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15 Best Craft Workshop Singapore [2023]

Craft Workshop Singapore

Best Craft Workshop Singapore
Best Craft Workshop Singapore

Craft workshops in Singapore are a great way to facilitate team building in Singapore and bring people together.

The best Craft Workshops in Singapore include Candle Making, Art Jamming, Balloon Sculpting, Terrarium Making, and Leather Making.

When planning a craft workshop in Singapore, it is crucial to consider factors such as the number of people in your group, your budget, the venue, the duration, and the design choices that are available.

FunEmpire is renowned as a leading provider of craft workshops in Singapore, boasting an impressive track record of over 8,000 5-star reviews and having successfully hosted more than 50,000 events.

To make your journey smoother, we have put together some of the top-rated craft workshops in Singapore – just for you!

Quick Summary

  • Best Craft Workshops in Singapore include Candle Making, Art Jamming, Balloon Sculpting, Terrarium Making, and Leather Making.
  • When booking for a craft workshop in Singapore, it’s important to take into account factors like the size of your group, your budget, the location, the duration, and the available design options.
  • FunEmpire is the top provider of craft workshops in Singapore, boasting over 8,000 5-Star reviews and a track record of 50,000+ successful events.

Benefits of Craft Workshop

  • Improves Mental Health: Crafting activities have a positive impact on stress reduction, anxiety, and even depression. They can also provide a sense of achievement, leading to a more positive mood.
  • Increases Self-Esteem: Crafting allows you to create something tangible, which can contribute to increased self-esteem and a sense of pride.
  • Develops Focus and Patience: Craft workshops require focus and patience to complete a project. Participating in these workshops can help develop these important attributes that can be beneficial in many areas of life.
  • Lets Your Creative Juices Flow: Crafting workshops provide new ideas and techniques that can make your creative juices flowing while improving problem-solving skills.
  • Socializing and Networking: Craft workshops provide an opportunity to meet new people and foster relationships with individuals who share your interests, leading to networking opportunities and new friendships.

Best Craft Workshop Singapore

Creative Workshops

1. Neon Art Jamming Workshop

Where to

Transform your evening with our one-of-a-kind luminous neon paints and tools! Our Art Jamming session is unique – forget about all of the stress you endured throughout the day by crafting a spectacular piece that glows in the dark. We’ll provide everything necessary for an amazing work of art, so book now to enjoy an experience like no other.

2. Cooking Class

Where to

Stimulate your team-building session with a remarkable excursion into Singaporean cuisine! Our cooking classes will take you and the group on an unparalleled gastronomic journey, permitting everyone to uncover their inner chef. Form local delicacies that are certain to leave all of your colleagues delighted for more! Let the culinary expedition commence!

3. Balloon Sculpting

Where To

Release your creative spirit and journey to the enchanting world of FunEmpire’s Balloon Sculpting Workshop! From butterflies, flowers or even pirate swords – this fun-filled activity is ideal for everyone. With help from our professional instructors and all the essential materials provided at the workshop, it’s a great opportunity for team bonding activities and birthday parties alike. Start now on an amazing adventure as you unlock your imagination – book today!

4. Gel Candle Making Workshop

Where to

Tap into your creative side and construct a personalized gel candle with the help of your team – it’s an ideal way to create camaraderie! Personalize your design by adding various inserts, enhance the excellence of your candles, and take home a lasting memento that embodies all of the good times you shared while building something timelessly unique.

5. Leather Workshop

Where to

Don’t miss your opportunity to discover the hidden art of hand-stitching leather! Our Stitched Leather Workshop has limited seating, so secure yours now and be prepared for a lifetime of mastery. We will supply all materials required plus detailed instructions on how to construct a card holder – join us today!

6. Clay Making Workshop

Where To

Are you wondering how chefs create those exquisite dishes in high-end restaurants? Unveil your creative potential and explore the art of clay food sculpting with this class! Even if you have no prior experience, it will be easy to follow along as an instructor takes participants step-by-step through the process. This course is perfect for individuals or teams looking for a fun activity that anyone can enjoy – regardless of age. Unleash your inner artist and embark on a journey into culinary expression!

7. Tote Bag Art Jamming Workshop

Where to

Are you ready for something extraordinary? Come explore FunEmpire’s Art Jamming, where your imagination is the only limit to crafting a unique and memorable gift. Forget about having any prior art experience – we provide all of the supplies so there won’t be anything blocking you from joining in on all that creative fun! Take this opportunity to let yourself express freely and embark on an exciting learning journey today.

8. Terrarium Workshop

Where to

Are you looking for a creative and eco-friendly activity? Look no further than our Terrarium Singapore workshop! Our experts have crafted an exclusive program geared towards education, amusement and providing participants with tangible experiences. Create your own little forest that can be taken home today as either a unique present or just something special to keep – what better way is there to express your love and appreciation? Join now so you can start building your very own terrarium!

9. Canvas Art Jamming Workshop

Where to

Unlock your creative genius with FunEmpire! Our Art Jamming activity is a stress-free and fun way to spend time with family, friends, or colleagues. We provide all the supplies for you in order for an enjoyable painting experience – no artistic talent required! Make this moment meaningful by letting go of inhibitions and create something unforgettable!

10. Perfume Making Workshop

Where to

As the saying goes, your fragrance selections can reveal much about your personality. Our workshop offers you a chance to design an original scent by combining different aromas! Through this interactive team-building exercise, everyone in attendance will discover more about each other’s olfactory inclinations while having fun at the same time. When it concludes, every participant will have their own custom scent – creating precious memories that’ll last for years and beyond!

