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40 Best Event Planners In Singapore [2023]

Event Planner Singapore

Best Event Planner Singapore
Best Event Planner Singapore

Are you searching for the perfect event planner to make your next birthday party in Singapore or team building in Singapore a success?

These professionals will take care of every detail – so all that’s left for you to do is show up and enjoy!

To help narrow down your search, we’ve compiled this list featuring the Best Event Planners In Singapore. Explore our selection and find one that fits what you need!

Key consideration Factors

  • Experience: Find an event planner who has experience in organizing events of a similar size and type to yours.
  • Reputation: Check reviews and testimonials from previous clients and industry partners to assess the planner’s reputation.
  • Creativity: Look for a planner who can bring fresh, creative ideas to the table to make your event stand out.
  • Budget: Ensure the planner can work within your budget without sacrificing quality.
  • Communication: Choose a planner who communicates well and keeps you updated throughout the planning process.
  • Attention to detail: Look for a planner who pays attention to every detail to ensure that your event runs smoothly.
  • Connections: A planner with a network of reliable and trusted vendors can help you save time and money.
  • Flexibility: Choose a planner who is flexible and can adapt to changes or unexpected situations.
  • Specializations: Find a planner who specializes in the type of event you are looking to organize.
  • Compatibility: Choose a planner who you enjoy working with and who understands your vision for the event.

Best Event Planner Singapore

1. FunEmpire

FunEmpire, an Asia-based company, is the leader in the events and team building industry. They specialize in providing exclusive and enjoyable activities, such as Saber Tag ®, SaberFit ®, Ninja Tag ™, Combat Archery Tag, Bubble Bump ™, Poolball ™, Laser Tag, Art Jamming, Terrarium, Leather Workshop, and Candle Making Workshop, among others.

With over 30,000 team building events organized, they have served more than 1,000,000 satisfied clients, including multinational corporations, SMEs, government agencies, shopping malls, schools, universities and more.

For any event planning needs, be it a birthday party in Singapore or a team building in Singapore session, FunEmpire is the ultimate solution.

2. Escape Room Singapore

Escape Room Singapore is a well-known organization that specializes in creating immersive, interactive and mind-bending escape games. Their captivating escape rooms boast a diverse array of themes, all carefully designed to challenge and test participants’ problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way. The available escape games are ideal for various events, ranging from birthday parties, corporate team building events, private group events, family outings and more. Escape Room Singapore is a trusted provider, having hosted more than 30,000 participants and over 1000 companies in their escape games. They offer customized experiences tailored to the specific needs of any event, as well as the latest technology gadgets to create an unforgettable escape game adventure.

3. Terrarium Singapore

Terrarium Singapore is an innovative event planning company that specializes in unique and educational terrarium workshops for corporate team building events, birthday parties, and private group events. At their workshops, they create custom-made terrariums from scratch, using carefully hand-picked succulent plants and decorations to help you create your own miniature garden. The experts at Terrarium Singapore will furnish you with all the necessary materials and tools required to manufacture your unique terrarium, no prior experience needed! They will also share their knowledge to guide you through the entire process of making your unique terrarium. Terrarium Singapore is ideal for any occasion, whether it’s an office gathering or a specific event you’re planning.

4. Bubble Bump Singapore

Are you looking for an exciting activity to spice up your next event or party? Look no further than Bubble Bump Singapore! The perfect choice for corporate team building, birthday parties and private groups, this unique game combines elements of tag, dodgeball and football with inflatable suits to keep players safe while they battle it out in the bubble arena. Their experienced staff and top-of-the-line gear make them the ideal event planner to provide a thrilling experience that will be remembered long after the day ends. Don’t miss out – book your Bubble Bump today!

