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15 Best Virtual Team Bonding Activities In Singapore [2023]

Virtual Team Bonding Activities Singapore

Virtual Escape Room - Team Building Singapore
Virtual Team Bonding Activities Singapore

For any organization, it is crucial to undertake team bonding activities to maintain a motivated and productive workforce. Particularly in today’s context where virtual working is commonplace, team building in Singapore assumes greater significance as teams operate remotely in diverse locations around the world through video conferencing platforms.

Singapore-based companies have a plethora of virtual team bonding activities in Singapore at their disposal to ensure their teams remain engaged and productive while working remotely. Below are some of the most effective online team building activities that organizations in Singapore can employ to build a stronger and more cohesive remote team.

Importance of Virtual Team Bonding Activities

Engaging in virtual team bonding activities is crucial in maintaining a motivated and productive team, even when working remotely. More than doing increase team cohesion, virtual team building challenges facilitate shared goals, boost team morale, and create a sense of affiliation among team members working away from each other across the world.

Through these online team building activities, employees can gain insight into each other’s backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives, encouraging inclusivity and teamwork across diverse teams. Furthermore, virtual team bonding sessions can serve as a tool to clarify a team member’s functions and obligations and enhance communication skills within an organization.

Key Consideration Factors

  • Time availability: No matter how lengthy your task may be, make certain that all members of your team will remain devoted to its completion throughout the virtual team building ideas.
  • Fitting with company culture: Depending on the dynamics of your group, some virtual team building exercise may require more involvement than others. So, it’s important to carefully consider what activity would be most beneficial for everyone involved.
  • Cost: When selecting virtual activities, you need to be mindful that some offer free versions while others are paid services. Thus, make sure to consider the cost before making a final decision.
  • Technical requirements: Before beginning the activity, double-check to make sure that all participants have the necessary internet access, hardware, video conferencing tools, or software downloads installed on their devices before getting into the breakout rooms during the video call!
  • Equipment needs: Before you start to play, make sure to double-check if any physical items are required for gameplay such as playing cards, dice or other accessories. If so, get them online in advance!
  • Type of game: Ask yourself if it is more critical in improving communication and collaboration within teams or develop bonds between remote employees from separate departments/teams. Should you undertake this task alone, or would a team effort produce greater success? Analyze the goals and objectives of your project in order to make an informed decision.
  • Scalability: Consider the capacity of players of virtual team building events can hold — some online games may be limited to just 10 people, while others are large enough for hundreds!

Best Virtual Team Bonding Activities Singapore

Virtual Games

1. Virtual Escape Room

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This kind of activity is an virtual game that requires people to work together to solve puzzles and find clues to come up with solutions that is highly entertaining. By taking part in this exercise, people can gain insight into each other’s cultures, values, and perspectives as well as their respective roles and responsibilities within the organization. Participation requires access to technology like computers or phones with reliable internet connections. It is crucial for teams to plan ahead and complete all tasks on time.

2. Virtual Squid Escape

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Virtual Squid Escape is one of the best virtual team building events provided by FunEmpire in Singapore. Inspired by the Squid Game, this is an exhilarating virtual escape rooms adventure where players must flee the online team games and reveal the entire operation to the authorities in order to expose the gruesome treatment of players by the game’s organizers. With challenging puzzles and encounters with exotic animals, Virtual Squid Escape promises to keep players entertained and engaged while making you feel like you are in the same physical space!

3. Virtual Travel Experience

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If you’re searching for a fun and engaging virtual activity but can’t decide what to opt for, look no further than FunEmpire’s Virtual Travel Experience! This thrilling adventure takes you on a journey through Singapore’s history with a range of virtual programs including Treasure Hunt, Virtual Amazing Race, and Virtual Escape Rooms experiences.

Collaborate with fellow participants online to solve interactive puzzles and gain insight into the culture of Singapore, all within a captivating virtual environment. Follow an engaging storyline as you complete each mission. The Virtual Travel Experience has no size restrictions, so invite participants from anywhere in the world to join and play remotely. It’s the perfect team-building activity, offering a fun-filled adventure that everyone will enjoy!

4. Virtual Amazing Race

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FunEmpire offers a virtual team-bonding activity known as the “Virtual Amazing Race” in Singapore. It involves teams working together to locate clues and solve challenges, providing an excellent opportunity for employees to gain insight into each other’s cultures, beliefs, and perspectives, as well as their respective roles and responsibilities within the organization. In order to participate, teams need to have access to modern technology such as computers or phones with internet connectivity. It is also essential for teams to plan ahead to ensure that all tasks are completed within the allotted time of the virtual amazing race.

