20 Best Boutique Hotel Bangkok Options

Boutique Hotel Bangkok

When you think of Bangkok, you can never leave out on the super cheap shopping and delicious foods. But it doesn’t just stop there as they have plenty of boutique hotels for you to stay at. You can now bid goodbye to mundane hotels and prepare to be in awe of the Instagram-worthy hotels here. So here are the best boutique hotels in Bangkok to stay at without burning a hole in your pocket!

1. Playhaus Thonglor

If all things lm intrigues you, you’re going to love your stay at Playhaus Thonglor. Live your dreams of being in plays as you take a walk through this Broadway-themed boutique hotel. Each oor in this building takes on a different feel with varying lm wallpapers such as Romeo & Juliet. The lobby area is one of the coolest you’ve ever come across as it’s been designed to look like a backstage dressing room. There are endless rows of bars down this hotel but there’s no need for you to do so as this hotel offers alcoholic drinks after 6pm. So rest up as much as you’d like and head down to the lobby when it’s time and drink a few glasses of alcohol! Place your bookings here!

Price: From $55 per night

2. Beat Hotel

Beat hotel is the most popular go-to choice for the hipsters and art lovers. The rooms have been decorated with art murals done by Thai artists and each carries a different design. In addition to its cheap rates, the hotel is a stone’s throw away from W District and BTS Station Phra Khanong. With W District, you can foresee lots of laid back and enjoyable nights ahead. It also helps that the train station is nearby so you can explore the other parts of Bangkok easily. Interested to stay here? Make your bookings now.

Price: From $57 per night

3. Seven Design Hotel

In need of a home-away-from-home experience? Don’t fret as Seven Design Hotel has got your backs on this! Having been inspired by the hotel name, the rooms here each takes a different colour. From yellow, pink, green to orange, blue, and purple. But what’s the seventh colour you ask? The colour red adorns the multifunctional space where you can nd the gallery, library, and reception. Here, you’ll experience the ways of living in a traditional Thai home but with a 4-star hospitality. Not only that, this hotel takes on an environmentally friendly approach by using only chemical-free and biodegradable cleaning products. So what are you waiting for? Book here!

Price: From $61 per night

4. K Maison Boutique Hotel

The most commonly heard phrase is to expect the unexpected. But for this case, K Maison Boutique Hotel is going to impress you. To those whose favourite colour is white, you’re in luck. A step into this hotel will get you blinding with its white walls all around. And this calls for more OOTD pictures in Bangkok and do it for the gram’. You’ll be wowed by the details and creative designs this hotel possesses. From the mirror ceilings to shadow casted room numbers, these are just some of the interesting nds. Time to jio your friends to BKK! For booking information, click here.

Price: From $83 per night

5. Amaranta Hotel

If you’d like to live like a King for a few days, pick Amaranta Hotel for your stay. Their rooms are spacious and packed with royalty designs to t you (the King and Queen) for the next couple of days. On top of that, the hotel is pretty high-tech as you’re able to control the lights and curtains from the comfort of your bed. It may be a little far from some of the touristy spots but the Bangkok train station next door makes up for it. Find out more booking details on this website.

Price: $104 per night

Boutique Hotel Bangkok

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