5. Art Jamming Singapore

Art Jamming Singapore is an exceptional event planner for all your creative needs. They focus on delivering unique art jamming experiences, making them perfect for a broad range of events such as team building events, birthday parties, private group events, and more. Art Jamming Singapore’s seasoned staff functions as creative guides, and will provide you with all the materials and tools required to paint or create a masterpiece, whether it’s on a canvas or pottery. Joining an art jam session with Art Jamming Singapore is a chance to let loose, unleash your artistic potential, and create an artwork that you’ll be proud to showcase. Regardless of whether it’s a corporate gathering or any other exceptional event, Art Jamming Singapore is the ultimate event planner for all your creative needs.

6. Virtual Team Building Singapore

Virtual Team Building Singapore is the perfect event planner for anyone in need of arranging a virtual event. They stand out as the only events company in Singapore that caters to remote teams by offering virtual team building events, and they take pride in being the market leader in this field by utilizing the best techniques to motivate remote teams. Virtual Team Building Singapore has managed to create enjoyable and distinctive online experiences that have incorporated ‘fun’ with their award-winning team building activities to boost the morale of team members. Their diverse range of virtual team activities and workshops, tailored to accommodate different group sizes, objectives, and budgets, are incredibly engaging and enjoyable.

7. Team Building Singapore

Team Building Singapore firmly believes that team building should be not only exciting, but also deeply engaging. They provide the most outstanding and creative team building events in Singapore from virtual ones to Laser Tag, Art Jamming and Terrarium activities—and never cease to deliver unique experiences for all their guests. With these thrilling and interactive games available at your fingertips, you’re sure to create a one-of-a-kind memory with your teams!

8. Poolball Singapore

When you’re looking for an event planner to make your indoor activities come alive, Poolball Singapore is the perfect choice! They specialize in providing a unique and exhilarating pool ball game that melds football, dodgeball, and tag into one thrilling experience. With all the necessary supplies provided by PoolBall Singapore’s team of experts – no prior knowledge needed! – any office gathering, birthday party or private group event can be made memorable with their help. So if it’s time to get your guests up on their feet and having some fun indoors, contact Poolball Singapore today!

9. Combat Archery Tag Singapore

For your next team-building or private gathering, don’t look past Combat Archery Tag Singapore to give you an unforgettable experience! This game adds a unique spin on traditional archery by replacing arrows with foam tips for added safety. All the setup and materials needed are provided so all that’s left for you is the fun of playtag in padded armor. With great memories just waiting to be made when playing at Combat Archery Tag Singapore – it’s time to get ready for some exciting action!

10. Laser Tag Singapore

Host the most entertaining event with Laser Tag Singapore! Boasting state-of-the-art laser tag equipment, they also offer exhilarating activities such as archery tag and foam dart gun battles. Gather your friends for a unique experience that will be sure to make lasting memories. With customizable packages available for any size of group, theme or budget, you can trust that Laser Tag Singapore has got you covered! Get ready to battle it out in style – join them today!

11. Fantasy Parties

Fantasy Parties is renowned for its wide selection of virtual activities, party favors, and video messages with character customization. They are passionate about providing quality over quantity; thus, they work hard to ensure that you have the best possible experience. As a result, parents who want their children to interact with their favorite characters can leave feeling satisfied knowing they don’t need to look any further than their website!

12. Daisy Entertainment

Transform your child’s birthday into a day that will be remembered for years to come with Daisy Entertainment! From handcrafted decorations and delightful catering, to scrumptious cakes and captivating dessert tables, they have it all. Through their remarkable services, you can rest assured knowing that each of your guests will take part in an extraordinary event. Don’t delay – give Daisy Entertainment the chance to turn this special occasion into one of the most magical memories ever!

13. Funworks SG

At Funworks, their goal is to help businesses foster stronger relationships among their colleagues through immersive and entertaining activities. They uniquely curate events that are tailored towards each company’s values and goals – whether it be Family Day celebrations or Virtual Online Team Building games, Dinner & Dance nights or Bring Your Kid To Work days. In every case though, they strive always to bring people together in a way that emphasizes the importance of workplace unity!