Virtual Workshops

11. Virtual Art Jamming

Where To

Unleash your inner artist and express yourself through our interactive painting workshop! Our facilitators will provide a range of materials, from canvas to acrylic paints and pencils, giving you all the tools necessary for turning ordinary surfaces into creative masterpieces. Plus, they’ll guide you as you explore color mixing theory in this virtual session. So join us today – it’s time to make something extraordinary!

12. Virtual Clay Making Workshop

Where To

If you’re looking for a unique and fun team-building experience, why not create your own custom keepsakes or clay figurines? Our all-natural air dry clay ensures that the projects are lightweight, toxin-free, and easy to manipulate into beautiful pieces of art. And it doesn’t just have to be about having a good time – when completed, these one-of-a kind masterpieces can make perfect personalized gifts for those special individuals in your life.

13. Virtual Terrarium

Where To

Let your creativity take flight with FunEmpire’s Terrarium Home Kit – an award-winning workshop sent directly to you! Our kit comes complete with all the essential materials, plus a delightful figurine for crafting your own miniature garden. Not only is it a fun and one-of-a kind activity that can be shared amongst friends or colleagues, but our experienced pros will give both theoretical and practical instruction on terrarium making from the coziness of home. Create something special – a mini garden that will bring joy as well as create lasting memories!

14. Virtual Leather Workshop

Where To

Unleash your creativity and journey into the world of leather crafting with our cost-efficient starter package! Before beginning this memorable team bonding activity, each participant will be supplied all essential tools. Our knowledgeable instructor will then guide you through various kinds of leather and upkeep basics. You’ll have a chance to show off what you’ve learned by customizing items such as key chains or coin purses. Revel in the euphoria that accompanies having crafted something one-of-a-kind – only from us!

15. Virtual Candle Making Workshop

Where To

Ignite your creativity and embark on FunEmpire’s Virtual Candle Making Workshop with your team! Our hand-crafted home kit includes everything you need to craft an exquisite, fragrant soy candle – along with a delicate figurine. By taking part in this unique corporate activity, you provide the perfect opportunity to foster unity and build cohesion among colleagues here in Singapore – join us today!

Craft Workshop Singapore

Boasting an abundance of art, culture and craft workshops, Singapore is the ideal locale to unlock your group’s hidden potential. Whether you choose terrarium creation, candle-making, leather crafting or perfumery – FunEmpire has something special for everyone.

Our experienced facilitators guarantee an unforgettable team building in Singapore experience as they provide all essential materials to deliver a unique team bonding event!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Craft Workshops In Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Craft Workshops In Singapore below:

How much do craft workshops in Singapore cost?

The price of craft workshops in Singapore varies widely depending on the type of craft, workshop provider, and duration of the workshop. Generally, prices range from SGD30 to SGD150 per session. Some fun craft workshops also include materials and tools, while others require participants to purchase their own. It’s always best to check with the workshop provider for full details on pricing and inclusions.

What is a craft atelier and what types of workshops can I expect to find in Singapore?

A craft atelier is a studio or workshop where skilled artisans create and teach various crafts. In Singapore, you can find a diverse range of craft workshops catering to different interests and skill levels. Some popular options include pottery workshops, where participants can learn the art of shaping clay into beautiful pieces; tapestry weaving, which introduces the ancient art of creating intricate fabric designs; and brass lion distillery workshops, where participants can discover the process of making high-quality craft spirits and even create their very own bottle.

How can participating in a craft workshop, like a pottery workshop or tapestry weaving class, benefit me and help me learn a new skill in Singapore?

Participating in a craft workshop in Singapore offers numerous benefits. Firstly, these workshops provide a hands-on learning experience, allowing you to develop a new skill under the guidance of experienced instructors. For instance, attending a pottery workshop will teach you the techniques and methods used in shaping clay, while a tapestry weaving class exposes you to the ancient art of weaving intricate patterns. Additionally, engaging in craft workshops fosters creativity, helps relieve stress, and serves as a great opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals. By taking part in these workshops, you can explore your artistic side and acquire valuable skills in various crafts.

What can I expect from a paper making workshop in Singapore?

In a paper making workshop, you’ll learn the traditional art of creating handmade paper. You’ll be taught how to prepare the pulp, form the sheets, and dry your very own handmade paper. It’s a unique and interactive way to understand this ancient craft.

Can you recommend any photography workshops in Singapore?

Singapore has numerous photography workshops for all levels. These workshops cover various aspects of photography, from understanding your camera settings to mastering composition and lighting techniques. They provide a fantastic opportunity to enhance your photography skills under the guidance of experienced photographers.

What is a terrazzo style tray workshop?

A terrazzo style tray workshop teaches you how to create your own beautiful and functional terrazzo-style tray. You will learn about the terrazzo technique, mix and match colors, and design a unique pattern for your tray. It’s a fun and creative experience that also results in a stylish home accessory.

How beneficial are art workshops in Singapore?

Art workshops in Singapore offer a fantastic platform to unleash your creativity, learn new techniques, and meet like-minded individuals. Whether it’s a painting workshop or a silversmithing workshop, you get to learn from experienced instructors and take home your own masterpiece.

What can I learn in painting workshops?

Painting workshops cover various styles and techniques, from watercolor to acrylics to oil painting. These workshops teach you about color theory, brush techniques, and composition. They offer a relaxing environment where you can express your creativity on canvas.

What is a silversmithing workshop?

In a silversmithing workshop, you’ll learn the basics of working with silver to create your own jewelry. This involves learning how to cut, shape, solder, and finish silver to create rings, pendants, earrings, and more. It’s a valuable skill for anyone interested in jewelry making.

Are there private workshops available in Singapore?

Yes, many providers offer private workshops in Singapore. These workshops can be tailored to your interests and needs, providing a more personalized learning experience. They’re perfect for special occasions, corporate team building, or just a fun day out with friends.

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