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10 Best Pottery Workshops In Singapore [2023]

Pottery Workshop Singapore

Best Pottery Workshop Singapore
Best Pottery Workshop Singapore

Are you eager to explore your creative side? Then pottery could be the perfect pastime for you! This is a fantastic way of expressing yourself through art and creating something with your hands that can actually be used in daily life.

Singapore offers some incredible classes where one can learn all there is about clay work, along with fun projects to get their hands dirty (literally!). So don’t wait any longer – it’s time to discover the amazing artistic world of pottery!

Whether you are a pottery enthusiast or just researching on activities for your next team building in Singapore, here are the best workshops in Singapore for you to attend! Unveil your hidden creative talents and learn how to make your own cup, tea set, mugs, plates, vases, or sculptures.

Take this opportunity today as these classes have something suitable for everyone – seize it now and let your inner potter out!

What Are Pottery Workshops In Singapore?

Pottery workshops provide an opportunity to discover a new skill, express yourself artistically and create practical objects for everyday life. Whether you’re just starting out or honing your existing skills, these classes with professionally trained ceramic artist are perfect for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of clay work and pottery through trial classes and workshops.

During a workshop, attendees discover the vast variety of clay types and ways to shape the material such as pinching, coiling or slab building. Furthermore, they learn how to glaze their creations for that unique finish plus methods for adding surface decorations. Additionally, topics about other aspects of pottery are often covered in workshops too!

Benefits Of Pottery Workshops In Singapore

Pottery workshops in Singapore can provide immense benefits due to their focus on unlocking creativity, developing problem solving skills, and exploring the cultures and histories behind ceramic works from around the world.

Working with clay is a great way to relax as it gives people an opportunity to tap into something creative.

Additionally, it helps with team building in Singapore by encouraging collaboration, communication, trust, and problem-solving whilst allowing for learning from each other’s perspectives.

It’s no wonder that pottery workshops in Singapore are becoming increasingly popular as team building activities in Singapore!

Key Consideration Factors

When choosing a pottery workshop in Singapore, there are several factors to consider:

  • Instructor’s experience and qualifications: Skilled instructors can guide students as they learn new pottery techniques, providing valuable expertise and helping them to quickly comprehend the craft.
  • Cost of the workshop: Cost is a primary factor to evaluate when selecting a workshop. The cost of the course may vary significantly; you can find introductory classes or short courses beginning at around SGD$50 for two hours, whereas advanced courses start from about SGD$500.
  • Check for reviews: Read up on the experiences of previous attendees and ensure that the workshop environment is conducive to effective learning.

Best Pottery Workshops in Singapore

1) Clay Cove
Phone+65 6733 8129

A stunning pottery studio situated on Orchard, Clay Cove stands out as one of the most sought-after pottery studios in Singapore. Offering classes for all levels – from newcomers to seasoned experts – you can learn at your own speed and gain invaluable insight into this captivating craft.

2) Am I Addicted Singapore
Phone+65 8852 3370

Gain exquisite skills in the ancient art of pottery at Am I Addicted Singapore! Discover a variety of different clays and master crafting techniques such as pinch, coil, and slab building. The experts will even demonstrate how to glaze and fire your incredible creations for display or personal use. Come experience the joys of pottery today!

3) Common Touch Craft Unit

Unleash your creativity with Common Touch Craft Unit! Their workshop in Singapore offers exciting opportunities to learn how to make something from nothing. Master the art of clay, exploring different kinds and techniques, then finish off by glazing and firing your creations—all under the guidance of their experienced instructors and professionally trained ceramic artist.

4) Goodman Ceramic Studio
Phone+65 9455 8405, +65 9726 5210

Goodman Ceramic Studio, based in the chic Katong neighbourhood of Singapore, is an ideal destination for anyone passionate about pottery. Offering a range of the best pottery classes in Singapore and workshops suited to beginners and advanced potters alike, it’s no wonder this charming shophouse has become such a beloved spot in town!

5) Studio Asobi

Studio Asobi in the heart of Singapore is a popular choice for burgeoning and seasoned potters alike. Boasting stunning facilities, they offer classes and workshops that specialize in beginner through advanced techniques of the craft.

6) Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle
Phone+65 8409 5588

Looking for an awe-inspiring pottery experience in an art studio? Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle holds the key. Nestled in Jurong’s pristine countryside, this pottery studio offers a traditional dragon kiln that can fire up to 3,000 pieces at once – making it the perfect place to leave your creative mark!

7) Mud Rock Ceramics

Mud Rock Ceramics is renowned for providing comprehensive, stimulating courses in pottery and ceramics – perfect for those interested to explore the world of clay art! Located conveniently within a charming shophouse at central Singapore, it’s no wonder why this studio has become such a hit.

8) Boon’s Pottery
Phone+65 6836 3978

Free your creative spirit with Boon’s Pottery! Their Singapore-based beginner friendly pottery workshops and advanced classes give you a unique hands-on experience to learn the craft of pottery making. Discover various types of clay, practice different techniques and glazing methods, and give life to your final pieces – all under our proficient guidance.

9) Ves.Studio

Step into a world of creativity and originality at Ves.Studio in Singapore’s Chip Bee Gardens. Here, we offer an exclusive selection of one-of-a kind pottery pieces perfect for your home decor needs along with interactive courses and workshops to inspire you to embrace the beauty and artistry behind pottery craftsmanship. Come join us today as we share our passion for this timeless tradition!

10) Wei Chuan Pottery Studio
Phone+ 65 8388 9528

If you’re exploring cost-friendly alternatives to acquire pottery expertise, the Pottery Studio at Civil Service Club is an excellent option. Not only are their V and workshops incredibly affordable; they make it possible for everyone with a desire to learn how to enjoy this craft within their private studio!

Pottery Workshop Singapore

With numerous great options for pottery classes in Singapore, both amateur and seasoned clay spinners can find the class they need! Do some research before signing up to make sure you’re getting what you want – read reviews from past students, investigate their website for more information about instructors and courses provided, and determine if there are any special deals available. After all that’s done, it’ll be a breeze to pick out the ideal workshop tailored specifically for your needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about pottery workshops in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Pottery Workshops in Singapore below:

Is it necessary to have prior experience before joining a pottery workshop?

No, it is not necessary to have prior experience before joining a pottery workshop. Most pottery studios in Singapore offer classes and workshops for both beginners and experienced potters or ceramics lecturer alike. The courses are designed to be suitable for all levels – from absolute beginners who have never touched clay before, to seasoned professionals looking for new techniques or ideas.

What materials do I need to bring for a pottery workshop?

Most pottery studios will provide all the necessary tools, materials and equipment for the class. However, you may want to bring along your own sketchbook or notebook to take notes during the workshop. Additionally, if you are joining a pottery wheel throwing class and hand building, you may want to bring along some old clothes as the process can get quite messy.

What type of pottery will I learn?

The type of pottery that you will learn depends on the workshop or course that you are attending. Most studios offer a range of different classes from master potters, from basic hand-building techniques to wheel throwing, hand building, and house glazing. You can contact the studio directly if you are not sure which class is suitable for your needs.

What are other studios that offer pottery workshops in Singapore?

Aside from the 10 best studios that we have above, you can also check out pottery classes in Singapore from Taoz Ceramics Studio, Goodman Arts Centre, Sam Mui Kuang Pottery, Arudio Studio, Chua Soo Kim and Patsy Chua, and the 8th Floor Creative Space.

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