14. Electric Dreamz

For the ultimate event planning and managing experience, look no further than Electric Dreamz. With over 10 years of expertise in this field, you can trust that they’ll deliver beyond your expectations. Their staff is made up of highly experienced professionals with a commitment to excellence—no matter how grand or intimate your gathering may be!

15. Vantastic Events

If you’re looking to make your event truly memorable, Vantastic Event is the company for you. This highly-trusted business has grown from a balloon-sculpting venture into an acclaimed event planning brand; they will take care of every detail – be it game stations, food stalls or exquisite shows that your guests won’t soon forget! When you enlist their services, all that’s left for you to do is look fabulous and enjoy the day!

16. Party People

For the ultimate event planning experience in Singapore, look no further than Party People! Their party packages and equipment are tailored to provide happiness and satisfaction with whatever you may need. From live food stations of popcorn, candy floss and carnival games to mega playgrounds and mascots on hand – they offer something for everyone at their exciting events. Make sure your special occasion is one that will leave lasting memories by turning it over to the professionals at Party People!

17. D2D Sports

D2D Sports was launched by a collective of passionate sports fans, who sought to construct an entity that could organize sporting events where everyone, regardless of gender identity, age or race is welcome. After commencing with smaller tournaments for badminton and frisbee amongst other activities and growing into larger leagues; today the company specializes in football alongside additional athletic endeavors.

18. Mega Exhibition Events

Mega Exhibition Events is an all-in-one event service provider that offers a range of support services including system panel rental, festive and event decoration, custom-built exhibition booth construction, printing services, and event management. One of the key advantages of selecting Mega Exhibition Events is the variety of services available. In addition, the company attracts a diverse range of staff members with a wide set of skills. Given the extensive range of services offered by the organization, it’s no surprise that they have a team dedicated to event management, technical experts, creative crew, and craftsmen to ensure exemplary execution of events.

19. Mercury Marketing and Communications

At Mercury Marketing and Communications, their team of skilled professionals are highly experienced in crafting an authentic brand message for luxury, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and electronics. With these services they effectively engage with their audience to deliver outstanding results.

20. JNR Event Pte Ltd

If you need a dependable event planner, JNR Event is your answer. Their accomplishments speak for themselves – they have executed over 5,000 successful events and garnered 56,000 pleased customers! From virtual gatherings to corporate dinners & dances plus pre-event activities; their services encompass performance showtime up to emcee for hire – the options are limitless with them!

21. The Events Artery

Events Artery is an award-winning company renowned for their exceptional virtual conferences, remote meetings, and hybrid events. Their experienced event planners in Singapore are passionate about creating long-lasting relationships with clients while also providing innovative ideas that guarantee powerful experiences – regardless of the type of occasion!

22. Tied Alliance

Let Tied Alliance handle your entire event so you can have a stress-free experience. They specialize in designing and planning, ensuring that everything runs smoothly at every stage of the process. Their utmost focus is to make sure everyone has an amazing time during your special occasion – from the grandest elements down to the tiniest details! With their help, all you need to do is relax and enjoy yourself with those who matter most.

23. Luksh Event Concierge

With over ten years of experience in event planning, Melinda – the owner and director of Luksh Event Concierge – is a masterful coordinator. You can expect exemplary levels of competency and creativity from her renowned firm based in Singapore. Moreover, their comprehensive range of services includes everything you would need for an unforgettable event; from initial planning to on-site execution and clean up after!

24. Venuerific

Established in 2013, Venuerific is Southeast Asia’s biggest marketplace for event spaces. Whether you need somewhere to host a family celebration such as a wedding or solemnization, or even business events like seminars and company dinners & dances – they have an array of venues that are sure to suit your needs! With their help, you can easily find the perfect venue for any occasion.

25. Essential Werkz

If you are looking for a reliable marketing firm to help with your upcoming event, look no further than Essential Werkz. Their team of experts can manage any situation – be it corporate functions or product launches – with perfect precision and finesse. Plus, their rental services provide an all-inclusive experience; from exhibition stand builders and sound systems to photo booths and van rentals allowing you maximum convenience when transitioning between events. With Essentail Werkz at the helm of your next venture, success is sure to follow!

