10 Best Margherita Pizza Places in Manila

Best Margherita Pizza Manila
Best Margherita Pizza Manila

Margherita Pizza Manila

Looking for the best margherita pizza in Manila? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the 10 best places to get this classic Italian dish. These restaurants are known for their delicious and authentic margherita pizzas, so you can’t go wrong with any of them. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your pizza night now!

Consideration Factors When Choosing Your Margherita Pizza Places in Manila

With the wide selection of margherita pizza spots to explore in Manila, it can be difficult to decide on which one is best for you. To make your choice simpler, we have outlined and highlighted key factors that should guide your search. The following are just a few points that will help you when deciding where to get your next helping of margherita pizza!

  • Quality – When searching for margherita pizza, the quality of margherita pizza should always be your top priority. Opt for flavourful and delicious margherita pizza.
  • Price – You will want to consider the price of the menu. If it’s too expensive, then you might not be able to afford it.
  • Location – Finally, you’ll also want to consider the location of the margherita pizza spots. If it’s centrally located, then it’ll be easier for you to go and have your cravings satisfied.

1.Stella Wood Fired Bistro

Stella Wood Fired Bistro - Margherita Pizza Manila
Stella Wood Fired Bistro – Margherita Pizza Manila (Credits: Stella Wood Fired Bistro’s Facebook)
Key ServicesMargherita Pizza Manila
AddressBonifacio High Street, 30th St Street 7th Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila
Phone(+632) 7621 3222 
Operating HoursDaily 9am-10pm

At Stella, you won’t want to leave a single crumb of the delectable crust behind. The edges are crisped and golden while still maintaining an irresistibly fluffy center, making it the perfect foundation for Margherita Rustica’s out-of-the-box topping – roasted garlic confit! This zesty twist on tradition will delight your taste buds with its robust flavor. No matter how picky a pizza eater may be, they’ll certainly be snagging more than just one slice at this restaurant.

Key Differentiators

  • Cozy Ambiance
  • Tasting Menu
  • Creative Cuisine

Client Testimonial

Don’t make the mistake of ordering elsewhere. This is easily the best pizza in BGC and at a ridiculously good price.

-Vie Vienne


OTKB - Margherita Pizza Manila
OTKB – Margherita Pizza Manila (Credits: Zomato)
Key ServicesMargherita Pizza Manila
AddressGround Floor, B3, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Operating HoursDaily 9am-10pm

OTKB’s Margherita is a classic pizza, highlighted by bits of white buffalo mozzarella (bufala campana) scattered over the top. The crust has an enjoyable chewiness and bumpy texture that provides great contrast with their thick and creamy tomato sauce. When they cook this delicate mixture in light basil, it yields a delightful sweetness mixed with mint flavor – but then they add fresh leaves on top for more pizzazz! Each indulgent bite will be loaded with flavor until you finish every last slice.

Key Differentiators

  • Elegant Place
  • Great Customer Service

Client Testimonial

Been supporting OTKB since they opened in 2013. They have been so wonderful and always ensuring that there is constancy in their menu. The staff and chefs have been nothing but outstanding as they make sure that they are always meeting the standards and demands of their guests.

-Althea Geronilla

3.Mama Lou

Mama Lou - Margherita Pizza Manila
Mama Lou – Margherita Pizza Manila (Credits: Mama Lou’s Facebook)
Key ServicesMargherita Pizza Manila
AddressG/F, U. P. Town Center, Katipunan Ave, Quezon City, 1108 Metro Manila
Phone(+632) 7958 5563
Operating HoursDaily 10am-10pm

For an intense flavor experience, this thin-crust pizza should be sliced into long rectangular pieces (panizza-style). The triangular tip is packed with mozzarella and tomato sauce up to the crust, making every bite delightful. Make sure you don’t forget to sprinkle some arugula and alfalfa sprouts on top for a burst of flavors!

Key Differentiators

  • Cozy Place
  • Affordable
  • Large Servings

Client Testimonial

Awesome service and excellent food.

-Andrea Buendia

4.Steveston Pizza

Steveston Pizza - Margherita Pizza Manila
Steveston Pizza – Margherita Pizza Manila (Credits: Steveston Pizza’s Facebook)
Key ServicesMargherita Pizza Manila
AddressCorinthian Gardens Clubhouse 1110, Lungsod Quezon, 1110 Kalakhang Maynila
Phone(+632) 8423 9844
Operating HoursDaily 9am-10pm

The toppings on this Margherita pizza are a complete contrast to what the Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana stipulates for an authentic Neapolitan pie. A truly dizzying array of feta cheese, pesto sauce, chicken, tomatoes and basil will leave you in awe! But that’s not all – look closely and you’ll spot juicy bocconcini right smack dab in the middle of this feast. As with most Steveston pizzas, it can get quite indulgent so pair it off with a dash of hot sauce to keep your taste buds tingling!

Key Differentiators

  • Authentic Neapolitan Margherita pizza
  • Healthy Options

Client Testimonial

Always an amazing time at Steveston!

-Ayna Ong


CIBO - Margherita Pizza Manila
CIBO – Margherita Pizza Manila (Credits: CIBO’s Facebook)
Key ServicesMargherita Pizza Manila
AddressBuilding A, SM MegaMall The Strip, Doña Julia Vargas Ave, Pasig, 1600 Metro Manila
Operating HoursDaily 10am-8pm

If you’re searching for a quality non-fast food pizza, CIBO is an outstanding choice. Their version of the classic Margherita will not disappoint – with its oval-shaped flatbread baked to perfection, it’s hard to resist every single crunchy bite! The perfect marriage of acidity from tomatoes and powerful herbs in the fresh tomato sauce creates a flavor explosion that adds to your eating experience.

