Games Singapore

Welcome to the comprehensive beginner’s handbook for board games in Singapore!

The best board games in Singapore include Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, and Checkers.

When choosing a board games to play in Singapore, consider factors such as price, theme, number of players, and level of challenge.

Prominent locations for buying board games in Singapore are Team Board Game, Battle Bunker, and Toytag.

Explore the gaming realm, from cherished classics to the latest innovations, promising endless enjoyment and companionship!

Quick Summary

  • Best board games in Singapore include Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, and Checkers.
  • When selecting a board games to enjoy in Singapore, take into account aspects like cost, theme, player count, and complexity.
  • Best places to buy board games in Singapore are Team Board Game, Battle Bunker, and Toytag.

Our Selection Criteria

To ensure our recommendations meet a variety of tastes and preferences, we utilized a thorough selection criteria that includes the following factors:

  • Gameplay Duration: We factored in the average time needed to finish a game, striving for a balance between quick-play options and longer, immersive experiences.
  • Replay Value: Prioritized games offering high replay value, ensuring a fresh experience with each playthrough.
  • Educational Value: We sought games that entertain while also providing an educational aspect, whether through strategic thinking, vocabulary enhancement, or historical insights.
  • Social Interaction: Favored games that promote interaction and collaboration among players, fostering a social and captivating gaming atmosphere.
  • Critics and Community Reviews: We referenced diverse sources, such as online reviews, board games forums, and critic ratings, to assess the overall feedback and satisfaction of the gaming community regarding these board games.

Understanding the Board Games Scene in Singapore

  • Gaming Cafes: Establishments like “The Mind Cafe” and “Battle Bunker” offer inviting environments where gaming enthusiasts can convene, socialize, and indulge in a diverse array of board games.
  • Local Stores: Whether you seek unique board games boutiques or well-known retailers, Singapore presents a plethora of venues for acquiring beloved games and uncovering new favorites.
  • Events: Stay alert for board game expos, competitions, and gatherings occurring year-round. These occasions present exceptional chances to engage with fellow gamers and delve into the latest board games innovations.

Choosing the Right Board Games

  • Theme: Determine if you lean towards strategy board games, party games, cooperative play, or thematic adventures.
  • Complexity: Opt for games that align with your skill level and gaming preferences. For beginners, titles like “Ticket to Ride” and “Catan” are great entry points.
  • Player Count: Make sure the games you select can accommodate the number of players in your gaming circle.

Getting Started with Board Games

  • Rules and Gameplay Mechanics: Master common gameplay mechanics like dice rolling, card drafting, and resource management.
  • Terminology and Concepts: Grasp terms such as “turn order,” “victory conditions,” and “player elimination” to enhance your understanding of game instructions.
  • Planning Game Nights: Collaborate with friends or local gaming communities to establish regular game nights. Consider hosting gatherings at home or exploring gaming cafes for a refreshing change of scenery.

Best Board Games Singapore

1. Scrabble


Language aficionados and word enthusiasts will delight in this timeless game blending spelling prowess with strategic finesse.

In Singapore, the popularity of Scrabble has given rise to the annual National Scrabble Championship, highlighting the skills of the country’s top players.

Challenge your vocabulary skills by engaging in this competitive and fun board games with friends or family.

2. Monopoly


This beloved game of acquiring properties and trading is cherished by millions globally, and Singaporeans are no different.

Featuring iconic landmarks such as Changi Airport and Marina Bay Sands, Monopoly is an essential addition to any board games collection.

Embark on a quest to establish yourself as a real estate magnate in this timeless game of acquiring, vending, and exchanging properties.

3. Checkers


A simplified variant of chess, checkers stands as a timeless game, offering simplicity in learning and boundless hours of amusement.

In Singapore, this game is frequently enjoyed at hawker centres or coffee shops, becoming a beloved pastime for numerous locals.

Gather with friends or family around the board and plot your path to triumph in this classic game of strategy.

4. Chess


Chess, a cherished and enduring strategy game throughout history, has proven its timeless appeal for generations.

For decades, Singaporeans have engaged in the timeless game of chess, participating in numerous tournaments and clubs devoted to this strategic pastime.

Test your intellect and embrace a battle of minds with this timeless board games that never loses its charm.

Where to Buy Board Games in Singapore

1. Battle Bunker

Battle Bunker, a well-known gaming cafe, also features a retail area offering board games and accessories for purchase.

They frequently organize game nights and events, offering an ideal chance to test new games prior to buying them.

2. Toytag

Situated in Plaza Singapura, Toytag provides a diverse selection of strategy board games, featuring both well-known international favorites and hidden treasures.

Their e-commerce platform offers convenient delivery and self-collection choices.

3. Team Board Game

Situated in Bugis Junction, this boutique store presents an extensive array of board games, card games, and puzzles for enthusiasts to explore.

You can conveniently buy games online from their website and get them delivered right to your doorstep.

Board Games Singapore

Singapore’s lively board games community highlights the timeless appeal of analog gaming in the modern digital age.

From chess to Monopoly to Scrabble, individuals of various ages and backgrounds delight in the camaraderie and mental stimulation offered by board games.

Connect with the community for enduring fun and camaraderie at the gaming table!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about board games in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Board Games in Singapore below:

What are some popular fantasy flight games available in Singapore?

Fantasy Flight Games, known for their rich storytelling and complex strategies, have a strong presence in Singapore’s board game scene. Titles like “Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game” and “Arkham Horror: The Card Game” are often in stock at local stores and can also be found online. These games promise fast paced fun and are perfect for those looking to dive deep into the realms of magic, fantasy and strategy.

How can I save on board games in Singapore?

To save on board games, keep an eye out for sales and subscribe to newsletters from local game stores and online retailers. Many shops offer a discount when you first sign up or during special sale events. Regular price checks can also help you spot deals. Additionally, consider purchasing used games, which are often sold at a fraction of the original cost but still guarantee the same level of enjoyment.

Where can I find the Singaporean Dream card game?

The Singaporean Dream, a fast-paced fun card game that captures the quirks and dreams of life in Singapore, can be found in various board game shops across the country and online. It’s often featured in new window pop-ups for its popularity and relevance. Make sure to search for it by name and check the stock availability before heading to checkout, as this popular game is frequently sold out due to high demand.

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