5. Virtual Party Mania

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FunEmpire in Singapore provides Virtual Party Mania, a game that brings people together as a team. This game is ideal as it comprises trivia questions and exciting activities, making it suitable for parties of all ages. With a simple setup that requires only an internet-connected device and Zoom, Virtual Party Mania eliminates the need to coordinate who is bringing what. Regardless of the number of guests at your virtual party, this game will keep everyone entertained with its virtual party games.

6. Hybrid Amazing Race

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FunEmpire offers the “Hybrid Amazing Race” as a virtual team-bonding exercise in Singapore. Teams collaborate to decipher clues, solve puzzles, and locate answers. Participants can learn about their colleagues’ cultures, values, and professions. Reliable internet connectivity and devices such as laptops and smartphones are necessary to join the game. To complete the tasks on time, teams must plan ahead. The hybrid version of Amazing Race is an excellent way for coworkers to bond, have fun, and gain knowledge at the same time in this unique game!

7. Virtual Mayday

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FunEmpire offers virtual team-bonding exercises in Singapore, including “Virtual Mayday.” Teams collaborate to solve puzzles and uncover clues to achieve the activity’s objective – gaining knowledge about each other’s cultures, values, and professions.

In this particular game, a botanist named Louis is stranded on a deserted island, and the team, under the leadership of Captain Roger, must organize a rescue operation to save him and his study. With communication with Louis lost and a hurricane approaching, time is of the essence to complete this challenging mission.

Virtual Workshops

8. Virtual Terrarium Workshop

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The Virtual Terrarium Workshop offered by FunEmpire provides a great opportunity for groups to bond and create something unique as a team. During the virtual workshop, the participants will be introduced to the basic principles of terrarium making, including the selection of appropriate plants and the virtual art of designing a visually appealing layout. In addition, each team will receive guidance in selecting the right plants, soil, stones, and other decorative elements to create their personalized terrariums.

As they work together, they will have the opportunity to refine their creative skills and witness firsthand how plant life interacts with its environment. By the end of the online team building activity, each team will have their very own handcrafted terrarium to take home and will have engaged in collaborative art projects with their fellow participants.

9. Virtual Non-Stitched Leather Workshop

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The Virtual Non-Stitched Leather Workshop is a unique workshop offered by FunEmpire in Singapore. Participants in this workshop will be introduced to the basics of leather handling, including proper techniques for handling leather and designing their own pieces.

They will learn about the different types of leather and how to use professional equipment like needles, rivets, and waxed linen thread. As they work together, participants will get to practice their leather-making skills and create beautiful and unique objects as a team. At the end of the online team building session, each participant will be able to take home their handcrafted items as a cherished memento.

10. Virtual Canvas Art Jamming

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FunEmpire, the first and only events company in SG, offers a unique and enjoyable virtual team-building activity known as Virtual Canvas Art Jamming. This interactive workshop involves collaborative creation of art on canvas. Participants will be introduced to the basics of canvas painting, such as color mixing, brush techniques, and composition. Once the participants are comfortable with the materials, each team will be able to design their own canvas.

They can choose from a variety of colors and techniques to create a personalized canvas that highlights their creativity. This is a fun way to express individual artistry while working together in an environment that values the contributions of the entire team member.

11. Virtual Tote Bag Art Jamming

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FunEmpire offers yet another exciting virtual team-bonding activity in Singapore known as Virtual Tote Bag Art Jamming. This interactive workshop allows groups to create meaningful works of art on canvas totes. The virtual event begins with an introduction to the basics of canvas painting, including color mixing, brush techniques, and composition. Next, each team will brainstorm design ideas after becoming familiar with the materials and equipment provided. They can use a variety of colors and methods to create a unique design that reflects their creativity and individuality.

Participants will then receive step-by-step instructions on how to transfer their design onto canvas tote bags. Finally, teams will be able to take their handmade items home as mementos. Through collaborative art projects, participants are able to explore their creativity and build strong relationships with their colleagues or remote workers.

12. Virtual Stitched Leather Workshop

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The Virtual Stitched Leather Workshop offered by FunEmpire is an excellent team-bonding activity that allows participants to create something together. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the basics of leather crafting, including proper handling techniques and idea development. They will learn about the different types of leather available and practice making various projects such as wallets and straps. Participants will also get to use professional tools such as needles, rivets, and waxed linen thread during the workshop. Working collaboratively, the team will have the opportunity to practice their leather crafting skills and create beautiful pieces to take home at the end of the virtual team building session. This is a great way to build team relationships while learning a fun new skill.