Key Differentiators

  • Thin-crust pizza with mozzarella cheese
  • Elegant Place
  • Great Customer Service

Client Testimonial

The portions are good for 3 to 4 persons. The pastas and pizza are large portions. The price food is tasty and well priced.

-Bev Queen

6.Caruso Ristorante

Caruso Ristorante - Margherita Pizza Manila
Caruso Ristorante – Margherita Pizza Manila (Credits: Caruso Ristorante’s Facebook)
Key ServicesMargherita Pizza Manila
AddressGround floor, LRI Design Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila
Phone(+632) 8895 8790
Operating HoursDaily 9am-11:30pm

You don’t have to be intimidated by the bistro atmosphere – pizza tastes its best in an informal and relaxed environment, like wearing shorts perhaps. The Margherita version at this place is an epitome of perfect balance; not too much sauce, cheese or basil. Cooked in a wood-fired oven it results with a flat and even base unlike other pizzas that become bumpy due to rising crusts. Although the price may appear steep, you will certainly appreciate all the flavour packed into it!

Key Differentiators

  • Elegant and Cozy Ambiance
  • Cooked in a wood-fire oven

Client Testimonial

Best pizza in Manila. Great service. Beautiful venue.


7.Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

Gino's Brick Oven Pizza - Margherita Pizza Manila
Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza – Margherita Pizza Manila (Credits: Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza’s Facebook
Key ServicesMargherita Pizza Manila
AddressSalcedo Village, Tordecillas, corner Bautista, Makati, Kalakhang Maynila
Phone+63917 964 5339
Operating HoursDaily 10am-8pm

Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza offers a unique addition to the Neapolitan pizza style with its signature wood-fired oven and delicate, smoky charred edges. Rather than using ordinary mozzarella cheese, Gino’s adds local flavor by incorporating kesong puti into every pie! The pizzas are best enjoyed right out of the kitchen—where their cracker-like crusts will truly take your tastebuds on an unforgettable journey.

Key Differentiators

  • Cooked via their signature wood-fired oven
  • Crispy crust with smoky charred edges pizza

Client Testimonial

We ate here for lunch. The food was great. It was serves quickly, ingredients were fresh and it tastes like it was put together with care. The cheese was awesome, the salad was crunchy and the pizza and pasta flavors were refreshing. You will feel full and satisfied without feeling guilty.

-Cheena Nicolas

8.Mona Lisa Ristorante

Mona Lisa Ristorante - Margherita Pizza Manila
Mona Lisa Ristorante – Margherita Pizza Manila (Credits: Mona Lisa Ristorante’s Facebook)
Key ServicesMargherita Pizza Manila
Address98 E dela Paz St, Marikina, 1801 Metro Manila
Phone+63917 508 7067 
Operating HoursDaily 9am-11pm

Mona Lisa Ristorante’s Margherita pizza is as classic as it gets- but with a delectable twist. Instead of your traditional tomato sauce and cheese, Mona Lisa adds thick slices of succulent tomatoes and an abundance of melted bocconcini (bite-size mounds of mozzarella cheese), giving the pizza an extra decadent texture. Every luscious bite will be richer than ever before; this enhanced version takes its original to new heights!

Key Differentiators

  • Thin-crust pizza with mozzarella cheese
  • Elegant Place
  • Great Customer Service

Client Testimonial

Not bad, my kids like it and we frequent it maybe once a month.

-Carlos Miguel

9.Friuli Trattoria

Friuli Trattoria - Margherita Pizza Manila
Friuli Trattoria – Margherita Pizza Manila (Credits: Friuli Trattoria’s Facebook)
Key ServicesMargherita Pizza Manila
Address79A Maginhawa, Diliman, Lungsod Quezon, 1101 Kalakhang Maynila
Phone(+632) 3434 1416
Operating HoursDaily 9am-10pm

In most cases, pizza-making strategies involve a generous and even spread of mozzarella cheese; however, Friuli takes it up a notch with two layers of cheese that end an inch or so away from the edge of the crust. To top off this delicious creation, they include thinly sliced fresh tomato toppings for added acidity to tantalize your taste buds. With Friuli’s budget-friendly prices you don’t have to sacrifice flavor — make sure not to miss out on this offer!

Key Differentiators

  • Affordable
  • Additional thinly sliced fresh tomato toppings

Client Testimonial

A great simple and affordable pizzeria that will surely satisfy your cravings.

-Enzo Espinoza

10.Bobo’s Pizzeria

Bobo's Pizzeria - Margherita Pizza Manila
Bobo’s Pizzeria – Margherita Pizza Manila (Credits: Bobo’s Pizzeria’s Facebook)
Key ServicesMargherita Pizza Manila
Address84 Maginhawa St. Teacher’s Village, Quezon City, Philippines
Phone(+632) 374 0098   
Operating HoursDaily 9am-9pm

You may be taken aback by the price, for there’s a more popular Friuli Trattoria just around the corner. However, their Margherita pizza can easily satisfy your cravings! Loaded with classic ingredients such as tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, it is also garnished with slices of fresh tomatoes and basil chiffonade that add an extra touch to its deliciousness. Although you might hope for a bit crispiness in texture, this delectable variety perfectly captures tangy yet refreshing flavors – perfect when you want a quick fix of Margherita!

Key Differentiators

  • Cozy atmosphere
  • Affordable

Client Testimonial

Bobo’s Pizza is THE BOMB!!! Will come back to try the other flavors! 

-Mai Dumana

Margherita Pizza Manila

If you’ve vowed to make healthier food choices this year, then the Margherita pizza could be your first step. Try out the list above and let’s give a royal salute to our beloved Queen of Pizzas!

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