26. The Ortus Club

If you are looking for a team to orchestrate conversations around knowledge-sharing with prominent figures, reach out to The Ortus Club today. They have the most highly skilled event planners in Singapore and can aid you in designing informative and stimulating gatherings & conferences that facilitate meaningful business talks. Having managed customers from everywhere across the globe, they specialize mainly in IT companies – making them your go-to choice should your function be aimed at an entity within this sector.

27. Adrenalin

Adrenalin is a premier agency in Singapore that concentrates on helping companies enhance their market presence and expand their reach. They provide a range of services, including integrated communications, a team of skilled professionals, and advanced facilities to guarantee success for your brand. Adrenalin does not only offer event management services for local and global clients but also provides assistance with marketing campaigns, video production techniques, communication technology solutions and helps find the ideal venue to meet specific needs. With Adrenalin as your event partner, you can trust that your brand’s marketing and communication needs will be professionally handled.

28. iCube

With a long-standing history of successful events, iCube is the go-to for complete event planning services. Their priority is to provide you with only the best in personalized and engaging experiences crafted from end-to-end solutions, ensuring that no detail falls through the cracks during every step of your event’s journey. They guarantee top quality service and thoughtful execution whenever they collaborate on an endeavor together!

29. MagicMan HongWei

For anyone looking to host an unforgettable event, Magicman Hongwei is the one-stop solution! With a creative flair for magic and humor that’ll keep guests entertained, as well as delightful offerings of face painters and balloon artists. Don’t let your next gathering be just another same old party – contact MagicMan HongWei now to make it truly unique!

30. Alangkaar

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding look and experience, Alankaar is your ultimate destination. Their wide selection of vendors will provide every aspect of your special day—from stunning gowns and suits to rent, photography services, decorations and more! They take away any hassle or stress in finding what you need so that couple’s can focus on making lasting memories instead. With them by your side you are guaranteed exceptional wedding services at an incredible value.

31. inTheEvent

If you’re searching for an event planner who can handle any celebration, from a simple birthday party to a grand wedding, Shruthi Thomas of InTheEvent is the perfect choice for you. Shruthi is renowned for her creatively designed themed decorations, which add a memorable touch to any occasion. She provides personalized guidance throughout the entire party design process, from concept creation to implementation on the day of the event. Whether it’s catering that meets guests’ dietary requirements, entertainment recommendations, or hosting services, Shruthi can manage it all to guarantee an unforgettable occasion for you and your guests.

32. Multiverse Productions

Multiverse Productions is the go-to place when it comes to event planning. With a team of experienced professionals and enthusiasts in Experiential Marketing, Entertainment Production, and Event Management, they are dedicated to crafting remarkable experiences for their clients. Top brands prioritize them due to their quick response time, professional demeanour and innovative solutions — all qualities that have earned them an impressive reputation for consistently delivering exceptional service beyond expectations!

33. MakBesar

If you’re in need of event planning services, look no further than MakBesar. Their team is renowned for their expertise and professionalism, providing comprehensive support from concept to execution – all tailored around your vision. Whether it’s a wedding or corporate gathering that you have in mind, the MakBesar team can ensure that everything runs smoothly with ease and grace. Don’t be shy; get creative with them!

34. Little Red Balloon Events

The founder of Little Red Balloon, Ms. Kristina, envisioned a unique space where customers can purchase creative party decorations for various events. Over time, the company has continuously evolved to provide the latest balloon designs and trends to its customers. They are best known for their popular service of organic balloon decorations, which is a hit all around the world. Apart from balloon designs, Little Red Balloon also offers official merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, and other items. They specialize in creating custom designs based on clients’ unique inspirations, which could range from sweet and beautiful to elegant and exquisite themes.