13. Virtual Soy Candle Making Workshop

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The Virtual Soy Candle Making Workshop offered by FunEmpire in Singapore is an enjoyable and interactive virtual event. This workshop allows teams to create their own customized soy candles using a variety of scents and colors. Participants will learn about the different types of wax, wicks, and fragrances available to make their own unique candles.

The workshop also covers the basics of preparing and pouring wax, wick placement, safety guidelines, and aftercare instructions for the candles. Furthermore, teams have the option to personalize their candle with decorations such as dried flowers or colors. At the end of the workshop, participants can take their handmade candles home as a keepsake. This is an excellent opportunity to have fun and bond with your colleagues while learning a new skill.

14. Virtual Balloon Sculpting Workshop

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The Virtual Balloon Sculpting Workshop offered by FunEmpire is an exciting virtual team-bonding activity that allows teams to create amazing customized balloon sculptures for their own decoration purposes. During the workshop, participants will be introduced to the basics of balloon sculpting, including proper handling techniques, safety precautions, and concept development.

They will also learn how to properly choose balloons and the tools needed to create a stunning piece of art. Working collaboratively on the project, the team will have the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills while exploring their creativity. This workshop not only allows participants to showcase their creations at the end but also provides an enjoyable opportunity for bonding with their colleagues while learning new skills and expanding their creativity.

15. Virtual Clay Making Workshop

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The Virtual Clay Making Workshop offered by FunEmpire is a thrilling way for teams to bond and create something together. This is one of the most popular virtual team activities FunEmpire provides, as it allows participants to mold and design unique clay creations. In this workshop, participants will receive a brief introduction to the basics of pottery before being given free rein to express their creativity.

They will use various tools such as molds, stamps, and glazes to create their own personalized works of art. FunEmpire provides all materials needed for the workshop, eliminating the need to bring anything else. Teams can take their creations home or opt to have them delivered directly to their homes, reducing the stress of transporting items from the workshop site. A virtual clay workshop provides a fantastic opportunity for teams to practice collaboration, learn new skills, and have fun!

Virtual Team Bonding Activities Singapore

Virtual team bondings are an excellent means for teams to unite and learn new skills. Singapore offers a wide range of options, including leather crafting, soy candle making, balloon sculpting, and clay making workshops that are both fun and unique. These virtual event helps you engage remote teams and provide an ideal setting for teammates to build relationships with one another while honing their problem-solving abilities.

If you are searching for a captivating activity that would bring out the best in the other other team members, then look no further than these virtual team activities in Singapore!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Virtual Team Bonding Activities in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Virtual Team Bonding Activities in Singapore below:

What are some examples of virtual team bonding activities that we can do in Singapore?

Make the most of your virtual time with a selection of exciting activities, like participating in an online escape room experience, learning to cook something delicious through an interactive class, joining a fitness challenge with friends and family, answering some team trivia questions together virtually, or competing in gaming tournaments. The possibilities are truly endless for your future events!

Are virtual team bonding activities effective in Singapore?

In times of social distancing and the rise of remote work in Singapore, virtual team building challenges prove to be just as effective or even more powerful than physical events. These digital outings go beyond upholding existing relationships; they also nurture communication, collaboration, and morale between colleagues who are separated by distance yet united through a common purpose.

How long should a virtual team bonding activity last in Singapore?

Virtual team bonding activities can be organized to fit any timeframe, from a quick 30-minute break to an extended period of several hours. When deciding on the length of the activity, it is most beneficial to think about what works best with everyone’s current workload and availability. That way, you can ensure that your team has enough time for productive collaboration and enjoyable remote team building activities.

What is the cost of virtual programs in Singapore?

When organizing a virtual team bonding activity, the overall financial investment can range from zero to several hundred dollars – depending on the size of your team and any additional requirements. To ensure that you choose an activity within your budget, it is highly recommended to shop around and compare different options before making a decision.

Can virtual team bonding activities be customized to suit our team’s needs in Singapore?

Absolutely! Remote team building activities are modifiable to fit the unique needs of your group. Providers typically use customization based on a combination of goals, topics and preferences to create an exciting activity that works best for everyone. To make sure everything runs smoothly, it’s always wise to chat with the provider ahead of time about personalizing the fun experience for you and your team.

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