35. Jellybean Party

If you’re seeking an unforgettable event, then Jellybean Party is the perfect choice.Their renowned magician services are sure to dazzle both young and old guests like never before! And that’s not all; they also provide game hosting options, mascots appearances, and bouncy castles – ensuring your little ones have a party they won’t soon forget. Don’t hesitate any longer – join in on the fun today by seeing what Jellybean Party has for you!

36. Carnival Guru

When you entrust Carnival Guru with your event planning, the ultimate amusement is guaranteed! The delicious food stalls, captivating games and rentals will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Moreover, they provide unbeatable prices that don’t sacrifice on quality – so you can celebrate to the fullest without worrying about breaking your budget.

37. Unicom Event Marketing

Leave the tedious packing and venue searching to them! Their vehicles will take your events right to your intended audience, no matter where they are. What’s more, their end-to-end event management solutions ensure that you can accurately deliver your brand messaging. The team of experts making up their in-house programming group specialize in crafting engaging digital experiences through cutting edge marketing technology and creative online/offline marketing tactics. With such an innovative approach like this one from them, there is simply nothing stopping you from achieving success with each activation!

38. TheMeetUpSG

Utilizing the services of MeetUp SG guarantees a stress-free experience that is absolutely worth every penny. Their team is highly experienced in planning all kinds of events, particularly parties. All you need to do for your special day is look amazing – their staff will take care of everything else from designing the theme and decorations to catering delicious food and executing it perfectly!

39. Epic Workshops

If you’re looking for a professional event planner to craft engaging activities that your guests will love, Epic Workshops is the perfect fit. With an impressive portfolio of over 1,200 events – from small gatherings to team-building sessions with up to 800 people – no one has more experience creating enjoyable experiences than them. From multinational corporations and government agencies to small businesses, their expertise in crafting interactive workshops sets them apart from the competition. When it comes time for your next big gathering or party, don’t hesitate to book Epic Workshops!

40. Fizazzle Party Planners Singapore

Fizazzle is your go-to service provider for an amazing party experience in Singapore. They are experts in creating eye-catching decorations and services that can transform an ordinary space into a dream party for your child. Whether you’re looking for clowns, stilt walkers, Disney princesses, or Harry Potter characters, their team of specialists will help you craft a unique event that exceeds your expectations. Fizazzle can take care of all your entertainment needs, leaving you with unforgettable memories that will last for years to come. When you choose Fizazzle, you can be confident you’re working with a team of experienced professionals who will ensure your special occasion is one to remember.

Event Planner Singapore

Hiring the perfect event planner in Singapore can be a daunting task. With so many companies to choose from, making the right decision is crucial. Nevertheless, having considered these five exceptional agencies, you now have an excellent starting point for planning your next successful event.

From reliable and efficient services to innovative décor concepts and even ground transportation, these event planners can satisfy all your needs. So why wait any longer? Take a moment to explore each company today and turn your upcoming event into an unforgettable experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do event planners do?

Event planners help clients to plan and execute special events, such as conferences, weddings, birthdays, and so on. They handle everything from finding a suitable venue, choosing colors and decorations, coordinating with vendors, preparing guest lists, catering, and other detailed logistics.

How much do event planners charge in Singapore?

The cost of event planning services in Singapore varies depending on the complexity and scale of the event. However, event planners usually charge a percentage of the total event budget or a fixed fee. In general, event planning services in Singapore can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

How far in advance should I book an event planner?

It is advisable to book an event planner as early as possible to ensure the availability of your preferred date and venue. This is particularly important for high-demand months or peak periods when event planners may be booked months in advance.

How do I choose the right event planner for my needs?

When choosing an event planner in Singapore, it’s important to consider their experience, reputation, and portfolio. Look for reviews and feedback from past clients, ask for references, and review example events they have planned. You should also discuss your vision and requirements with the event planner and ensure they have the skills and expertise to deliver on your expectations.

Will the event planner be present during the event?

Yes, most event planners in Singapore would be present during the event to ensure smooth execution. They will coordinate with vendors, troubleshoot any unforeseen issues, and oversee the event’s overall logistics to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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